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Princess M Caught a Fish for the First Time

I am so proud of my Princess M for her successful fishing last weekend in Avery. Fishing is not easy, it is testing your patience as to how long you can wait for the fish to take your bait. Much more a 5-year old girl whose patience is limited.

Just when she gave up and uttered the words, “I’m tired, I give up” and voila! Something took her bait and yes, she caught her very first fish in her life. A blue gill fish in a bigger pond at a friend’s property. I will write it down here so someday she can look back and remember the date, February 19,2017 she officially became a “fisher girl”, lol.

First photo below was the very spot she got her fish. The men came to the rescue and unhooked the fish and release it to the water.

 photo fishing_zps72meeq6o.jpg

 photo meganfish_zpskn5zxh3p.jpg

Vacation Bible School 2016

A week-fun of Vacation Bible School is over. It has ended yesterday. It started June 13,2016 at Edge Park Methodist Church. It was the Princesses’ second time in the same church attending VBS. For the whole year, they were really looking forward attending the program and could not stop asking me when it was going to start. Time flew by quickly for it is over now.

Vacation Bible School is offered in some churches elsewhere but we chose this specific church mentioned above because aside from theirs is free, the people are so warm, very welcoming, very nice and they make us feel like we are their family. Everybody is just smiling and they love our Princesses attending their activities.

It is with great appreciation for Pastor Bill and the rest of his church members for a successful VBS this summer. Looking forward to seeing them again next year! Vacation Bible School is such an awesome summer program for children to learn the Bible stories, learn how to do meaningful crafts, singing and praising God, Science activities and just having to do something worthwhile and educational when they are out of school. They ended the program on the fifth day with free dinner for kids and the parents and a bounce house afterwards.

We are very grateful for programs like this and for spending their time with us. Special mention Ms. Tawana and Ms. Pam for being the girls’ friends while being there. God Bless You All!


 photo vbs16_zpswvwmfmym.jpg
…photo below taken during the first day of VBS, June 13,2016.
 photo vbs1_zpse0dvcdm4.jpg

… family night, fun night it was!
 photo vbs2_zps0wmyt6bh.jpg

Fishing with Uncle Mike

So here’s the very first activities we did the day after we arrived at Mike’s ranch. First, we had to go into the wooded part of his property to get some bamboos to make them into our fishing poles. Going into the woods was quite a challenge for us especially for the girls for there lots of thorny vines all over the place, dead twigs, muddy paddles and a chance of stepping into a snake!

But with Mike’s guidance and navigation, we were able to get what we wanted to get that day. Then, we headed back to his house and cleaned the bamboos, smooth it and get it ready for fishing by tying a line on the tip and used paperclips for the moment.

After setting up the fishing poles, we head out back to the bigger creek and began what had to be the longest wait for the fish to eat the bait, we used cheese at that time for Mike couldn’t find any earth worms at all.

Of course, the second day, he had to make it right and bought us the proper line which is the nylon, a crappie bait and a fishing hook.

Nothing beats the country life, it takes us outdoors and made us admire the beauty of nature all the more.


 photo P1012874_zpspvldjhzk.jpg

 photo P1012875_zpslu8zulmd.jpg

 photo P1012879_zpsywwucozh.jpg

The Two Princesses’ First Country Life Experience

We spent 4 nights and 4 days at a ranch owned by our friend, Mike in Avery, east of Texas. I am glad we were able to get away from the house for a short period of time and took advantage of the Spring break. Also, I did not have to attend to the old lady across the street so everything fell into places and we were able to have a good time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The two Princesses had their first country life experience and they did not just like it there, they LOVED it. In fact, during those days we stayed at the ranch, none of them or any of my family talked about going home too soon. If I did not tell my husband to go home after 4 days, I don’t think he would go back any moment but we have obligations at home so we must.

The last moment of our stay at Mike’s, the girls did not or were not ready to leave and wanted to stay a couple more days. Even after we got home, they seemed to have not overcome the country experience. They were having a blast, truly. Because there are so many things to do out there that kept them occupied and be active. Two creeks that we can go fishing, an open and wide field to run, chase/play with dogs, early morning dirt road hike and so many other things.

There will be many country life postings next time. So keep coming back!

 photo P1012816_zpsvfvy4qpt.jpg
 photo P1012815_zpsrq67xcl3.jpg

Mommy and the Princesses by the Pool

We had an unlimited dip in the pool at the condo we stayed in while in the Philippines. It was our first time to stay at a condo out of 9 trips we’ve made to the Philippines. Although, it cost us $300 for the entire month, but the peace, privacy, quiet and comfort we had was worth the money, plus the girls got to have fun in the pool anytime they wanted.

The space¬†we occupied was a decent unit with its own kitchen, a private bathroom and a good view to the street and adult heart-shaped pool by the balcony. Whenever we stand at the balcony my girls would ask me if they could swim, depending on my schedule and free time, I’d let them. Of course, it wouldn’t be fun with out their little auntie and uncle to play with in the water.

We didn’t care too much of our skin getting darker, all we could care about is the bond and memory we created together while we were there. Took a lot of pictures of them for keeps for I know it will be a while before our next trip to the Philippines.

 photo bucket20of20shrimp20059_zps5wnfhmrr.jpg

Grandma’s Little Darling

I like the idea of my Princess Megan to be closed to her grandma Andring. She wasn’t shy or aloof at her lola when we were in the Philippines even though it was her first time to see her and the rest of my family. Lola herself was happy to think that her Fil-am grand child loved to be carried, hugged and played with her all the time.

Unlike Jadyn, she claimed she didn’t know my mother at all. She’d been to the Philippines five times already yet she said that awful thing? That is just embarrassing on Lola’s part. Anyways, photos attached below are just two of the tons of shots I took of them just having a good time together. I feel pity for my mother though because she literally told Princess Megan, “ga mingaw mingaw man lang ka naku Megan!” and leave her nothing but sweet memories of the baby. The baby doesn’t even know what she was talking about… all she cared about was to enjoy playing with her grandma.

I guess it would be another two years before they see each other again and I am hoping we can do that… in God’s will.

 photo 61550_10151871293714517_865859301_n_zps5b55af0c.jpg
 photo 913035_10151906800619517_871755825_n_zpsec08784f.jpg

Princess Number 1’s Bath Tub in the Philippines

It is undeniable that my Princesses live comfortably back in Texas but that doesn’t mean they can’t live a simple life while vacationing in the Philippines. One of the many comforts that aren’t available at their grandma’s house is the lack of bath tub. With that being said, my Princesses just use their grandma’s water drum to bet their bath tub and I tell you, it works.

You know my kids aren’t picky. In fact, they love the water dream a lot too. Photo below is of my Princess Megan who had a blast playing with water. The drum is a bit deeper and is not secure enough that I didn’t allow her to stay longer in the drum. She wanted to play more but oh well, the real tub is awaiting for them in Texas. They can play as long as they want once we get home in a few days.

 photo 913307_10151908139764517_1330047639_n.jpg