I Shall Remember this Day

I took this two days ago of my second born, right now the kitchen sink is a little too high for her but I know it won’t be long before she can comfortably reach the soap and wash hands without getting on the sink or tiptoeing. I find this scene amusing. Many time in the past I captured her in an awkward or cute positions and compare those pics a few years later. I see such a big difference in height she grew.

This kid is growing up way too fast. Not just her but both of my Princesses. I can’t believe they are so big now and can barely lift them. While they are growing big, I am also getting old. But it’s okay, I have attained my goal of building a family just in the right time so no worries about me getting highlights of gray.


Progress Reports from School

I am very glad my Princesses have adjusted pretty well in their new country school. Seemed to me they never transferred school for there is no sign of depression or anything negative about their school. In fact, my Princesses thrive and continue to do good in school.

Just last Wednesday this week I picked up their report card and both teachers are very impressed with the Princesses which of course, my pleasure to hear. They make me really proud.

Princess M is an accelerated reader, third grade level and the big Princess just received a note yesterday that her teacher is nominated her to be in the GT ( gifted and talented) program. This is the second time a teacher has nominated her. Apart from that, she got accepted in UIL weeks ago, University Interscholastic League.

I am expecting the same for Princess M too as she is as smart as the big sister.

Thank God for these Princesses who never cease to get good grades in school.


Dragon and Lady Bug Face Painting

There is a big event coming up in our new small little town on Saturday. We are excited and are really looking forward to it. Meanwhile, they started their Oktoberfest last Saturday and we went. Plenty of games they held and one of the must-try they had was the face painting. It is mine and my sister’s favorite activity. We love animals and we love art, combined that into one on to our face means it is awesome goodness wrapped into one.

This time it is a bit expensive, it cost mommy $10 for both of us. We had our face painted last July 4th, and it only cost her $2 for both of us. Anyway, here is our faces with beautiful paintings. We loved it but did not get to wear them longer since we had to take a shower right after arriving home, it was a beautiful day at the park but we were sweaty because we ran and played a lot. It was so much fun to be out there.


They Got Chickens

These two Princesses are tasked to look after the chickens that Mike entrusted them. They love chickens so much and I believe the chickens love them back although sometimes Princesses M tend to be a bit harsh handling her chicken. Anyway, they check the chickens right after they come home from school and gather the egg every day.

They are doing good with their job so far and it is with pleasure going to the fenced in coops and enjoy chasing the chickens. As you can see in the picture, these girls are showing much love and posed for their beloved chickens.

We plan of buying more in Spring and two goats for me. Hopefully everything works fine as planned.


New Fave Thing to Do

Here’s our two Princesses in their bikes last weekend. I like the idea that they actually go out there and do some physical activity like riding in their bikes on the trail or just in the front yard. This seems to be way far different than their city life before. In Summer, they’d just hang in the house and do electronics all day.

Here in our new house, they have a lot of explorations to do around the property. They also acquired two chickens from our family friend to check every afternoon when they return home from school. But the most important thing is that these girls are moving!

We went out to use the trail for the first time last Saturday. They loved it and so they asked again if they can go ride their bike last Sunday, so as much as I want to be outdoors and get my exercise, I did not hesitate to say yes and we were on the trail for at least 50 minutes. Got home refreshed and probably burned some calories.

Here’s photos of my Princesses proudly pedaling!



The Ferber Method: Basics of Infant Sleep Training

Spending hours of your valuable sleep time pacing and rocking your baby at night can leave you dog-tired and edgy in the morning, which is what the majority of first-time parents go through with their little ones. The average baby is known for sleeping restlessly because babies need constant comfort and care.

Dr Ferber’s child sleep resolution is aimed at teaching babies how to go to sleep on their own especially after some crying. They literally soothe themselves to sleep seeing as crying is an exhausting business. The basics of the Ferberization Method include:

  • Creating a schedule: There should be an official sleep time which would involve a night feeding and maybe a lullaby or a chain of keywords, which would act as a sleep trigger for the baby.
  • Check-In Time: Contrary to what some parents think, the Ferber Method does not encourage infant abandonment. Parents are required to check in on their baby every 5 minutes or so to ensure the baby is not distressed in anyway.
  • Training  Duration: The entire duration of the training is dependent on the disposition of the infant. Some babies would assimilate totally in a few days while others might need weeks or even repeat sessions after breaks.

To know about Dr.Ferber’s method for sleeping training infants, here’s a good infographic from Baby In A Stroller.


School Year 2017-2018 Has Begun

8/21 which was yesterday was the first day of school for our 1st and 4th graders. They are in their new school in the country. I heard so many positive news from our first grader, I can’t wait to hear more this afternoon when she comes home.

As for our 4th grader, she wasn’t so enthusiastic to go to school yesterday due to being unwell. I was a bit worried that she might puke in school or something for she really wasn’t looking really good when we dropped her off in the classroom yesterday. Before we left, I told the teacher that Jadyn wasn’t feeling well and she responded to me that she would call me. I have waited all day for that call but fortunately, there wasn’t any.

Meaning, Jadyn got well and did fine yesterday. She told me a little about how her day went and that she found her first friend in another section named Chloe.

Anyway, second day of school today. Our morning started rough because there’s Jadyn again acted like she was sick, she had no appetite eating breakfast but forced her to eat some of the food I gave her, of course it didn’t go smoothly. Had to raise my voice and lost my temper on her. She went to school unhappy. We shall see what’s gonna be her next excuse when she comes back this afternoon.

So far things are good in our household.

Buckle Your Seat Belts Girls

Sponsored post. Everything written here is by me.

When it comes to car safety, I always remind my girls to buckle their seat belts whenever they are seated because their safety lies in their seat belts. Of course careful driving is required which I always do but I am at ease when they are in their car seat and buckled up.

No matter where we go, no matter how short or long the distance is, I impose buckling up rule when they come riding with me.

There is nothing more important than obeying the law and thinking of their safety than anything in this world.

Anyway, for those mommies looking for new cars, head on cars.com and may you find that vehicle suited for your needs. Once you found it, always remember that when bringing your babies with you to observe property safety especially when you are driving on a highway. Also, we are in the mid summer, I have seen or heard stories about children died being left inside the car in over a 100 degrees. Those poor little children did not deserve to die it is because their parent/s forgot about hem being in the car.

Think twice and to look back before leaving your car.

Needs to Feel Complete

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Our Favorite Place to Go in Summer

So it’s that time of the year again when we’re out of school, temperatures rising as we get past half of the year. There is a splash pad nearby that is free of entrance. It is quite a fun place to go adjacent to a huge playground in Crowley.

We are lucky enough to live not so faraway from it and can go there anytime we wish to. My Princesses love it there, I at the same time watch them while having to have a relaxation and eating time. Being outdoors in summer is essential for all of us so we don’t get tied up to the internet, electronics/gadgets all day.

When it is boring at home, this splash pad located in a nice neighborhood is a place to go!

 photo splashpad1_zpsd48xg6ym.jpg