Great Gifts for Mothers

I always tell my two daughters that I love them and for that I do everything I can so that they may feel loved, comfortable, well taken care of and most of all, they feel happy. I also tell them that when they grow up, that it will be their turn to give mommy some gifts whenever there’s an occasion… that is when they get a job and have money of their own.

I am on joy jewelers website right now and looking at these beautiful pieces of jewelry for mothers, if you want to see them, click here. While on the site, I can’t help but think, someday one of my daughters will give me one of these beautiful pendants or rings intended for mothers only. I can’t wait for that time to come.

Today’s Hairstyle: Loose Little Waves

This is Princess J’s hairstyle today in school. I took this photo this morning before sending her off to school. At age 7, she loves her hair to be curly and feeling fabulous each time I style her hair like this. She has naturally brown straight hair and wants some change of looks which I definitely can make her wish come true once we visit to the Philippines in June.

Getting her hair done in there is so much cheaper so she still have to wait 5 months for a permanent curly hair. I am excited and so she does. For now, the least I can do is braid her hair all night and just undo it in the morning, spray some hairspray to make the curls last all day. She is happy with what we can achieve with braiding so far. Hopefully, curly hair will be done to give her a complete makeover.

 photo hairstyle_zps1130b7c0.jpg

Words You Say to Your Kids Will Bounce Back at You

“I love you. I always love you because you are pretty and gorgeous.” That’s what Princess M told me a couple of minutes ago while we were in the kitchen. I praised her for drinking water and when she was done, she said those sweet and soul flattering words to me. She was such in a good mood after having an hour and a half nap earlier this evening.

She does tells me those “I love yous” and compliments from time to time and I think I am the luckiest mommy in the whole wide world. You see, the words you say to your kids will bounce back at you. If you say nice things to them, rest assured, good/nice things will come out from their little and innocent mouths too.

It just makes me feel so good inside knowing that my children are sweet and loving. They always remind me that life is beautiful and being a parent to them is indeed wonderful. When I feel so homesick and ask myself the same question over the years, “why am I here? It’s so lonely in America.” I just have to remember, I am here because of my husband and my children. Had I known how lonely it gets  at times here in America, would I come and live here away from my family? Well, I guess yes. I’ve achieved my dream, I am living my dream!

Anyway, I thought of posting these pretty words from my Megan tonight for I know, the older she grows, the lesser she will tell me sweet nothings just like her big sister. She used to be so sweet too, she is still sweet but not as sweet as when she was little. Do I feel lucky and blessed? Of course!

Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Harmonica

Lee Oska’s Major diatonic harmonica is top rated of the customers. It receives 4.5 stars of 137 customers review shown on the link provided here. Well-suited for blues, rock, country, folk, and jazz. They’re more airtight, easier to bend, and better sounding than many harps. Modular design.

Built in Japan to his exacting standards and incorporating new techniques and materials, it was in 1983 that Lee Oskar introduced his new harmonica. The radically different harp design grew out of Lee’s frustration with the lack of quality and consistency in the mouth harps of the day. The design also benefited from Oskar’s insights as a seasoned recording and touring pro.

For $38, you can buy yourself a fine piece of harmonica that you can’t find that same price elsewhere.

Princess M’s Christmas Presents from Her Godmother

Christmas presents Princess M that she got from her Godmother Sheryl are too cute and girly. Thanks to her for not forgetting my little Princess this year. She gave her a pair of Princess pink sleepwear, a set of nail polishes and a little Princess play-doh.

They are so cute that the Princess love them so much and are now enjoying painting her nails and wearing the sleepwear. Not only Sheryl remembers her Godchild but J as well. As always we are appreciative of the blessings that come our way.

 photo meganmuzy_zps52c1d501.jpg

That Pretty Red Coat I so Wanted to Buy at Macy’s is in My Hands Now!

I know a pretty coat that will look good for my girls when I see one. Last Black Friday sale at Macy’s I saw this classy fleece red hooded coat for my first born. I fell in love with it but couldn’t buy it at that time for I thought it was too much to be paying for. I spent quite sometime in children’s coat department and couldn’t take my eyes off it. In that end, I walked away from there empty-handed. I went home and couldn’t get over how beautiful that red coat is.

Days have passed, I moved on and bought a trench hooded coat at Gymboree online. It was half off plus free shipping, I loved it but it pained me I wasn’t able to use my 20% off coupon and $5 certificate I earned, I paid $25 plus tax for that coat but had returned it. I was thinking, it wouldn’t worth keeping if I am feeling dissatisfied with it. So anyway, I returned it to the store yesterday.

I went to Macy’s afterwards and visited the children’s department area again where that red coat is. Voila! There are still plenty of coats are still available including the one I fell in love with last Black Friday. I scanned the item and rang up $30, last time I scanned it, it was $36 more. I thought $30 was still high for a coat but I had a store coupon of $20 on $50 worth of items. I used it and bought two other items for my first born.

Guess what? I made the coat to come down to $18! I am the happiest shopper ever. Total of three items after $20 off is $32.89 including tax. That isn’t bad knowing that I took home three items with that price.

I am glad I waited for Macy’s ONE DAY SALE instead of buying the coat last Black Friday. Otherwise, I might have returned it.

That red coat that I so wanted to buy is in my hands now. Photo doesn’t look pretty but it is in actual. It is deep red with hoodie. It feels warm, soft and comfortable on the skin. My first born prefers wearing long coats rather than those puffers for it keeps her warm down to her mid thighs.

 photo redcoat_zpse154efa0.jpg

Performance Enhancing and Confidence Boosting

Lucky are those who were born with singing talent. I view them as blessed for I am not. I love singing along with songs but the music don’t like me, oh so out of tune haha. Anyway, if you or you know anyone who sings very well, this tc helion voicelive is a perfect gift for them. Not only it is for a seasoned professional singer, or if you’re just at the start of your career, the VoiceLive Play from TC Helicon will deliver impacting results that will not only enhance your performance, it will boost your confidence level too. With a host of professional features like harmony and pitch correction, sing along, and a very useful practice mode, the VoiceLive Play will have you sounding your best in no time. The unit is compact in size compared to the other VoiceLive units, but it still packs the same power and professional results. Please check it out and buy one for $300.

Black Friday Shopping at Gymboree

I wasn’t planning of going to the mall today because I didn’t want to go through the hassle of bumping into the crowd, as expected, the parking lot was packed and yes, people were flooding in the mall. We finished early from a store just outside our village and I still had time to maybe take advantage of Black Friday deals before 2 pm ended so I went there anyway and brought with me that MK watch I bought online that didn’t like to return it. In tow with me were my girls of course.

Anyway, at the mall, although sales were left and right, I only spent maybe $20 including our food at the food court. I believe I got deals at Gymboree. 4 pieces of merchandise that only total at $14.26 including tax. They had 50% entire store promo and an additional 20% off coupon on hand that made it down to that amount. I was looking for that Khaki trench coat at their store but it isn’t available there so when I got home, I got to their online store and purchase a beautiful Large size hoodied trench coat for Princess J. Got it for 50% off at $25 tax included  plus free shipping and 1% cash back on ebates.

You might wonder why these clothes are all for the big Princess. I know it is a bit unfair for the little Princess for I don’t normally buy her new clothes since she can wear all her big sister’s outgrown clothes. In my mind, it wouldn’t be practical buying the little new clothes so often and nobody would wear them once they get too small for her.

 photo gymboree_zps2643d5bb.jpg
… I learned my lesson to just buy a trench coat for her so she won’t feel too cold compared to buying her just the usual puffer coat that won’t cover much of her body. Trench coats not only they are practical but also stylish and fashionable, do you agree?

 photo trench_zpsa2e2a085.png

Filipino-American Girl 2014

Meet our FIL-AM delight 2014, her name is Lady Morgana and is mommy, dada and big sister’s little baby. This was taken last November 16,2014 posing for mommy after she had touched and felt the snow outside. I asked her to smile for me to show her happy face and this is what she did for me.

I love my FIL-AM baby and her sister, they are a perfect combination of Filipino and American offsprings. Just the right mixture of two people from different races combined into one. She looks like a model in this shot, isn’t she? It’s mommy’s wish that she’d get into modeling or acting someday in the Philippines.

How about you? Do you have a child/ren from different mixes? You are welcome to share your photos in the comment section below.

 photo Americanbaby_zpsa51a45a4.jpg

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