Kids’ Sleepover for the First Time

My Princesses’ wish came true when we finally were able to have a two-night sleepover at Abigail’s/Abrielle’s house last June 13-15 . It was the moment they have been waiting for so long, thanks to Briley and Hicks sisters for inviting us over. I thought it was a perfect time to have a sleepover since there’s no more school and we didn’t have to hurry back home.

I am just glad my husband allowed us to do it. We were like being on a short vacation, a nice break from staying inside the house, haha. Anyway, the kids and I had a blast. We took them to the complex’s pool on the first afternoon, let them play as much as they can and took them to the water park nearby on the second day.

After the water fun, we went home and had a semi-boodle fight. We grilled some milkfish and pork bbq. We shared feast together with at least 5 filipinas in total including myself.

That was what I needed to ease my homesickness a bit. A real interaction with humans and with fellow Filipinas. So long I have not done that and it just felt so good! I hope there’ll be more gatherings like that in the weeks to come so I won’t get bored.

 photo sleepover_zps8563985e.jpg

Fell Asleep While Eating Cantaloupe

This was yesterday afternoon, Sunday, June 8,2014. She played all day long with her big sister and didn’t take a nap until 7 pm. Earlier, she asked me for a cantaloupe and gave her some. Before she could even finish the slices I gave her, there she went to the dreamland. She was probably too tired and sleepy to do anything. I remember, an hour before that she was already complaining that she was very sleepy yet continued to play and do baby thing.

This is what happens when you try fighting your sleepiness. She slept from 7pm through the night. Woke up at 8:30 in the morning happy and refreshed! I did not expect her to sleep for long hours, I really thought that she’d wake up after an hour or two of napping but guess, I was wrong!

 photo tulog_zps1d8eb4a0.jpg

A Dream Playground in the Backyard

One of my girls’ dreams is to have their own playground in our backyard. Whenever we pass by a swing set for sale anywhere, they’d tell me that they want them in our backyard too. How I wish it is that easy to buy the set without a man’s strength to build it.

I am eyeing on this custom swing sets in richmond right now and they make me so jealous that I so want to buy a set right there and then. Custom swing sets are awesome for you get to choose many swings you would want and how big they are going to be in order to fit in the space you have in the backyard. It would be heaven for my girls if their dada will buy them the set.

Girl’s Summer Flip Flops Under $1

If you are heading to the mall today, don’t forget to stop by at The Children’s Place and grab your girls a pair or two of these attractive printed summer flip flops for under $1. They are on sale for $1.99, the solid colors for $1 but with the use of a code: 138, you can get it down to $1.69 for printed and just 89 cents for solids. Solid flops while supplies last, so you must hurry!

There is also another thing that I did not plan of buying but when my 6-year old Princess saw it at the store, she couldn’t stop bugging me to buy it for her, the sunglasses case with handle that makes it a little purse to carry everywhere. It is 50% off store price plus the 15% off which makes it down to $2.95. Such a little thing that gives big joy to her heart that she showered me with “I love yous” until now.

 photo melonflops_zpsd0801456.jpg

I Received My First Mother’s Day Card from My Child

Tuesday, May 6,2014… the very day I received my “first” handmade Mother’s Day card from my firstborn. I came to pick her up in school and as soon as she got out the school she hurriedly ran to me like she always does but that day, she handed me her card, she made it especially for me.

It was the most amazing feeling I ever experienced. I felt special, I felt loved and important. It sure does pay off to have a loving, sweet and thoughtful child like my firstborn.

I cannot forget that day, she made me feel like she values me as her mother. Thank you so much, anak. You touched my soul and my heart.

 photo md_zpseef9262a.jpg
…. seeing this card makes me the most special person on Earth. I love the beautiful and colorful graphics she drew in it. All solely come from her mind.
 photo md1_zps2ab7e20e.jpg

Princesses’ Puzzle Time with Mommy

We have this Hello Kitty 300-puzzle that we are working on. We are slowly putting the puzzle pieces together with my two Princesses. We are not in a hurry, we are just taking our time and enjoying our time together as a family. When we feel bored, one of the girls would call me and do the puzzle. It is fun at the same time it’s therapeutic for their brains.

We are not halfway of the work but I know eventually we are going to do the entire thing, we plan of putting it in a frame once done and hang it to our girls’ bedroom wall. We so look forward to that day at the same time, I don’t want this to finish too soon. It is fun, they love it and truly creates family bonding at no cost.

Thanks to my friend who gave this to my first born two years ago as a gift.

 photo puzzle_zps16e76be4.jpg

Princess Belle Disney Costume for Her Third Birthday

I am so happy to have been given a second opportunity to receive a free Disney costume in exchange for a review by CostumeSuperCenter. The first one was two years ago which is a Rainbow Princess costume and until now, it still in good condition.

As usual, it is with pleasure to give my honest review of the costume I received from them. Firstly, as soon as I opened the box after it arrived, Princess M happily took out the costume straight from the box and she was joyful. She loved the dress in an instant and wore it. She thinks she is a Princess and that she deserves a beautiful Princess dress.

I love how Girl’s Belle Sparkle Deluxe Costume look on her. I ordered XSmall size to give her more time to wear this dress before she could outgrow it. I trust the quality of the costume to be made with quality materials and that it should last forever, just like the other one mentioned above.

Now that I have this dress, I don’t have to think about buying a costume dress for my soon to be 3-year old toddler. She already got the most beautiful dress she could wear on her natal day, I must say, the dress arrived just in time for her birthday which will be in July.

Photos below are of my little Princess Belle taken this morning. As you can see, she is proud being a Princess wearing a fancy dress in such a beautiful Texas temperature.

 photo bellejpg1_zps7ef4badd.jpg

 photo belle_zpsee9519f3.jpg

I love that the costume came with character cameo, matching headband and a petticoat for it makes the dress look poofy. Without it, the costume would look like any other ordinary dress and won’t be appreciated by my little girl. The petticoat itself is made with tulle and organdy.
 photo ds_zps995416e7.jpg

Pretty Easter Dresses for my Gorgeous Princesses

I wasn’t planning of buying new dresses for my Princesses but deals on are hard to say no especially if you see dresses that are so cute and colorful. For $15 each, you can’t go wrong with that price plus they sent me $10 worth of surprise points to use for clothing over $25 online or in-store.

I saved my time from driving to the store and picking dresses, instead, I shopped online and chose the free pick up in store once they are delivered to my nearest store. Not only that, I get 3% e-bate from shopping online. The deal was very good so I went ahead and bought three dresses, two of which are of my first born and one for the baby. Total for three is $30 something including tax after combined points, store sale and coupon code upon checkout.

There are tons of Easter dresses to choose from online and I was kind of confused what to choose, if only I had all the money in the world, I could have bought them all for they are really really cute and pretty. Embedded below are the three dresses I picked for my girls, the halter top sundress, Duchess girl’s sundress floral print for the little Princess and plaid halter floral dress again for the big Princess.

I am pretty sure they will be giggling and happy once they get to wear these dresses that mommy specially picked for them.

 photo 7e05793f-4ff3-4ec7-93db-ffdff407a6a9_zpsc0f06ddc.png

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One Early Spring

When I took this photo, I did not think that it could come out this beautiful-looking of my husband and Princess M. I just kept pressing the button of my smart phone until I got the right snap of them together doing the yard on March 22, 2014.

Turned out to be that the black and white effect on instagram could create this precious photo that my Princess could see someday. My only hope is I could keep this blog of mine for it is full of precious memories of them both that cannot be turned back. Memories that are so good worth keeping!

I love love this photo. This is my favorite of all. I wish I used my digital camera for this one so it will still be good and doesn’t look pixelated when blown up to hang on our wall.

 photo sekong_zps7b5e7f9c.jpg