Having a baby? Don’t Panic Yet, Here’s What You Need to Know

From the day the doctor walked back into the office and said these 4 words – “Congratulations, you are pregnant!” your life changed instantly. Suddenly, it’s not about you anymore, it’s now about that precious little life you carry inside. From then on, the decisions you make are driven by the need to protect your baby and get the best care possible.

It’s indeed a very beautiful journey, one filled with a lot of “ooh” and “awww” moments – your body begins to make certain adjustments to accommodate its little passenger. The breasts become bigger because they’re getting ready for breastfeeding, increased trips to the bathroom to empty your bladder because your baby’s head is resting on it, you’re experiencing heartburn and constipation in addition to the weight that the doctor promises is good for you. In summary, pregnancy is the most delicate period of any woman’s life and as such should be treated with utmost care.

This is when you have to cut back on the crunches and situps as such exercises can cut blood flow to the fetus; you also don’t want to be around paint fumes as studies indicate that exposure to these fumes can lead to miscarriage. What you can and should do, is stay off your feet as long as you can as prolonged standing can result in the presence of varicose veins. It can also cause an abnormal buildup of fluid in the legs- what the doctors call edema.  

In addition to that, pregnant women are required to make some changes to their diet and we’ve come across this awesome infographic on nutrition for pregnant women, we know will be useful to you.

Please include attribution to http://midatlanticobgyn.com with this graphic.

Pregnant? Here

Princess M can Read

Princess M can now read. She is only 5 and a half years old. In America, children her age who read are normal while there are others who are advanced started reading as early as 2 or 3 years old. I am so proud of my little one because of the fact that she can read sight words like the one in the picture below. This was sent by her teacher for us to see how many words she can read now.

Each day after school, she brings a book that she needs to read every night and write down the title of the book. So far she is keeping up with her reading. Thanks to my husband for doing this to me while I am working.

Anyway, I am at ease that my Princess M will be a good reader when she reaches first grade.

 photo sightwords_zpsu5vy6oii.jpg

One of my recommended sites

I have known this music website called musicians friends for a while now. Although I have not bought anything from this site but I still browse around and recommended it to my readers because I believe they have good stuff there for musicians to see and buy. Not just beautiful pieces of instruments but also discounts of accessories as well as coupons to use and rewards for members. This is one of my recommended sites when it comes to shopping anything music-related.

Jadyn Got Tested Today and Passed

I received a call yesterday from St. Batholomew Catholic church where we send Jadyn for her Sunday school, that call was about her needing to be tested to see if she is ready to do the reconciliation in May. Today we went and she was asked to say her prayers and a couple questions regarding the upcoming reconciliation.

I couldn’t be prouder of her because she passed the test and impressed the lady who interviewed her. I told Jadyn afterwards that all those nags I gave her were worth it. Now she is more than ready to do it comes May. All she does is continue going to Sunday school and attend the practice on Friday for practice.

I will be glad when this is all over, she wanted to quit a long time ago but I kept pushing her that once it’s done, she does not need to go to Sunday school anymore.


Join Today and Get $5

Most websites offer a reward program for customers for them to enjoy and to retain their business. They come in points accumulation, gift cards and coupons for discounts. Same thing with guitar center, when you join today, you’ll get $5 on your first guitar center order. This website has amazingly tons of awesome products you can browse and search for, aside from that, they also offer repairs, rentals, lessons and sell used gears. I urge you to check them out now if you are looking for a guitar to buy.

Christmas Day 2016

The most anticipated day of the year around the world is Christmas Day, it is celebrated because of the birth of the son of God, Jesus. Undeniably, Christmas is often associated with gift-giving to the ones that matter to us most, our family, friends, could it be strangers, co-workers and just random people who you feel like donating stuff to.

Here’s what usually happens in our household each Christmas and praying it will continue to be like this until our children have their own. Me and my husband try to be present on this day to see the joyful expressions our Princesses make when they open the gifts they wished for.

Pictures of them and how surprised, happy and glad of what they got. According to Princess 1 said that she got more than ten presents this year. Not bad huh, I think. On her wishlist she listed like 26!


 photo Christmas16_zpscdw6tqvu.jpg

 photo Christmas16.jpg1_zps7pxzoxjp.jpg

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party 2016

A night to remember wherein both adults and kids had fun, this can only happen once a year when Christmas is approaching. An Ugly Sweater Christmas Party 2016 took place in Island Spa Retreat hosted by a Filipina who invited Santa and Mrs. Santa. It was fun and I felt the Spirit of Christmas when Mrs. Santa started strumming her guitar and sung Christmas songs.

We had ample time to take as many pictures as we can with Mr. and Mrs. Claus that night, children got to sit on his lap and tell him their wishes, they had time to hurl questions and answers. We also had a few games which my second born won a cookie as her prize for winning the statue dance. Aside from that, the highlight of the night is a book-reading with Santa.

All the children and adults listened attentively, we were all quiet but busy taking pictures! It was a blast party. It was our second party at the same place already, looking forward for more fun Christmas parties in the coming years with Santa.

 photo santa1_zpsgdtxc0yu.jpg

 photo santa2016_zpscvteafce.jpg

Informative Site

We all have our own favorite websites to go to everytime we open our smartphones or computers. For musicians or people who play the piano, they got theirs too. I find this website an interesting site to be for piano players especially because they got every information one can have plus they also have a keyboard piano for sale. Not only they that, tips and buying guide for your piano are on that website.

The Princesses’ Christmas Wish List 2016

My first born, wrote her wish list months before Christmas but her bedroom is a mess, it is buried under those rubble in her bed room so I asked her again to create another wish list which she did on that same night I asked. Here’s what she got on her list. That is a lot, man. I tell yeah! Of course, not all on the list will be granted. They are all just toys and she already got a lot of it in the back room.

 photo jadyns_zpsrjlffygf.jpg

And the one below is my hand written wish list for the little Princess since she cannot quite read and write yet other than her name and a few short-word. She dictated the items on her list to me. Doesn’t need many but hey, they cost a lot of money if I were to buy all of them which is not going to happen.

 photo megans_zpstvvhfofk.jpg

Pumpkin Art 2016

In celebration of Halloween, I gave my Princesses something to remember with and something to do in this time of the year. I opted for them to paint the little pumpkins black and whatever color they choose to go with it rather than carving jack-o-lantern because it is easier and less messy.

Unlike carving pumpkins, it takes a lot of effort just to take out all the seeds out plus the carving. I don’t want them to go through that and for sure, they want my help too which I couldn’t do yesterday as I was scheduled to cook food for them good for one week. So while they were working on their pumpkins outside, I was also busy making dinner in the kitchen.

Here are pictures of my Princesses being busy, making their creative minds work. I see the outcome is gorgeous, black pumpkins with colorful dots. I find it uncommon.

 photo pumpkinart_zpskgmxtuc6.jpg
 photo pumpkinart.jpg1_zpsrjrmctjb.jpg