Mommy’s House Rules

Imagine living life without rules to follow in the world? Would you think you can experience peace and order? Our world will be chaotic for sure.

In our household there are a couple rules to follow so that we will live an orderly and manageable home. Without these rules, I don’t think my children will become independent and better individuals if I don’t start training them while they are young. I only want them to be disciplined, pleasant and respectful children so I really feel these need to be imposed accordingly.

They are as follows:

1. No candy or sweets before meals and they are okay with it.
2. Go to the Disney store only to play with toys, no buying anything unless I want to.
3. Hang damp towels after using them.
4. Eat all food that’s in your plate and make them realize other children are crying because of starvation.
5. Bring your empty plates to the sink after finishing the food.
6. No toys on the living room floor. Pick up after yourselves when you’re done playing.
7. No shoes on the carpet.
8. No hitting back of baby sister.
9. Turn off tv and playstation when done.
10. No going out in the front yard if mommy is not watching them and no opening the front door when there’s someone ringing the door bell.
11. Always bring sippy cups to the sink when done with milk (this one seems the toughest job to do for they always leave their sippy cups wherever they feel like.”

These might be too much but they are not hard to do anyway. I just have to be persistent and continue nagging at them if they don’t do what I say. LOL.

Play-Doh Sweets

Here, take a look at our sweets we created out of play-doh last night. It was something me and my girls enjoyed doing together. It was a late night activity for us so we didn’t play longer. Anyway, I am glad I got to spend precious time with my two Princesses last night. We don’t do this often just because we tend to be busy with our electronics during the day.

I am happy to see my girls’ creations. They look almost believable, aren’t they? The right side cupcakes is of J and the center is of M’s. The ice cream with spoon is mine. And we helped together doing the Princess’ dress at the back of the sweets. I should say, it was a short time well spent with my girls. Looking forward to making many more sweets in the future and more play-doh creations!

 photo playdoh_zps8dpooog9.jpg

Gymboree Hi-Low Stripes Dress for $12.99

Okay, so I told myself that there will be no buying of new girls’ dresses for a while for they still got plenty of new dresses with tags hanging in the closet especially the big Princesses but seeing these beautiful dresses seemed like it was hard to say no because they were affordable the time I went to Gymboree in the mall two days ago.

Store promo is everything is $12.99 and under, for a such a pretty dress like that with good quality material, why would I let it slip through my hands? To think that I also had a 20% off entire purchase coupon on hand that day? I got these dresses for $10 plus tax each. Hats were on sale for $6.99 and down to a dollar each but I can probably find something cheaper than that in Old Navy or other stores so I might have to return them if I do.

Too bad though they are out of size ten of this dress, I could have bought one for myself so we will be matching three together. I would be cool!

 photo stripes_zpsieoo1ddw.jpg

Keyboard Replacement Part

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Big Sister the Teacher

My three-year old little Princess M has intelligence that is not typical for three year olds, kudos to her big sister for teaching her everything she knows. At age three, Princess M is already using big words like “defeat, fragile, interesting” and many others. She is also more mature when it comes to doing things that are good for her. She is also able to identify the things that can harm her or make her bleed. Like, she doesn’t want to mess with knives for she knows it will hurt her.

Anyway, I am proud I am raising good and kind of responsible children. Thanks to all my nagging for they are able to learn things by themselves now without me helping them although occasionally I remind them how to do certain things well, in order to achieve good results like brushing teeth. My firstborn brushes her teeth before going to bed every night but I have to check her mouth to ensure all old food is gone.

One night, big sister invited her little sister to the bathroom and both I found were brushing their teeth. She demonstrated to her little sister how to do it and so she followed. I thought it was so cute of them doing the same thing together.

I like it when they get along well, it is such a joy to see our girls are happy and just being sisters. Someday, they will miss each other’s company when they are grown and that’s for sure!

 photo girlsbrush_zpsoml30lto.jpg

Princess M’s Doggie Paws Drawing

Princess M drew this cute “doggie paws” two days ago. This is what she came up with in her mind after draing just simple smileys on papers and on her easel. I really think these are stinking cute of paws.

She is two shy months away from turning 4 years old and this is what she can draw. She also thinks more mature than her age nowadays that it always amaze me and makes me laugh whenever she utters words that a typical almost four years olds say. Ah my Megan is growing so fast.

Good thing though that she still claims she is still a baby, “a big baby” she said. If you could hear her speak and not looking at her face, you wouldn’t think she is only that young because she speaks clearly and sometimes uses big words like “defeat, fragile and interesting”.

There were times when we are not looking at both of our girls, we wouldn’t know who made the noise or speak for thy both sounded the same to think they are three years apart.

 photo pawdrawings_zpswjujz0mm.jpg

Beautiful Fuchsia Dress for her 4th Birthday

I bought this dress yesterday at Macy’s in the mall but she was the one who picked it. I did not argue her judgment because the dress is truly beautiful in actual, its fuchsia and it looks perfect for her complexion. The price is reasonable so I bought it along with her sister’s clothes.

This morning as soon as she got back home from taking her big sister to school, she asked me to put it on her which I wholeheartedly did. She then was so amused of herself, feeling like a Princess, spinning, turning and whatever fun things she did just to make the most of the beautiful dress. She even asked me several times, “mommy, do you like my dress? Do I look pretty, mommy?”

Of course my girl, you are so pretty and undeniably gorgeous! Whether you wear a dressy dress or in your house clothes, messy or clean… my girls are the most beautiful and the cutest in my eyes.

 photo 4thbirthdaydress.jpg1_zps8pqov92f.jpg

Fil-Am Girls Love Filipino Goodies

Not all Filipino-American children eat Filipino food and much more goodies from the Philippines. My girls are exceptional! They eat almost everything, my goodness! What I eat, they eat it too and that’s for sure. My girls are my competition when it comes to eating yummy and delicious Filipino dishes.

Not only that, they also love sweet goodies like polvoron, durian candy bar, fried bananas and etc. Photo embedded below is a proof. When a friend sent me a box full of goodies, I didn’t need to call my children for they invited themselves to the kitchen while I was opening the box. Sure enough, they saw a box of cashew-flavored polvoron, they grabbed the box and told me they want 3 each.

That sweet treat did not last long in our kitchen. We ate all of it in just four days. That’s how they love it so much that they get giddy whenever they see it in our house. Unfortunately, we live far from where Red Ribbon or Goldilocks stores are so we can only taste polvoron when someone send us some or when we come back from our vacation in my home country for I will not leave the country unless I have polvoron in my luggage.

 photo polvo_zpsvlytuia0.jpg

Rectifier Tube

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Yummy is the Snow

March 5,2015 we had a second round of snow. A happiness brought to us by nature because we got to play, made a snowman and just enjoying the beauty it brought us especially the Princesses. They could not contain their heart of the snow so they ate it.

Such a joy watching them happy at the same time appreciating nature. Photo below I captured when they both shared a big ball of snow that the big Princess made that day. For the sake of those who haven’t touched or felt a real snow, it is cold, soft, fluffy sometimes powdery and really feels good to the tongue if you eat it.

A snow is something that brings so much fun and brings out the kids in north Texans including me even if I am 31 years old.

 photo instasnow_zpspozwgsor.jpg