Fishing with Uncle Mike

So here’s the very first activities we did the day after we arrived at Mike’s ranch. First, we had to go into the wooded part of his property to get some bamboos to make them into our fishing poles. Going into the woods was quite a challenge for us especially for the girls for there lots of thorny vines all over the place, dead twigs, muddy paddles and a chance of stepping into a snake!

But with Mike’s guidance and navigation, we were able to get what we wanted to get that day. Then, we headed back to his house and cleaned the bamboos, smooth it and get it ready for fishing by tying a line on the tip and used paperclips for the moment.

After setting up the fishing poles, we head out back to the bigger creek and began what had to be the longest wait for the fish to eat the bait, we used cheese at that time for Mike couldn’t find any earth worms at all.

Of course, the second day, he had to make it right and bought us the proper line which is the nylon, a crappie bait and a fishing hook.

Nothing beats the country life, it takes us outdoors and made us admire the beauty of nature all the more.


 photo P1012874_zpspvldjhzk.jpg

 photo P1012875_zpslu8zulmd.jpg

 photo P1012879_zpsywwucozh.jpg

The Two Princesses’ First Country Life Experience

We spent 4 nights and 4 days at a ranch owned by our friend, Mike in Avery, east of Texas. I am glad we were able to get away from the house for a short period of time and took advantage of the Spring break. Also, I did not have to attend to the old lady across the street so everything fell into places and we were able to have a good time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The two Princesses had their first country life experience and they did not just like it there, they LOVED it. In fact, during those days we stayed at the ranch, none of them or any of my family talked about going home too soon. If I did not tell my husband to go home after 4 days, I don’t think he would go back any moment but we have obligations at home so we must.

The last moment of our stay at Mike’s, the girls did not or were not ready to leave and wanted to stay a couple more days. Even after we got home, they seemed to have not overcome the country experience. They were having a blast, truly. Because there are so many things to do out there that kept them occupied and be active. Two creeks that we can go fishing, an open and wide field to run, chase/play with dogs, early morning dirt road hike and so many other things.

There will be many country life postings next time. So keep coming back!

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 photo P1012815_zpsrq67xcl3.jpg

Byrdland Guitar

Anyone who plays the guitar knows or sees a true beauty of the guitar when they see one like the byrdland. It is released in 1955 after consultation with first-call Nashville session musicians Billy Byrd and Hank Garland. If you can just take a minute and click on the link, you would see two featured products of this type of guitar and their corresponding whooping price of a little less than 10K USD.

Little M Got a Haircut for the First Time since Birth

2/28/2016 I cut the little Princess’ hair! I had to do the decision of chopping it off because she has a fine hair which gets tangled pretty easy and difficult to brush or comb. It was her first time to have a haircut since she was born. Well, admittedly, she has had a trim a few months ago but I did not chop off much of her hair so I did not consider that a hair cut.

My little girl agreed to me when I asked her if I could cut her hair, she said yes she wanted a shorter hair so the job must be done to give myself a break from doing the tangled hair all the time. The hair that I paid for 800 pesos to have it curled is gone. Photo below is how it looks now. Neat, short and easy to manage. I do not regret, it’s for the sake for both of us. She still looks very pretty though!

I did the cutting myself for I don’t my husband to be spending $30 plus tip to cut her thin hair, it’s a pretty easy thing to do and it would be such a waste of money if he’d bring her to the shop. There, I saved my husband 30 bucks!

 photo P1012625_zpsktjncopf.jpg

The Princesses’ First Day of Dance Lesson

Feb. 6 which was yesterday was the very first day my Princesses had their dance lesson. Princess M have been telling me how she wanted to go to a dance school and she said that with excitement and enthusiasm. Her wish was granted and I could tell she loved it. She followed the teacher gracefully with all smiles from ear to ear.

The big Princess told me that she does not want to dance yet I registered her anyway. I would not take no for an answer, it’s because this is to keep her active and away from the tablet even just for two hours every Saturday. After the little one’s session, bigger girls in her age group followed so sending them their both is a convenience for us.

I am just glad we found this lesson nearby at a fraction of the cost compared to The Little Gym. I inquired before and each child costs a whooping over $200 for one semester. Whereas at Greenbriar recreation center, I only paid $90 for both including their membership for one year. Ain’t that a deal? It is a government funded program that is why it is so affordable! Hopefully, they will continue to attend their dance lessons and learn to love dancing especially Princess M.

Here’s a snap of the little Princess in their first lesson. I wasn’t able to take picture of the big Princess for I had to go home and take care of some matters.

 photo firstdaydance_zpsy1xt3vqi.jpg

Premier Drums

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If you happen to stumble upon this blog today and are looking for premier drums, you check out this awesome music store by simply clicking on the link provided above. You can also browse for tons of other musical instruments, accessories, used and new gear and a whole lot more!

Christmas Day 2015

Very late upload, I apologize for it. I have been lazy updating my blogs and besides, I have been busy attending parties, doing my motherly obligations, running a house and assisting our neighbor. Anyway, here are a few wonderful pictures of our Princesses on Christmas Day.

Like what we usually do on Jesus’ birthday, we all stay at home, even the dada made an effort to be with his family rather than go out working even if it means giving up his double pay in the past Christmases. Christmas morning, as soon as our children wake up, or whoever wakes up first would wait for the whole family to be up before the most-anticipated opening of gifts could take place. And here they are, the amazing and priceless facial expressions when they opened a present they really like ecstatic every time they like what they see… it is something I cannot forget and will treasure for the rest of our lives.

Although we did not give them everything in their wishlist but they are happy what they opened on Christmas day.  There are a few more toys and lots of clothing but not included in the picture.  I hope they realize that they are blessed and that they will learn to be happy and satisfied of what Santa gave them.

Princess M got a microphone disco ball because she likes to sing.
 photo P1012244_zpsbjtgtwvo.jpg

and a pink tablet from dada…

 photo P1012290_zpsoudzkfqs.jpg

and she received a Holiday doll from tita Claire, Kaegan’s mommy in Midland, TX
 photo P1012260_zps3to5mixb.jpg

big Princess got a new purple tablet too, it is a replacement of the broken one she had in the past. Dada completed it with a purple carrying case and a typepad and a protective case.
 photo P1012301_zpsquqe21lx.jpg

she also got an inline skates
 photo P1012329_zps3z4ibl61.jpg

Story Time Night With Santa

December 4,2015 was one of the best nights my Princesses ever experienced in their life, according to them. We attended a Pajama Party that night and we did not expect that Santa would be joining us later that night. Princess M was the first one to see Santa appeared in the door and oh man, she was just mesmerized by him and stayed with Santa’s side and on his lap the entire time he was there.

Both adults and children had a really great time. Of course, it’s so fun to be around with other Filipinas and some whites and share the feast together that the host was serving. The party wasn’t only for adults. I admired how the hosts came up with an idea of crafts for the kids as well.

At first Princess J felt bored and she literally expressed that to me but then as the night went on, she learned to appreciate and joined the kids’ activities they had for the children. I will not forget our first Pajama Party ever! It was the best party for the entire family. Everybody had fun and enjoyed the night!

… Kids were attentive and listening to the story closely which was heaven for me… it’s not everyday we gather like this, be quiet and just listen.
 photo story telling_zpsvqytiirj.jpg

… the kids in the craft room making a “scentsy” made with orange and cloves. They do it by poking holes into the orange and insert the cloves into it, the orange then slowly releases its juice mixed with the smell of the cloves that makes an amazing natural room freshener.

 photo kidcraft_zpsmpmjyqd3.jpg

Drums Can Make Great Gifts

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My Children’s Interesting Play-doh Creations

My Princesses are 7 and 4 years old yet they think and talk like mature people, it is because we did not baby talk them when they were babies. We talk them like we normally would to older people and that’s why, at their tender ages, they can carry a conversation with you!

Not only that, they also have really creative thinking. When they are bored, like the firstborn, she would just leave the tv room and go to the study to draw or create something interesting like forming a figure out of play-doh. Below photos are creations of our Princesses.

The first one is of the big sister, it looks like a giant to me with big popping hair or head. She had made a lot of figures in the past and I for me, they were all cool to me for I myself, could not do it nor think of any figure to create.

The second one, the pink play-doh is of the little one. She created it the other day and she called me to the tv room to look at something cool and beautiful. And when I did, that is what she showed me.

I was amazed because I find it beautiful, one-of-a-kind, super creative thinking of hers that she got to make this “chain-hair play-doh”. Where did she got that idea from? I don’t even know. All I know is that it amazes me!

Play-dohs truly are a must have in every child’s life, it helps to invigorate their mind, enhances their creativity and most of all, helps develop their motor skill in the hand.

 photo greenplaydoh_zpsiiddhcjn.jpg

… Princess M’s chain-hair play-doh and it’s pink because pink is her fave color
 photo pinkplaydoh_zpspt2nyzd0.jpg