Ways How to Treat Common Household Pests

Ants, spiders and silverfish are common household pests that plague many homeowners. However, there are ways to deal with them without harming your family or your pets. What are your options for dealing with the creepy-crawlies you want gone as soon as possible?

1) Get Rid of All Possible Food Sources

If food is left out for too long, it could attract fruit flies in huge numbers. When sugar is spilled on the floor, it could attract a colony of ants or other insects that love sugar. By removing the rotted food or sweeping up the source of the sugar, the insects should leave on their own. It is also a good idea to take out the trash and put food scraps through a garbage disposal every night. 

2) Use Traps With Bait

Ant traps will attract the ants by emitting a chemical that they cannot resist. However, that chemical will not hurt anyone else or any other creature in the house. For a mouse or rat problem, baiting a trap with peanut butter is a good way to attract them. While it is assumed that mice like cheese, that has more basis in urban legend than it does in fact. 

3) Spray Selected Targets With Natural Substances

Getting rid of termites or cockroaches can be as easy as spraying an orange substance in selected vents around the house. This selective spraying technique may be able to quell the infestation on its own, so it is worth trying before using more lethal chemicals over a wide area of the home. 

If you have been treating common household pests like house guests, you have a way to evict them for good. There are easy and safe ways to get rid of them without harming your kids or pets. By removing food sources and spraying in small areas, you can reclaim your home without having to take drastic action.

Birthday Photos Part 2

As promised, here are a few photos we had at Chuck E. Cheese’s during Baby Princess’ birthday last July 19. Both of the Princesses had a blast with all the rides they tried and the constant running and playing with other kids at the play area.

I asked the birthday celebrant what was her favorite ride on that day and she told me, the monster truck which can be seen in the middle of collage below. I can tell the big Princess’ fave ride was the bump car!

You know kids, they are easy to please and they don’t ask for much but bring them to a fun place. I could see the sincere laughter and happy hearts they both had on that day. Guess, Chuck E. Cheese’s will be a birthday destination for them from that day on until maybe they are old enough to find a new place to spend birthdays with us!

Love my kiddos, they are one of the precious gifts God has given to me to care for and love with.

 photo funrides_zps0e1c61b8.jpg

Baby Princess Turned 3 Years Old

Late posting of the birthday celebration snaps of our Baby Princess because I got too lazy blogging about it. We captured plenty of photos during that day to ensure we got plenty to remember someday. As usual, birthday celebration in this household is simple. I just dressed them up, the celebrant wore her favorite Princess Belle costume, sung her a birthday song, blew the candle, tasted our homemade cake and then off we went to Chuck E. Cheese’s for some fun rides. Photos of the rides will follow later.

Birthdays are special occasions need to be remembered so that they’ll grow up reminiscing each year they grow older. My Princesses associate birthdays as the time to blow candles, presents and have fun. We, the parents, try to make it simple yet memorable. We no longer give them plenty of toys as they already have enough. What we can do is to at least make an effort to remind them how special they are on their natal day and everyday so they may pass this tradition to their offspring someday in the future.

 photo Megans3rdbday001_zps82aea881.jpg
…. there’s not much on the table on that day, just our homemade birthday cake and a few pieces of beautiful dresses for both of them.

 photo Megans3rdbday007_zps1e85886c.jpg
…. blowing of candles is the fun part at home, big sister blew the candle faster than her sister could…

 photo Megans3rdbday012_zps3806458d.jpg

…… time to taste the cake, eat the icing and play with the toys…

 photo chuck_zps00b48315.jpg

… the birthday celebrant had a chance to pose with Chuck E. Cheese… I think that made her day and I am glad we brought her and her sister in that fun place to just be kids!

Natal Day Shots of Baby Princess

Thanks to digital cameras and smartphones for they come in handy at all times to capture the moments that will not happen again in our life. As a mother, it is her job to raise, take care and love her children. It is also her big job to record and capture every milestone her babies do.

I am just glad my children were born in a modern era, because of that, I am able to take snaps of my girls and myself having a bulging belly while they were still in my womb up to this date. Take a look at the age progression photos I took during her first until her third birthday. You can see how much she’d grown and becoming more and more beautiful each year.

Having her makes me very proud because I did not really expect to give birth to such a very beautiful baby like Princess M. Pardon me, I am just one proud mommah here.

 photo 123m_zps228527b3.jpg

Sisters are Different Flowers in the Same Garden

I, as a mother to two beautiful girls can’t be any prouder having them. I dreamed of having two kids and I am blessed with God with them. They are my world, my days revolve around them so as my husband. I should say, I work hard building this family of mine. I think, I have succeeded!

Here is a photo of my girls I captured one night exchanging kisses to each other. My heart melted, I can see the love and solid bonding they share together. I can only pray they won’t change and will continue to love each other even if they will have their own family and priorities someday. There is nothing like having a sister around to talk things to, tell secrets to and most of all being a bestfriend for each other.

I can certainly say (at least for now), I am raising loving, sweet, caring and thoughtful little girls.

 photo kisses_zps228fcc23.jpg

Less Crowded

When all of the gadgets, electronics or musical instruments come together or used all at one time, you would expect the place can get packed and chaotic with all the wires of each. There is also a tendency you’ll get a short circuit due to many electronics plugged into the wall. Incredibly, an invention of wireless technology has done its great part in our lives.

If you are looking forward to owning a wireless guitar for yourself, please check out this great music online store and Join now.

Cute Finds at the Thriftstore

Four days after not being able to go out the house, I found myself and the girls at McCart Thrift store today. I was able to find really cute and new clothing and curtains today at a fraction of a price. I bought 4 panels of curtains, 2 table cloths which miraculously fit for our 5-seater table and 4 clothing for my first born.

All 4 pieces of clothing pictured below totalled $21.79, two of which had their original tag in them, I love the Hello Kitty denim dress the most, it is slightly used I think but still looking new, no rips, tears or stains. She will be looking cute wearing it in Fall which I cannot wait.

Will be going back to the store on Sunday because my purchase today over $50 qualifies me for a 50% off entire purchase. It would be nice if I can find another cute stuff there, who knows.

 photo dresses_zps4790010c.jpg

Volunteering to Help Wash the Dishes

The best training you can give to your children is let them work light house chores in their early age so when they grow up, they will know how to clean up after themselves. I honestly have problem with people who don’t know how to pick up their mess or dump damp towels on the carpet or anywhere. Luckily, there is none like that in our household.

My firstborn learned how to hang her towel now after every shower although there are times she forgets to put it where it should be. I understand that and just have to keep reminding her to put/hang her towel on a chair back to my bathroom.

When one of my girls asks to help me with whatever I am doing around here, I won’t stop them for I know, it is the start of their training. I want them to learn how to do simple things in the house, I want them to be responsible and become better individuals someday for I cannot be around them all the time and take care of them. They need to know how to take care of themselves too so that it won’t be a shock for them when they leave home and start a life on their own.

Photographed below is of my firstborn washing our drinking cup. In this shot, she only got one left to wash. I was too slow to take a snap of her. She already washed a few dishes which she set aside and was finishing up this one. Whenever she asks me to help wash something in the sink, I let her and I make sure I compliment her when she is done so that she’ll know I recognize her effort in helping me.

Yup, I was proud of her but then I was like scratching my head when I saw that she used too much dish soap!

 photo helperj_zpsb45f0256.jpg

Are there any side effects of Zetaclear?

 A large number of people have fallen prey to taking medications to overcome their ailments where they end up being harmed due to the negative side effects of the treatment methods. Many people want to know if the supplement called Zetaclear work and is actually effective in overcoming nail fungus. The topical cream comprises natural homeopathic ingredients, which have no negative side effects. Most people who have used this supplement are satisfied with its results in overcoming nail fungus and the related pain and discomfort.

Side effects

After wanting to know if the product really works or not, another common question is are there any side effects? This is a justifiable question because being concerned about possible negative effects that can cause further harm is appropriate. Moreover, such concerns are fuelled by the fact that there are several stories about a large number of people who have been severely affected by using such medications and treatment methods. In addition, users do not check the ingredients or undertake the necessary research about the products before commencing their use.

Natural ingredients

Zetaclear is comprised of all natural ingredients, which are also commonly available at your homes. The treatment is available as a cream and spray; the cream contains more additives than compared to the spray for greater convenience.

The contents of the spray include sulfur, which can take care of the ugliness and unhealthy condition of the skin. Another component is thuja occidentals, which is very commonly used for treating fungal infections and insect infestations. In addition, the spray contains arsenic album, which can help alleviate the soreness that is related to nail fungus. Lastly, the mancinella helps in handling the crumbles that appear on the surface of the infected skin. The other components include nitricum acidum and antimonium curdum.

The cream used as a topical treatment contains tea tree oil, which has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. The undecylenic acid is also an important anti-fungal topical component. The various oils, such as almond, oil, lemon grass, vitamin E, and jojoba have several different properties and provide numerous benefits. They are excellent ingredients for back rubs and also have aromatic properties, which can help combat the foul odor associated with nail fungus.

All the ingredients listed above that are comprised both in the spray and cream forms are hundred percent natural. It is not uncommon to find some of these oils around your homes and used for various purposes. This is why users can be assured that the treatment effective for overcoming nail fungus has no negative side effects. You can refer to the reviews provided by other users who have effectively used the cream or spray to overcome nail fungus and all the associated pain and discomfort. This will further provide you with more comfort about using the product and eradicating the problem from its roots permanently. Taking guidance from the information provided here can help you make the right choice to overcome your pain, discomfort, foul odor, and all other related symptoms of this disorder.

Me and Baby Arielle

God knows how much I miss the scent of a newborn or an infant. Luckily, one of my friends has a baby and I got to hold her baby, smell her as much as I can and carry her. Photo below is of me and baby Arielle, she is only three months old and oh so smelling sweet!

I am lucky because the baby was comfortable with me, each time I carry her, she’d just behave well, so quiet and laugh when I want her to laugh. She even coo a lot, meaning she loves to be talked a lot! She is so sweet, precious little baby and very pretty too.

Look at me, I look so dark next to her. We can best describe as milk and coffee hehe.

 photo bata_zpse025570e.jpg