Sisters are Different Flowers in the Same Garden

I, as a mother to two beautiful girls can’t be any prouder having them. I dreamed of having two kids and I am blessed with God with them. They are my world, my days revolve around them so as my husband. I should say, I work hard building this family of mine. I think, I have succeeded!

Here is a photo of my girls I captured one night exchanging kisses to each other. My heart melted, I can see the love and solid bonding they share together. I can only pray they won’t change and will continue to love each other even if they will have their own family and priorities someday. There is nothing like having a sister around to talk things to, tell secrets to and most of all being a bestfriend for each other.

I can certainly say (at least for now), I am raising loving, sweet, caring and thoughtful little girls.

 photo kisses_zps228fcc23.jpg

Less Crowded

When all of the gadgets, electronics or musical instruments come together or used all at one time, you would expect the place can get packed and chaotic with all the wires of each. There is also a tendency you’ll get a short circuit due to many electronics plugged into the wall. Incredibly, an invention of wireless technology has done its great part in our lives.

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Cute Finds at the Thriftstore

Four days after not being able to go out the house, I found myself and the girls at McCart Thrift store today. I was able to find really cute and new clothing and curtains today at a fraction of a price. I bought 4 panels of curtains, 2 table cloths which miraculously fit for our 5-seater table and 4 clothing for my first born.

All 4 pieces of clothing pictured below totalled $21.79, two of which had their original tag in them, I love the Hello Kitty denim dress the most, it is slightly used I think but still looking new, no rips, tears or stains. She will be looking cute wearing it in Fall which I cannot wait.

Will be going back to the store on Sunday because my purchase today over $50 qualifies me for a 50% off entire purchase. It would be nice if I can find another cute stuff there, who knows.

 photo dresses_zps4790010c.jpg

Volunteering to Help Wash the Dishes

The best training you can give to your children is let them work light house chores in their early age so when they grow up, they will know how to clean up after themselves. I honestly have problem with people who don’t know how to pick up their mess or dump damp towels on the carpet or anywhere. Luckily, there is none like that in our household.

My firstborn learned how to hang her towel now after every shower although there are times she forgets to put it where it should be. I understand that and just have to keep reminding her to put/hang her towel on a chair back to my bathroom.

When one of my girls asks to help me with whatever I am doing around here, I won’t stop them for I know, it is the start of their training. I want them to learn how to do simple things in the house, I want them to be responsible and become better individuals someday for I cannot be around them all the time and take care of them. They need to know how to take care of themselves too so that it won’t be a shock for them when they leave home and start a life on their own.

Photographed below is of my firstborn washing our drinking cup. In this shot, she only got one left to wash. I was too slow to take a snap of her. She already washed a few dishes which she set aside and was finishing up this one. Whenever she asks me to help wash something in the sink, I let her and I make sure I compliment her when she is done so that she’ll know I recognize her effort in helping me.

Yup, I was proud of her but then I was like scratching my head when I saw that she used too much dish soap!

 photo helperj_zpsb45f0256.jpg

Are there any side effects of Zetaclear?

 A large number of people have fallen prey to taking medications to overcome their ailments where they end up being harmed due to the negative side effects of the treatment methods. Many people want to know if the supplement called Zetaclear work and is actually effective in overcoming nail fungus. The topical cream comprises natural homeopathic ingredients, which have no negative side effects. Most people who have used this supplement are satisfied with its results in overcoming nail fungus and the related pain and discomfort.

Side effects

After wanting to know if the product really works or not, another common question is are there any side effects? This is a justifiable question because being concerned about possible negative effects that can cause further harm is appropriate. Moreover, such concerns are fuelled by the fact that there are several stories about a large number of people who have been severely affected by using such medications and treatment methods. In addition, users do not check the ingredients or undertake the necessary research about the products before commencing their use.

Natural ingredients

Zetaclear is comprised of all natural ingredients, which are also commonly available at your homes. The treatment is available as a cream and spray; the cream contains more additives than compared to the spray for greater convenience.

The contents of the spray include sulfur, which can take care of the ugliness and unhealthy condition of the skin. Another component is thuja occidentals, which is very commonly used for treating fungal infections and insect infestations. In addition, the spray contains arsenic album, which can help alleviate the soreness that is related to nail fungus. Lastly, the mancinella helps in handling the crumbles that appear on the surface of the infected skin. The other components include nitricum acidum and antimonium curdum.

The cream used as a topical treatment contains tea tree oil, which has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. The undecylenic acid is also an important anti-fungal topical component. The various oils, such as almond, oil, lemon grass, vitamin E, and jojoba have several different properties and provide numerous benefits. They are excellent ingredients for back rubs and also have aromatic properties, which can help combat the foul odor associated with nail fungus.

All the ingredients listed above that are comprised both in the spray and cream forms are hundred percent natural. It is not uncommon to find some of these oils around your homes and used for various purposes. This is why users can be assured that the treatment effective for overcoming nail fungus has no negative side effects. You can refer to the reviews provided by other users who have effectively used the cream or spray to overcome nail fungus and all the associated pain and discomfort. This will further provide you with more comfort about using the product and eradicating the problem from its roots permanently. Taking guidance from the information provided here can help you make the right choice to overcome your pain, discomfort, foul odor, and all other related symptoms of this disorder.

Me and Baby Arielle

God knows how much I miss the scent of a newborn or an infant. Luckily, one of my friends has a baby and I got to hold her baby, smell her as much as I can and carry her. Photo below is of me and baby Arielle, she is only three months old and oh so smelling sweet!

I am lucky because the baby was comfortable with me, each time I carry her, she’d just behave well, so quiet and laugh when I want her to laugh. She even coo a lot, meaning she loves to be talked a lot! She is so sweet, precious little baby and very pretty too.

Look at me, I look so dark next to her. We can best describe as milk and coffee hehe.

 photo bata_zpse025570e.jpg

Real Hcg Drops Not Homeopathic How True Is It?

 HCG is a hormone in the body that regulates the normal growth of an egg in the ovary of a woman, and stimulates the discharge of the egg in the ovulation process.

HCG is used to make ovulation happen and treat the infertility in mother, and to augment the sperm count in men. HCG is also used in young boys to normalize their testicles when they have dropped down. This can majorly be caused by a gland pituitary disorder.

HCG may also be used in the human body for further purposes which are not well listed in this medicine guide.

Need to know some significant information that one should in regard to HCG?

 HCG hormone is given in an injection form under the skin or into a person’s muscle. If one uses this medicine at your home, the doctor, or pharmacist will give you certain prescribed instructions on how and where to inject the particular medicine.  One shouldn’t inject this medicine if you are not fully aware on how to give the injection and carefully dispose of the used needles and syringes.

You should call your medical doctor immediately you start having some of these symptoms of a blood clot: redness, pain, warmth, tingling in your leg; numbness, extreme dizziness, confusion, and harsh headache.

Can Prescription Drugs Lead to Weight Gain?

Some of the women who use this drug have developed a condition called ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS), usually it develops after the first treatment cycle. OHSS can be a life-threatening condition for a human being. You are advised to call the doctor immediately you have signs of OHSS: swelling hands as well as the legs, severe pelvic pain, stomach swelling and pain, shortness of breath, diarrhea, weight gain, nausea, and then urinating in an unusual way.

HCG hormone can cause a person to experience early puberty especially in young boys. You should talk to the doctor if you think the boy had used these medicine shows the early symptoms of puberty, like voice deepened, pubic hair growth and augmented sweating.

A person using this medicine can increase his or her chances of having a multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets or quadruplets). A multiple pregnancy is a high-risk pregnancy for the expectant mother and for the babies also. Adhere to your doctor’s instructions about any special care and treatment that you may need in the course of your pregnancy.

Although HCG hormone can help a woman to become pregnant, this medication is included in the FDA pregnancy category X. This means that using the medication once a woman is pregnant can cause some birth defects in the baby. Do not use this medication if you are expecting. Inform your doctor immediately you become pregnant in the course of treatment.

How should I use HCG drops?

One should use this medication as exactly prescribed by the doctor. Do not use it in rather excess amounts or for longer than the recommended period. You should follow the directed prescriptions.

HCG is given as an injection under the skin or into a person’s muscle. Your doctor, nurse, or any other professional healthcare provider can give you this injection. You may be shown on how to inject yourself with the medicine especially when at home. Do not self-inject this medicine if you don’t fully understand on how to give the injection and carefully dispose of the used needles and syringes.



Kids’ Sleepover for the First Time

My Princesses’ wish came true when we finally were able to have a two-night sleepover at Abigail’s/Abrielle’s house last June 13-15 . It was the moment they have been waiting for so long, thanks to Briley and Hicks sisters for inviting us over. I thought it was a perfect time to have a sleepover since there’s no more school and we didn’t have to hurry back home.

I am just glad my husband allowed us to do it. We were like being on a short vacation, a nice break from staying inside the house, haha. Anyway, the kids and I had a blast. We took them to the complex’s pool on the first afternoon, let them play as much as they can and took them to the water park nearby on the second day.

After the water fun, we went home and had a semi-boodle fight. We grilled some milkfish and pork bbq. We shared feast together with at least 5 filipinas in total including myself.

That was what I needed to ease my homesickness a bit. A real interaction with humans and with fellow Filipinas. So long I have not done that and it just felt so good! I hope there’ll be more gatherings like that in the weeks to come so I won’t get bored.

 photo sleepover_zps8563985e.jpg

Fell Asleep While Eating Cantaloupe

This was yesterday afternoon, Sunday, June 8,2014. She played all day long with her big sister and didn’t take a nap until 7 pm. Earlier, she asked me for a cantaloupe and gave her some. Before she could even finish the slices I gave her, there she went to the dreamland. She was probably too tired and sleepy to do anything. I remember, an hour before that she was already complaining that she was very sleepy yet continued to play and do baby thing.

This is what happens when you try fighting your sleepiness. She slept from 7pm through the night. Woke up at 8:30 in the morning happy and refreshed! I did not expect her to sleep for long hours, I really thought that she’d wake up after an hour or two of napping but guess, I was wrong!

 photo tulog_zps1d8eb4a0.jpg

A Dream Playground in the Backyard

One of my girls’ dreams is to have their own playground in our backyard. Whenever we pass by a swing set for sale anywhere, they’d tell me that they want them in our backyard too. How I wish it is that easy to buy the set without a man’s strength to build it.

I am eyeing on this custom swing sets in richmond right now and they make me so jealous that I so want to buy a set right there and then. Custom swing sets are awesome for you get to choose many swings you would want and how big they are going to be in order to fit in the space you have in the backyard. It would be heaven for my girls if their dada will buy them the set.