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Too Young To Understand

The day I gave birth to Jadyn was one of the best things ever happened in my life.  I couldn’t describe how I felt that time I finally had her in my arms bonding for the first time, she being so fresh came out from my womb and was able to hold her covered with sebum, blood and just pure fresh flesh! I had mixed emotions that I didn’t know what else to think. All I care about was I was able to push her out, the suffering had ended, I saw a beautiful Princess that I asked from God 9 months prior to seeing her. That day, I officially became a mother.

Mother’s Day is coming up. I asked her just a few minutes ago what she is going to do or what is she gonna give to her mother on that day. I even reminded her that mommy is always nice to her and she knows that I am nice to her. She said that to me over and over that makes me flattered. Anyways, back to my question, she hesitated at first and was making fun of me while talking to her seriously and said “look at the flies fly fly away up in his wings!” TOINK! PERTI PAGKA LIKOY BATAA BALO LAMANGGGGGGG NAKAUTOT KOG KINATAWA LAYO RAS TINOUD ANG TUBAG!

She really made me laugh with her statement but I forgive her that. She is only three years old. She may be too young to understand or comprehend what I was trying to say. Someday she’ll know that she and her little sister are the reason why I celebrate Mother’s Day!