Picture Perfect Scenery

Aren’t we the luckiest? We bought a log house on a 4-acre land in the country. Adjacent to the property is a long trail that runs 209 kilometers! Some parts of the trail has a canopy of trees in it which turns really lovely as season changes.

In this picture below, we had our good walk that day end of Winter that is why most of the trees aren’t showing some leaves yet. The temperature was very nice, really perfect to walk on the trail with my two Princesses and two dogs. A simple walk outdoors dramatically changes everyone’s mood that day. Energy level was high throughout the day and everybody was happy.

We are not rich but absolutely grateful for what we have and what nature has to offer us in this new place we call, “home”.


The Bookstore is their Happy Place

We just found a new place to visit once in a while. It is not any other place children would want to visit, but my girls do. It is a bookstore called Books A Million located in Texarkana, Texas. I am glad we found this although it is an hour away to drive but it is okay.

My children bugged me to go in that store one time and it was such a dream come true for them when we finally did. They love to read and look at books. They can stay in the store for as long as they want without getting bored except for the mommy. Hmm, it’s embarrassing to admit but I don’t like books! I am glad my children do.

To them, this bookstore is their Happy Place. I just let them because it is of great advantage that they love reading.


…. someone feels at home while reading a book at Books A Million…

I Will Not Take Away their Childhood Fun

Growing up in a poor country with nothing, makes me appreciate and value the things I have now which I have not experienced or possessed when I was a child. Being born to a poor parents and 6 other siblings just seemed normal to people in the Philippines.

With that being said, my mother did not have a budget for a store-bought doll, a pretend kitchen and utensils or a play house. Instead, I made use of the things that were available around me. Like dirt/mud, beer crowns, twigs, rocks and coconut leaves. With beer crown and a twig, I could turn it into a ladle. Three small rocks to hold my improvised pot which is an empty can of sardines or a coconut shell, there I put in dirt with water and stir it. Voila! I had my fun.

My children were born in America where everything is provided to them. Nice toys to play with that make sounds or teach them basic alphabets and numbers. Scooters, roller blades, gaming station and other stuff they received from us and friends whenever there is an occasion.

You would think that give them contentment and would just play with these toys all day, no. They constantly asking for more new toys. But we moved here in the country where there is enough land to use for entertainment like riding their bike, walk on the trail, play with pets/animals.

They adjusted pretty well and in fact, they love our new place especially being outside. When it rains, there are puddles everywhere and if it’s not too cold for them, they’d go out and guess what? PLAY WITH MUD!

I know some parents wouldn’t even let their kids get a small speck of mud on their children’s hands and clothes, but my children play with it. I am not even trying to stop them from enjoying the fun of playing with mud. I could see myself with them when I was a young child.

For me, they would always remember these times and will tell a story to their kids. Each child would reminisce how fun it was to spend time having fun with sister. Having this kind of experience is far more important in a child’s life rather than being restricted from being able to do this unusual kid play.


Chapter Book Reading

I am jealous of people and or children who lives with books. Because, I can’t do it. I read when I really need it but if I do it out of hobby or passion, that’s questionable. Reading puts me to sleep!

I had this fear that my children would be like me, get bored when reading a book but fortunately, they have changed over the years. I remember earlier in Jadyn’s life I asked her to read a book. Not just asked but forced her to hoping she would develop the love of reading and she resisted especially reading chapter books. We fought for a short while and then one day, she just got herself into reading and so is Megan!

I am relieved and thankful that these Princesses has morphed from being a disliking reading to loving it. Maybe the schools have encouraged and lifted their spirit about reading. Now, Jadyn is hooked. But it has to be a good book for her to read it. She likes fantasy books and horror.

Megan, on the other hand, has just started her chapter book about puppies. These books she got from Christmas. Hopefully, she’ll be able to read them all and ask for more. Here’s Princess M sitting on our bed one night and reading her book about a Homesick Puppy.


Christmas 2017

This year has been so great for us! Thank God for that. There is nothing more I could as for except that for our family to be healthy, safe and we are able to provide for our children.

It is our yearly tradition to be at home on Christmas Day for opening of the gifts. This has been going on for nine years now and I have a feeling it will continue for a very long time and maybe our children will also do this to their own family, gathering at grandparents’ (us) house in the future. I am thrilled when that day comes.

Both of the Princesses had their own Christmas wish list. There are several in there, at least over 20 each but of course Santa isn’t so rich. Despite of that, they got major presents though. Princess Jadyn wanted a chromebook, she got a laptop, a dinosaur maskimal, green sherpa lined green coat, Wings of Fire book sets and a few more.

Princess Megan on the other hand, received a toy plane, something that will last for years and can really fly with controller. She also got a unicorn maskimal, books, a sherpa lined pink coat and etc. She thinks she didn’t get much, well, hello kid? You got way more than other kids.

A few photos of these girls with smiles on their faces when they opened each gift intended for them. Seeing them happy makes us happy too.





Christmas Tree Decorating 2017

It’s that time of the year again when my Princesses get to decorate their own tree according to their liking. I don’t do any advice or nagging at them when they do it, I just let them be and let them enjoy doing it. It is a yearly tradition here in our household, with this, they shall carry the tradition and pass on to their future children.

They’ve done quite a job because I put the tree upstairs and the ornaments were down here in the living room, so by doing that, they must have had enough exercise going back and forth to get the tree done yesterday. Good girls for they did not stop until they thought it was done and did not even ask help from me.



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I hope these girls will continue to be good sisters and best friends when they grow old. It will be my utmost happiness to see them get along, although they fight at times, I just think that’s pretty normal for siblings. I could not ask for more. I am blessed to have these Princesses in my life. They are good and well-behaved kiddos.


I Shall Remember this Day

I took this two days ago of my second born, right now the kitchen sink is a little too high for her but I know it won’t be long before she can comfortably reach the soap and wash hands without getting on the sink or tiptoeing. I find this scene amusing. Many time in the past I captured her in an awkward or cute positions and compare those pics a few years later. I see such a big difference in height she grew.

This kid is growing up way too fast. Not just her but both of my Princesses. I can’t believe they are so big now and can barely lift them. While they are growing big, I am also getting old. But it’s okay, I have attained my goal of building a family just in the right time so no worries about me getting highlights of gray.


Progress Reports from School

I am very glad my Princesses have adjusted pretty well in their new country school. Seemed to me they never transferred school for there is no sign of depression or anything negative about their school. In fact, my Princesses thrive and continue to do good in school.

Just last Wednesday this week I picked up their report card and both teachers are very impressed with the Princesses which of course, my pleasure to hear. They make me really proud.

Princess M is an accelerated reader, third grade level and the big Princess just received a note yesterday that her teacher is nominated her to be in the GT ( gifted and talented) program. This is the second time a teacher has nominated her. Apart from that, she got accepted in UIL weeks ago, University Interscholastic League.

I am expecting the same for Princess M too as she is as smart as the big sister.

Thank God for these Princesses who never cease to get good grades in school.