Getting Bigger, Getting Heavier

My first born is now seven years old yet she still ask me to “piggy back ride” on me everyday especially during the mornings waking her up preparing for school and every evening after brushing her teeth from the bathroom going to her bed. I gladly do that, for seven years, I have been carrying her on my back but heck, lately I feel like I can no longer baba her. She is getting bigger and heavier, that’s why!

I told her this morning that I am no longer doing it to her, I don’t know who is she gonna accept that because every time I baba her, she choke me or I feel my hips or back are breaking! I don’t understand why can’t she ask her dada for it? Instead she or both of my girls always come to me for a piggy back ride.

Hire a House Cleaning Service

I have a great life, I am a stay-at-home mom and looking after the welfare of my two children while the husband goes out everyday to bring in some money for us. I wouldn’t want it any other way, I am one lucky wife and mom for I don’t need to go to work everyday and juggle house work and children. I am only focusing on running our household and my family. But I cant’ deny it that at times doing the same house works over and over again can be tiring too. If only I could hire a a housecleaning service but, I don’t think it is right.

For those who don’t have time to clean their own home, please visit the other woman website or link above to get your house cleaned in no time, that way, you can spend your time with some important matters in your life rather than wasting it cleaning your home on your day off.

Don Allread Insurance on Yelp

Before purchasing an insurance of any sort, it is your job to research about the company first and find out the policies they have and what they cover when you actually need to use it. For some, they would take their friends and families’ recommendations, others would rely greatly on other or previous customers’ ratings and reviews. If you have used the the service or are currently with Don Allread, you might want to write a review about them on yelp, visit don allred insurance burlington nc. Thank you!

Our Family Valentine’s Date

Here’s our photos on Valentine’s Day. Unlike other families or couples, they ate out, we didn’t. Instead, we brought our two Princesses to Lowe’s last Saturday for “Build and Grow” Activity. They handed out 2 Valentine picture holder kits and we, the parents, assisted our girls to make it into a beautiful picture hold shown in one of the snaps below.

Our Valentine’s day started with a big hug from my husband with a greeting. I and the girls then gave him a personalized card and two Hershey’s chocolate. When we headed to Lowe’s he gave me his Valentine’s card. Very simple celebration yet I am grateful for we are all together and I have my family near me on that very special occasion of the year. I am thankful for them.

 photo vdate_zps66405aec.jpg

Our Dog is Getting Wrinkly and Older

We have a brown half chihuahua, 1/4 Dachsund, she is 7 years old and as she gets older she gets wrinkly and all gray on the face. Sooner or later, whether we like it or not, she will begin to develop arthritis and other diseases due to aging. I am glad there is an online pharmacy that sells drugs intended for use only, get it here. This is for sure where I am going to search for medications for our little furry baby if the needs arise. Poor dog, she is so sweet yet we can’t stop her from getting old.

Great Gifts for Mothers

I always tell my two daughters that I love them and for that I do everything I can so that they may feel loved, comfortable, well taken care of and most of all, they feel happy. I also tell them that when they grow up, that it will be their turn to give mommy some gifts whenever there’s an occasion… that is when they get a job and have money of their own.

I am on joy jewelers website right now and looking at these beautiful pieces of jewelry for mothers, if you want to see them, click here. While on the site, I can’t help but think, someday one of my daughters will give me one of these beautiful pendants or rings intended for mothers only. I can’t wait for that time to come.

Today’s Hairstyle: Loose Little Waves

This is Princess J’s hairstyle today in school. I took this photo this morning before sending her off to school. At age 7, she loves her hair to be curly and feeling fabulous each time I style her hair like this. She has naturally brown straight hair and wants some change of looks which I definitely can make her wish come true once we visit to the Philippines in June.

Getting her hair done in there is so much cheaper so she still have to wait 5 months for a permanent curly hair. I am excited and so she does. For now, the least I can do is braid her hair all night and just undo it in the morning, spray some hairspray to make the curls last all day. She is happy with what we can achieve with braiding so far. Hopefully, curly hair will be done to give her a complete makeover.

 photo hairstyle_zps1130b7c0.jpg

Words You Say to Your Kids Will Bounce Back at You

“I love you. I always love you because you are pretty and gorgeous.” That’s what Princess M told me a couple of minutes ago while we were in the kitchen. I praised her for drinking water and when she was done, she said those sweet and soul flattering words to me. She was such in a good mood after having an hour and a half nap earlier this evening.

She does tells me those “I love yous” and compliments from time to time and I think I am the luckiest mommy in the whole wide world. You see, the words you say to your kids will bounce back at you. If you say nice things to them, rest assured, good/nice things will come out from their little and innocent mouths too.

It just makes me feel so good inside knowing that my children are sweet and loving. They always remind me that life is beautiful and being a parent to them is indeed wonderful. When I feel so homesick and ask myself the same question over the years, “why am I here? It’s so lonely in America.” I just have to remember, I am here because of my husband and my children. Had I known how lonely it gets  at times here in America, would I come and live here away from my family? Well, I guess yes. I’ve achieved my dream, I am living my dream!

Anyway, I thought of posting these pretty words from my Megan tonight for I know, the older she grows, the lesser she will tell me sweet nothings just like her big sister. She used to be so sweet too, she is still sweet but not as sweet as when she was little. Do I feel lucky and blessed? Of course!

Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Harmonica

Lee Oska’s Major diatonic harmonica is top rated of the customers. It receives 4.5 stars of 137 customers review shown on the link provided here. Well-suited for blues, rock, country, folk, and jazz. They’re more airtight, easier to bend, and better sounding than many harps. Modular design.

Built in Japan to his exacting standards and incorporating new techniques and materials, it was in 1983 that Lee Oskar introduced his new harmonica. The radically different harp design grew out of Lee’s frustration with the lack of quality and consistency in the mouth harps of the day. The design also benefited from Oskar’s insights as a seasoned recording and touring pro.

For $38, you can buy yourself a fine piece of harmonica that you can’t find that same price elsewhere.

Princess M’s Christmas Presents from Her Godmother

Christmas presents Princess M that she got from her Godmother Sheryl are too cute and girly. Thanks to her for not forgetting my little Princess this year. She gave her a pair of Princess pink sleepwear, a set of nail polishes and a little Princess play-doh.

They are so cute that the Princess love them so much and are now enjoying painting her nails and wearing the sleepwear. Not only Sheryl remembers her Godchild but J as well. As always we are appreciative of the blessings that come our way.

 photo meganmuzy_zps52c1d501.jpg