School is Two Weeks Away

Amazing we only got two weeks left before school starts again and I feel like I have not had enough rest waking up early every morning. Even though it’s summer, I still get up early because I need to water my gardens instead of doing it in the afternoon.

Anyway, two weeks and both of our Princesses will be in school. Princess M will be in kindergarten and right now, she is expressing to me that she does not want to go to school. Last night I asked her again why she would not want to go to school and she told me that she is afraid she’d get lost.

I then assured her that I will be with her during the first three days, taking her to her classroom and sit beside her for a couple of minutes. I hope that eases her worries and will be encouraged to go to school comes 22nd.

I also laid out the school supplies I bought for the two Princesses so she’ll see them and they will make her excited. Not only that, I even bought her a new pair of pink Princess shoes to match with her school backpack just to encourage her to go to school.

Today, I have bought all the supplies they need for the upcoming opening of school. Well, except for that 12×18 manila construction paper that is not available elsewhere but on Amazon. I am done and done going out in the hot sun too!

 photo supplies_zps227ywet2.jpg

Princess M Turned 5 Today

When I cradled Princess M in my arms when she was a newborn, in my mind I told myself, “look at her closely, smell her baby scent and kiss her as much as you want because it won’t be long, she’ll grow big and fast.” Fast forward to five years and here she is! She’s grown beautifully, ever sweet, mommy’s girl, loving, bubbly and ever smiling baby girl.

We celebrated her birthday yesterday because I was free from my job. I took the girls out to Chick Fil-A and had lunch there, just the three of us. Their father was and always has been busy on his days off so we left him. After lunch, I told them that there’ll be three more stops before going home. As good girls as they are, they did not complain and just followed mommy wherever she brought them.

We went to TJ MAXX and bought myself a new pair of walking shoes with memory foam in each sole, just badly needed a pair, you know. Next stop was at Petsmart adjacent to TJ. I bought each Princess a fish. I clearly told the birthday celebrant that a fish is her birthday gift from mommy and dada and she was happy with it. Final stop is at Albertson’s.

I bought two cakes at Albertson’s, not the usual birthday cake because it’s expensive, I found two that look sinfully delicious on sale for $4 each, bought an ice cream and headed home. Decorated the cake with toys and a number 5 candle, voila! All set up for her only.

Not forgetting the noodles for long life as we believe in the Philippines, it’s important to have something long for every birthday that represents for “long life”. I cooked spaghetti for the entire family that served as our dinner. That’s it I had prepared for her and she thinks she had an awesome 5th birthday!


 photo P1013979_zps44akhwb2.jpg

 photo P1013988_zpsxm6zpqan.jpg

 photo P1013993_zpsecz8hy1q.jpg

Mommy’s Little Helper

Princess M would occasionally come to the kitchen when I am cooking our meal and would ask if she can help. I don’t decline her, instead, let her be happy by giving her a job and be a part of the activity which she can learn greatly from it.

Here on this pic, I assigned her to lay down the crackers which she wholeheartedly did, for her, it was fun! Little did she know, she that she helped me a bit and created a bond that day. She is the kind of Princess that watches DIY stuff on Youtube including baking and pretend cooking. So, when she sees the opportunity in real life, she’d ask to participate. I am glad she does that because I want her to learn and eventually cook her own meal.

We were making mango float when I took this picture and explained to her how it is done and the ingredients used.

 photo helper_zpsiqosjgkq.jpg

She Loves to Draw

This girl just grabs her pencil and paper and draw! When she gets tired watching tv, she would just come to the couch where the center table is and draw. So I let the table to be messy and cluttered of paper and other stuff.

I can tell in her drawings, it progresses so much. Before she’d just draw a simple girl with long hair and a face with just lines in it. But now, she can draw more expressive eyes and mouths in her drawings!

When this kid gets bored, she does not whine nor get grumpy, she just find a way to entertain herself and I am glad she is that good! Well, actually, both of my Princesses are good!

 photo drawer_zpskbvdub43.jpg

Tight Budget? Use Coupons

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are written solely by me.

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You can even find coupons for Auto Zone for your car’s needs. You see, it is just a matter of being patient and frugal so you can save some money.

I have been doing the couponing in our local stores, pharmacy and even in the mall and helped my husband a little bit albeit, I am a stay-at-home mom and wife. It doesn’t cause harm nor hurt us to use coupons you know. I even use a coupon dining out at Red Lobster for my birthday celebration. I am not shy to say it because it’s an honest way to save us for our meals one time.

A New Place to Go in Summer

Mommy has found a new place, a fun place for us to go every Summer. She actually was told last year by a friend that there’s this area not too far from where we live that is nice and last Saturday, we finally able to go there. It was a good three hours spent in the spray area with mommy’s friend and her three kids.

Yes, it is not very far from us, just 12 minutes drive and it was easy for her to find. Such a perfect place to get wet, play with friends, enjoy the heat and most of all be outdoors and simply have fun.

Here is a picture of us to show you how much we liked it there. Mommy said that she will bring us there once a week and I rely on her words. We plan of going back there again this Saturday. I am excited!

 photo crowley_zpsdn2t0p0p.jpg

Lava Cable

When you are looking for something, you would always go on the internet to search for it for prices, its features or capabilities, accessories and parts. Everything nowadays is searchable and available on the internet, same goes with lava cable for your instrument or speaker. I would recommend you search for Musician Friend’s lava cable because they have tons of products listed in that category there starting from under $18. Or for faster searches, you can narrow your search by prices, condition, customer rating and or by best sellers. Enjoy browsing.

Vacation Bible School 2016

A week-fun of Vacation Bible School is over. It has ended yesterday. It started June 13,2016 at Edge Park Methodist Church. It was the Princesses’ second time in the same church attending VBS. For the whole year, they were really looking forward attending the program and could not stop asking me when it was going to start. Time flew by quickly for it is over now.

Vacation Bible School is offered in some churches elsewhere but we chose this specific church mentioned above because aside from theirs is free, the people are so warm, very welcoming, very nice and they make us feel like we are their family. Everybody is just smiling and they love our Princesses attending their activities.

It is with great appreciation for Pastor Bill and the rest of his church members for a successful VBS this summer. Looking forward to seeing them again next year! Vacation Bible School is such an awesome summer program for children to learn the Bible stories, learn how to do meaningful crafts, singing and praising God, Science activities and just having to do something worthwhile and educational when they are out of school. They ended the program on the fifth day with free dinner for kids and the parents and a bounce house afterwards.

We are very grateful for programs like this and for spending their time with us. Special mention Ms. Tawana and Ms. Pam for being the girls’ friends while being there. God Bless You All!


 photo vbs16_zpswvwmfmym.jpg
…photo below taken during the first day of VBS, June 13,2016.
 photo vbs1_zpse0dvcdm4.jpg

… family night, fun night it was!
 photo vbs2_zps0wmyt6bh.jpg

Highly Streamlined Operating System

Everything nowadays are made easy through the use of electronics and high tech gadgets. One of the world’s renowned and popular operating system is IOS, the company has made a lot of ios devices that can be paired and or connected through usb cable or wirelessly with the use of a bluetooth. Even musical devices and instrument can now be communicated with your other device. How cool technology can be?

Gymboree Sleeping Pair of Pajamas on Clearance with Additional Discount

Although Gymboree is an expensive children’s brand of clothing yet I love to shop their for my Princesses’ clothes. Not only they are of good quality, gorgeous prints and designs of their dresses but they also offer additional promo on their clearance items.

I scored these two pairs of sleeping pajamas for only $6.72 each. I had a 20% off coupon on hand to top of their additional 40% off clearance prices. So, that’s a total of 60% off!

You see, the prints on these jammies are hearts, they were displayed for Valentine’s Day but I did not mind buying them. Children don’t really care about the occasions, instead, they will view it as beautiful because of heart prints on their jammies. In return, I still get the appreciation of my girls aside from getting them in deep discount.

 photo P1013149_zpseg7owqus.jpg