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We ran out of milk, my big girl asked for it so she can have something to dip with her cookie. We use fresh milk in this house and since I cannot go out and buy a gallon of it, I just gave her the powdered milk I brought from the Philippines four months ago. It’s a Lactum brand, in the Philippines it is quite pricey and really good for growing kids to meet their dietary supplement and nourishment.

She was so happy when finally I was able to bring her cookies and milk in the high chair only to be disappointed when she tried tasting the milk and it’s not what she expected, how easy of her to utter the word YUCKY after she found out it’s not the milk she used to drinking. How clever! But if she’s clever, I’m smart. I would make sure she’ll drink or finish all the powdered milk before it expires by mixing it with fresh milk every morning.