Princess M Wants to take a Dance Lesson

Princess M is now over 3 years old and the older she grows the more enthusiastic she wants to become a dancer, a ballerina dancer to be exact. She is only that young yet she already knows what she wants. I told my husband that I am sending her to a dance school but have to bug him again about that. Hopefully, I’ll be able to send our little Princess before Fall ends. From being a ballerina to a ballroom dancer is what I hope for her to be.

If you have an aspiring ballroom dancer, you may check out ballroom dance lessons from here and hope you find this site to be helpful.

Something is Going On

If you are a parent/s, you would know that when your child/ren get very quiet, something is going on. You better check right away what they are up to before anything bad or messy can happen. True enough when I was in the study one day doing the paper works for my dual citizenship when my 3-year old Princess left the room where I was and suddenly the world got so peaceful and quiet.

When I checked on her, she was already entertaining herself with the tiny toys I put up in her sister’s drawer. Look at the photo below. That’s the position I found her one day. Ain’t that scary? Children are free spirit and are not thinking that they could get hurt doing things like that.

This wasn’t the first time I caught her in the drawer, playing comfortably… she attempted three times climbing up to the same spot during that day.

For them, life is easy! Ah kids!

 photo drawer_zps80c08712.jpg

Time Out and Officially Potty Trained

What prompted Princess M to suddenly decide not to wear diapers anymore is probably because of the two time outs I have done to her 2 days ago. I was just so upset and disappointed with her kept peeing and pooping in diaper which is not fun to do anymore. In order for her to know that I am not willing to change dirty diapers, I put her to time out which is shown below. This was the second time in one day she sat in that little congested corner there.

Aside from time outs, she was challenged by her big sister who of course just wears undies! If she goes to bed tonight and not wearing a diaper, it will be her third night completely off diaper. What amazes me is that, two nights no bedwetting, wew! That’s a record-breaking milestone she has done! I hope I am not speaking too soon, otherwise masuhong, haha!

Anyway, I am just happy and proud of her achievement. Potty training a child is one of the biggest jobs parents will ever go through because, if the child don’t cooperate and not willing to do it, then there’s little parents can do with it, just my opinion.

At exactly 3 years and 17 days, our little Princess is OFFICIALLY POTTY TRAINED! At three days, she’s been wearing undies and does her business in the toilet!

 photo timeout_zps7e3daeeb.jpg

School Lunch Prepared by Mommy

I, as a mother is willing to go through all the trouble of waking up early everyday just so I can make my schoolgirl lunch for school and to prepare her that she is clean and well-dressed when coming to school. It is my duty and obligation to look after my children because I believe, that’s what mommies are for.

I know school provide lunch for the children but it is different when I’ll be the one to prepare my girl’s food to ensure what she is eating is healthy and clean. Also, I would know how much my child ate by checking her lunch box in the afternoon.

Here is a sample of food that I pack for her, of course everyday is different, otherwise she’ll get tired of the same food over and over again.

Below is a pack of fruit drink, a piece of potato roll with cheese inside, main dish- sauteed garlic shrimp and a side of blanched broccoli. I also put a bottle of water in her backpack in case she gets thirsty in the afternoon. Some days, she’d eat all of her food, other days, ate a little or half of it. But she is a child and can’t be forced to eat all her food.

 photo snacks_zps4106b15a.jpg

Music Online Store

I miss listening music in my ipod really loud with the use of a speaker. I used to do that to calm and ease my day for I got tons of soothing and relaxing music in my ipod. Music soothes my soul you know but I can no longer use my speaker for it just suddenly stopped working one day. It would have been nice if I get to listen to my preferred music everyday in our house. My husband checked what’s wrong with it and he couldn’t seem to see or figure out what’s wrong. I am looking on the internet for a possible speaker replacement at guitar center while they run a Labor Day sale. A discounted new speaker will be great, hopefully I can find the lowest price possible and buy it.

Who Needs Toys? I Have a Box!

This is Princess M when she was two years old, approaching 3. She was so fond of new boxes that are used by companies when sending my orders at home. If this is the case, who needs toys by the way, when there is a cute little box that could entertain her or her sister for at least two days?

 photo boxtoy_zps0c7b4d0b.jpg

I just thought she looked so cute in this box and she stayed there for a good couple of minutes playing with her sister. I am glad I was able to capture a pic or three of her crowding herself in such a little box that brought her giggles and laughter at that moment.

Ways How to Treat Common Household Pests

Ants, spiders and silverfish are common household pests that plague many homeowners. However, there are ways to deal with them without harming your family or your pets. What are your options for dealing with the creepy-crawlies you want gone as soon as possible?

1) Get Rid of All Possible Food Sources

If food is left out for too long, it could attract fruit flies in huge numbers. When sugar is spilled on the floor, it could attract a colony of ants or other insects that love sugar. By removing the rotted food or sweeping up the source of the sugar, the insects should leave on their own. It is also a good idea to take out the trash and put food scraps through a garbage disposal every night. 

2) Use Traps With Bait

Ant traps will attract the ants by emitting a chemical that they cannot resist. However, that chemical will not hurt anyone else or any other creature in the house. For a mouse or rat problem, baiting a trap with peanut butter is a good way to attract them. While it is assumed that mice like cheese, that has more basis in urban legend than it does in fact. 

3) Spray Selected Targets With Natural Substances

Getting rid of termites or cockroaches can be as easy as spraying an orange substance in selected vents around the house. This selective spraying technique may be able to quell the infestation on its own, so it is worth trying before using more lethal chemicals over a wide area of the home. 

If you have been treating common household pests like house guests, you have a way to evict them for good. There are easy and safe ways to get rid of them without harming your kids or pets. By removing food sources and spraying in small areas, you can reclaim your home without having to take drastic action.

Birthday Photos Part 2

As promised, here are a few photos we had at Chuck E. Cheese’s during Baby Princess’ birthday last July 19. Both of the Princesses had a blast with all the rides they tried and the constant running and playing with other kids at the play area.

I asked the birthday celebrant what was her favorite ride on that day and she told me, the monster truck which can be seen in the middle of collage below. I can tell the big Princess’ fave ride was the bump car!

You know kids, they are easy to please and they don’t ask for much but bring them to a fun place. I could see the sincere laughter and happy hearts they both had on that day. Guess, Chuck E. Cheese’s will be a birthday destination for them from that day on until maybe they are old enough to find a new place to spend birthdays with us!

Love my kiddos, they are one of the precious gifts God has given to me to care for and love with.

 photo funrides_zps0e1c61b8.jpg

Baby Princess Turned 3 Years Old

Late posting of the birthday celebration snaps of our Baby Princess because I got too lazy blogging about it. We captured plenty of photos during that day to ensure we got plenty to remember someday. As usual, birthday celebration in this household is simple. I just dressed them up, the celebrant wore her favorite Princess Belle costume, sung her a birthday song, blew the candle, tasted our homemade cake and then off we went to Chuck E. Cheese’s for some fun rides. Photos of the rides will follow later.

Birthdays are special occasions need to be remembered so that they’ll grow up reminiscing each year they grow older. My Princesses associate birthdays as the time to blow candles, presents and have fun. We, the parents, try to make it simple yet memorable. We no longer give them plenty of toys as they already have enough. What we can do is to at least make an effort to remind them how special they are on their natal day and everyday so they may pass this tradition to their offspring someday in the future.

 photo Megans3rdbday001_zps82aea881.jpg
…. there’s not much on the table on that day, just our homemade birthday cake and a few pieces of beautiful dresses for both of them.

 photo Megans3rdbday007_zps1e85886c.jpg
…. blowing of candles is the fun part at home, big sister blew the candle faster than her sister could…

 photo Megans3rdbday012_zps3806458d.jpg

…… time to taste the cake, eat the icing and play with the toys…

 photo chuck_zps00b48315.jpg

… the birthday celebrant had a chance to pose with Chuck E. Cheese… I think that made her day and I am glad we brought her and her sister in that fun place to just be kids!

Natal Day Shots of Baby Princess

Thanks to digital cameras and smartphones for they come in handy at all times to capture the moments that will not happen again in our life. As a mother, it is her job to raise, take care and love her children. It is also her big job to record and capture every milestone her babies do.

I am just glad my children were born in a modern era, because of that, I am able to take snaps of my girls and myself having a bulging belly while they were still in my womb up to this date. Take a look at the age progression photos I took during her first until her third birthday. You can see how much she’d grown and becoming more and more beautiful each year.

Having her makes me very proud because I did not really expect to give birth to such a very beautiful baby like Princess M. Pardon me, I am just one proud mommah here.

 photo 123m_zps228527b3.jpg