Pionner Andrew Jones Bookshelf Loud Speakers

I use my laptop a lot and there were times I wished I had a better and high quality speakers to use with it for a better sound of videos and music that I watch on my computer. All I have right now is the built-in speakers of my laptop and you know, they are not loud and sometimes produce hissing sound depending on the video I am watching.

I wish that I could buy myself this pioneer andrew jones The SP-BS22-LR compact speakers from Pioneer are ideal as computer speakers, stereo speakers for listening for pleasure, or part of a multi-channel home theater system. They deliver a wide frequency response and sophisticated sound quality regardless of the source for Christmas. I will be delighted.

Princess M’s Drawing Progression

Princess M at age 5 years and a half have done a lot of interesting drawings these past few days. She would draw something, color it and tell us the story behind it. It is amazing how her creative mind works because I, myself would not be able to come up with an interesting story each time nor can I draw.

There is this favorite youtube video or game called Five Nights at Freddy’s that she loves watching a lot and eventually, she could not contain herself from drawing some of the characters which turned out pretty, in my eyes.

First Photo below are FNAF characters; Freddy, Chicha and Bonnie.

 photo drawing1_zpso7ibntnu.jpg

Second photo below is a story about a burglar stealing money from the bank- with band aid. The black character in the blue sky is the PD helicopter facing the burglar with band aid from crow bar with money bag. 
 photo drawing_zps4objl1q8.jpg

Early Shopping

We are getting really close to the busiest shopping time of the year. Now is never too early to start thinking of what could be the best gift you can give to your love especially those who love music and play the guitar. With ibanez gio bass, you can’t go wrong with it as it is an incredibly affordable 5-string bass and with its sleek body, it’s perfect for players on a budget who desire the same features as the SR. Ibanez GSR basses offer the famous Soundgear sleekness, comfort, tone, and playability at

Home Cooked Lunch

My Princesses eat breakfast at home before going to school. And they also bring home cooked meals for lunch and they have asked me for that simply because they prefer mommy’s cooking than school cafeteria food.

I feel fortunate to be able to serve my children fresh food from home, that way, I am sure what they are getting are good food and not just some junks, empty-calorie and useless food. I believe children learn better if they are fed with the right food.

I also feel glad that when they go to school, they are full with healthy breakfast, because if you would see what the school offers for the children, they just give them cereal, cinnamon roll, milk, a few slices of fruit. I would not want my children to munch on cereal, because what is in it? Just sugar and the worst food you can ever give to school children.

For lunch, they have different meals they offer each day. Most of which are Mexican food which my children are not so fond of. They are raised by a Filipino mother so you can expect, what they are eating at home are different from the outside world.

I make sure that they are getting servings of fruits, veggies, protein and carbohydrates. Yes, carbs. Many say it is bad. But hey, children are growing, they move a lot, they have fast metabolism and carbohydrates is what they need in order to sustain that energy they need throughout the day.

Here’s a sample of what I pack for lunch for them. Some rice topped with breakfast sausages, a portion of broccoli and watermelon. Some days, I give them bread with nutella or grape jam spread, slices of cucumbers, some fried chicken, olives and whatever is available in the fridge.

As a mother, it is my responsibility to feed my children with good, tummy-filling, delicious and delightful foods. Their lunch always come with bottled water, they requested water instead of juice. Ain’t that good?

 photo lunch_zpslkx5zslr.jpg

First Day of School Year 2016-2017

June 22- was the opening of classes here in Texas. The big Princess could not wait to go back to school, she probably got bored at home during summer and she missed her classmates. While the little one, did not want to go to school at first.

Big Princess is now in third grade, the little Princess in kindergarten. I can’t quite believe that I no longer have a baby that stays with me at home. The house is so quiet when they leave to school, it is all new to me and I guess, I just have to get used to it until I can get me a job.

I tried convincing her that school is actually fun, lots of coloring to do, playing, making new friends and a whole lot more. I was a bit worried on that first day that she wouldn’t come with us to school. And fortunately, as good girl as she is, she managed to survive the first day.

When they came home that day, I asked both of them how their first day went. The big one said she had a nice day. And to my surprise, the small Princess, she said “YES, she liked school!” with tongue sticking out, “yungit” in our native language. That was so nice to hear and that somehow eased my worry.

Today is the fourth day since school has started and so far so good. They wake up early, eat breakfast, wash their face, brush teeth, put on their school uniform, tidy up the hair and off to school they go!

This is going to be our daily routine every morning for the entire year until June 2. I love being a momma, although it is tiring to get up early everyday, yet my children are so worth it especially when they take home report cards with high grades in it.

 photo P1014247_zpswohr3fzl.jpg

Nowhere Else to Go But the Park

August is always the hardest for me. I suffer so much loneliness, boredom and summer blues. All kinds of negative feelings trapped inside my body. For some reason, my soul wants to be somewhere else but I couldn’t go where it dictates me to go, the Philippines. Well, at least not this year.

The past few weeks me and my children were struggling to fight our boredom. It’s just that, there is not much to do in the house. They stay home all day doing their tablets, I do my online chores and you know when you do the same thing everyday, you get tired with it.

Gladly though, we are surrounded with several nice parks where we live. This photo below just taken two days ago, even if it was raining, the world was gloomy yet we insisted on going out, otherwise, we go crazy.

A good one and a half hours stay at Greenbriar Park was really good. I let the Princesses play at the playground, fed the ducks and just let them be kids. I guess, they loved feeding the ducks with bread. They giggled and amazed at how baby ducks waddle as they walk. Seeing my kids happy gives me joy that even though we live simply, I raise happy and well-behaved girls.

They are my greatest gifts! They give me reasons to live. Thankfully, I have them for when I am lonely in the house, I can just bring them to the mall play area, fast food play area or anywhere else just to kill the time. They give me company on days that I need them.

 photo ducks_zpsockola97.jpg

Go to Groupon Website for Coupons and Deals

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are written solely by me and 100% mine.

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 photo grouponpng_zpscng90npm.png

Ableton Push 2

Whatever we do, we all need that proper equipment, instrument or tool in order to make things done fast and accurately. Like in the world of music, one must use or must have an ableton push 2 in order for him to put everything you need to make music in one place—at your fingertips. That is what push does.

It’s a powerful, expressive instrument that gives you hands-on control of an unlimited palette of sounds, without needing to look at a computer.

Find yours on the link above, prices vary.

School is Two Weeks Away

Amazing we only got two weeks left before school starts again and I feel like I have not had enough rest waking up early every morning. Even though it’s summer, I still get up early because I need to water my gardens instead of doing it in the afternoon.

Anyway, two weeks and both of our Princesses will be in school. Princess M will be in kindergarten and right now, she is expressing to me that she does not want to go to school. Last night I asked her again why she would not want to go to school and she told me that she is afraid she’d get lost.

I then assured her that I will be with her during the first three days, taking her to her classroom and sit beside her for a couple of minutes. I hope that eases her worries and will be encouraged to go to school comes 22nd.

I also laid out the school supplies I bought for the two Princesses so she’ll see them and they will make her excited. Not only that, I even bought her a new pair of pink Princess shoes to match with her school backpack just to encourage her to go to school.

Today, I have bought all the supplies they need for the upcoming opening of school. Well, except for that 12×18 manila construction paper that is not available elsewhere but on Amazon. I am done and done going out in the hot sun too!

 photo supplies_zps227ywet2.jpg

Princess M Turned 5 Today

When I cradled Princess M in my arms when she was a newborn, in my mind I told myself, “look at her closely, smell her baby scent and kiss her as much as you want because it won’t be long, she’ll grow big and fast.” Fast forward to five years and here she is! She’s grown beautifully, ever sweet, mommy’s girl, loving, bubbly and ever smiling baby girl.

We celebrated her birthday yesterday because I was free from my job. I took the girls out to Chick Fil-A and had lunch there, just the three of us. Their father was and always has been busy on his days off so we left him. After lunch, I told them that there’ll be three more stops before going home. As good girls as they are, they did not complain and just followed mommy wherever she brought them.

We went to TJ MAXX and bought myself a new pair of walking shoes with memory foam in each sole, just badly needed a pair, you know. Next stop was at Petsmart adjacent to TJ. I bought each Princess a fish. I clearly told the birthday celebrant that a fish is her birthday gift from mommy and dada and she was happy with it. Final stop is at Albertson’s.

I bought two cakes at Albertson’s, not the usual birthday cake because it’s expensive, I found two that look sinfully delicious on sale for $4 each, bought an ice cream and headed home. Decorated the cake with toys and a number 5 candle, voila! All set up for her only.

Not forgetting the noodles for long life as we believe in the Philippines, it’s important to have something long for every birthday that represents for “long life”. I cooked spaghetti for the entire family that served as our dinner. That’s it I had prepared for her and she thinks she had an awesome 5th birthday!


 photo P1013979_zps44akhwb2.jpg

 photo P1013988_zpsxm6zpqan.jpg

 photo P1013993_zpsecz8hy1q.jpg