Fun Times in Cebu

This picture was taken in Cebu, Philippines. We have just been there. We stayed there for 33 days, the weather was nicer than it is here in Texas. Plenty of sunshine and rains occasionally at night which is awesome for we don’t get a lot of dust during the day, the wind is cooler too.

It’s of my Princesses and my little brother and sister. We just had lunch in this picture at Bucket of Shrimps in Cebu Yacht Club, Pusok. So long I have not been to that place and visiting there is one of the places I should see in my list. The food was delicious, nice ambiance, good people and most of all, it was a well-spent day with my siblings and a long time friend.

One of my girls’ favorite about the place is they got to soak their feet in a seawater right where the restaurant is. We also got a pretty good view of beautiful yachts docked in the place that made our visit fun and interesting. The place with all the yachts and mountains on the opposite side reminded me so well of Benecia, California. Although Benecia was a lot cleaner and nicer but if I would just consider the view we had at Cebu Yacht Club, I would say, it was almost like Benecia.

 photo bucket20of20shrimp20031_zps632hjvqs.jpg

We Rely on Reviews

Most Americans including me, when shopping online would rely on the company’s product honest description and previous customers’ reviews. Without their reviews, I don’t think buying online would be best since we cannot touch nor feel the item we are buying.

We can buy almost anything on the internet with the help greatly of product reviews like musicians friend reviews when buying for musical instruments or parts that we need. When major items are at stake, we should be able to find the best products we wish to buy, right? So reviews from customers play an important role when purchasing online.

Build and Grow Captain America Motorcycle

One of the best wooden kits that my Princesses ever made is this latest “Build and Grow” Captain America motorcycle from Lowe’s yesterday, June 27,2015. We went to the store yesterday an hour early than the schedule and left the husband at home. I did it because I don’t want to disappoint my Princesses for the last time we went there, they weren’t able to get the Avenjet and that just pissed me off.

A surge of kids in a whole bus got in line even though my girls got in there first and did not get the kit. Yesterday was a victory for us, they were the first in line but did not finish building the project in the store. We took them home for I screwed up one part and couldn’t move on unless I take them apart, had no proper tool to do it so we had no choice.

Anyway, when the project was done, this is how they look like below. It was a bit complicated but it’s beautiful once finished. Sadly, we cannot complete the whole set for we are going out of the country soon.

This is the third “Build and Grow” project we have done and looking forward to building more in the future. The toys should last forever for they are nailed together and made of good quality wood that can probably survive of rough play of the kids.

 photo captam_zpsbkul7806.jpg

Princesses When Asleep at Dawn

It’s summer and the girls choose to sleep on the carpeted floor in the bedroom. The bunk bed is just too hot to sleep at night especially the bottom part. We got this little oscillating fan that serves its purpose right, gives us enough air during warm summer nights, we use it every night and timed for an hour earlier in the evening.

Anyway, I woke up at 4 this morning only to see this crazy and weird position my girls did while asleep and so I captured it in order for them to see, so they did. The big Princess could not believe what she did to her little sister.

Poor little girl for enduring the heavy leg on her head. Many times I find them in different sleeping positions but never have I thought about getting my cellphone to snap a photo of them. This time, I got them and it’s funny!

 photo girlsleep_zpsq49gvdis.jpg

Find the Perfect Saxophone Sound

Here’s a great article to read for someone like you who wants to get a good sound of your saxophone. It also gives information in starting out, powerful information, great tips and a whole lot more that you can refer to should you need ideas in choosing a new saxophone to satisfy your needs. For me, I always refer the internet when I need something because, it is all laid out there for free and just a few clicks of a mouse, voila! We can find something that we didn’t know before.

Disney Store Summer Play Days

This picture was taken last Saturday at a Disney Store for their “Summer Play Days” event. There were seven kids including my two girls at the start of the event but then there were only three left that listened attentively and made it to the end.

I love how my girls were interacting with the speaker, listening/cooperating what they were told to do and most of all, I admire their patience. While most of the kids had short attention span, spare my girls. They were good and looked to me they loved being in that event.

They received a lanyard with badge and an “INSIDE OUT” bouncy ball inspired by the Disney movie called INSIDE OUT! With such a little reward, they were happy with it.

 photo disneyprogram_zpspkyfgaz8.jpg

Buying Winter Clothes from Any Season

There is no such specific time as to when you can buy warm and cozy clothing or outfit for the entire family because, deals can be found at any stores for these kind of clothing. When shopping for winter outfits, buy them out of season in order to get deep discounts and save tons of money, not only you hare helping your budget with it but also you buy more and spend less. This is just my way to keep warm!. That’s what I usually do not just for winter clothes but for other special occasions or seasons. I never stop searching for best prices clothing, shoes, home accessories and other stuff to save a lot!

Drawing Progression

This is Princess M entertaining herself by drawing face figures on the notebook. When she is bored, she grabs a pencil/pen and a paper. She doesn’t grab the camera and take a selfie. Unlike most adults, when they are bored, they take several selfie shots of themselves and post them all on Facebook which will then flood my wall which I REALLY HATE!

Anyway, Princess M is two months away from turning four and I can see her drawing has progressed dramatically than in the previous months. She now draws face figures complete with eyes, face, nose, ears and most of all, if she draws a girl, you would know it is a girl due to a long braided hair drawing.

She uses a lot of papers but we are saving all her artwork so she can have something to look back in the future when she is older. We believe, it is such a treasure keeping all our children’s work and be able to compare the progress they have made as years go by.

 photo drawing_zpsf1ex1ivq.jpg

Mommy’s House Rules

Imagine living life without rules to follow in the world? Would you think you can experience peace and order? Our world will be chaotic for sure.

In our household there are a couple rules to follow so that we will live an orderly and manageable home. Without these rules, I don’t think my children will become independent and better individuals if I don’t start training them while they are young. I only want them to be disciplined, pleasant and respectful children so I really feel these need to be imposed accordingly.

They are as follows:

1. No candy or sweets before meals and they are okay with it.
2. Go to the Disney store only to play with toys, no buying anything unless I want to.
3. Hang damp towels after using them.
4. Eat all food that’s in your plate and make them realize other children are crying because of starvation.
5. Bring your empty plates to the sink after finishing the food.
6. No toys on the living room floor. Pick up after yourselves when you’re done playing.
7. No shoes on the carpet.
8. No hitting back of baby sister.
9. Turn off tv and playstation when done.
10. No going out in the front yard if mommy is not watching them and no opening the front door when there’s someone ringing the door bell.
11. Always bring sippy cups to the sink when done with milk (this one seems the toughest job to do for they always leave their sippy cups wherever they feel like.”

These might be too much but they are not hard to do anyway. I just have to be persistent and continue nagging at them if they don’t do what I say. LOL.

Play-Doh Sweets

Here, take a look at our sweets we created out of play-doh last night. It was something me and my girls enjoyed doing together. It was a late night activity for us so we didn’t play longer. Anyway, I am glad I got to spend precious time with my two Princesses last night. We don’t do this often just because we tend to be busy with our electronics during the day.

I am happy to see my girls’ creations. They look almost believable, aren’t they? The right side cupcakes is of J and the center is of M’s. The ice cream with spoon is mine. And we helped together doing the Princess’ dress at the back of the sweets. I should say, it was a short time well spent with my girls. Looking forward to making many more sweets in the future and more play-doh creations!

 photo playdoh_zps8dpooog9.jpg