Princess J Joined the Gifted/Talented Pool Program

Yesterday I attended a meeting right after school, this was to let us know what our kids do during their 90-minute class with Mr. Slater every Thursday. This program is dedicated to allow selected students to participate in lessons and activities that are designed to nurture and build potential they have demonstrated. Gifted/Talented Pool Program is not an accelerated program. It is is an enrichment/thinking skills program.

I can’t help but be proud of my daughter, we know she is smart and ahead with most of the students in her class and I am glad the teacher sees that, she nominated our girl to join this program. Take note, there are only two of them from her class that get pulled out every Thursday to attend this class.

J has been telling us about how this specific class is so fun and that his favorite teacher is Mr. Slater, the teacher in charge. I was curious and am glad I finally got to meet him yesterday at the meeting and made known to the teacher how my girl likes the program.

At the meeting we were informed what they have done so far, what are they gonna be doing for the rest of the year and showed us a bit of their project. It was nice to have attended the meeting.

Halloween 2014

Here are just a few snaps of my girls’ Halloween this year. I believe this year was more fun than last year. Firstly, because Princess J saw her “favorite” at EV City hall during the festival. Just 5 days ago she told me that she missed Albert and there they were, they saw each other. She was happy, of course.

Secondly, her close friend in school got to join us for a firetruck ride and went to trick or treating later in our neighborhood. It was the first time she’d done it with a friend and her little sister. You see, it’s always fun when there are so many of them walking around the neighborhood going houses to houses for candies.

Looking forward to next year’s Halloween. I already bought my little Princess’ her costume for next year, she will be little Dorothy while the big Princess will be the Genie. This year’s costumes are, the Witch and little squeaky mouse.

 photo halloween2014_zps357c77c6.jpg

Bekoru Car Seat Back Protectors

Kids are kids, no matter what you tell them to not do this and that, they’d only listen for a while and then back to doing things again that you don’t want. Whenever we get in the car, our two Princesses will do things just so they can entertain themselves by kicking the car’s back seat. It annoys me, not only because it is noisy but also they leave shoe prints on them. Thankfully, there is a company that invented Bekoru travel kick mats. For the price of $24.99, you will get two mats per pack plus free shipping if you are a PRIME member.

With these kick mats, rest assured, they will keep our car seat back protected from dust and or mud from our children’s shoes. They are easy to fit in the car’s seat with adjustable straps for easy fitting and removal. It didn’t take me long to put these mats to use. And they will are easy to clean, just wipe the dirt off then they are clean again. I wished I knew this product before.

 photo berko_zpsb036f6aa.jpg

Fun at Mainstay Farm

Our entire family celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary twice last weekend. Saturday, our feet brought us to Mainstay Farm, about 19 minutes away from our home located in Bethesda, Tx. It was our first time to have visited the farm, my firstborn’s second time for they had a field trip there last year with her kindergarten class.

I am glad we found this farm nearby. Not only it is accessible to us but also it is a great fun place to bring the entire family to have fun, enjoy the outdoors, get real physical activity that every child needs. They have all kinds of activities there like, pumpkin paintings, dug in the sand area, hay play, swing, slides, Mainstay speedway suitable for all ages, they also have a a bike track for little children, zip lines, hay ride, train ride, foods and drinks are available for purchase and a whole lot more.

Our two Princesses really had a blast that day, Saturday, October 18,2014 although they were already tired and insisting on staying so they can play some more. I took tons of photos but of course, I won’t bore you with all of these so I am just sharing a few to you all.

Mainstay Farm is a place where we can go back each year for fun. Hopefully it won’t be too hot next year when we come back!

 photo farmcollage_zps481213bb.jpg

Handy Sony Digital Recorder

One of the many uses of Sony digital recorder is to have a solid evidence or proof when the need arises. This cute little thing I am looking at right now is also best used gadget for every professional application that includes live sound, house of worship, theatrical and most of all, broadcast journalism.

If you are looking for one or in need of one, I would recommend you should look at this palm-sized, professional recorder with full-sized performance. Please click on the link and shop now. Sony PCM-M10 Portable Digital Recorder the smallest addition to Sony’s family of portable audio recorders: the PCM-M10 portable recorder is a palm-sized compact recording unit designed to be the perfect musician’s tool for composing music, recording voice, instruments, practice sessions, and performances—even for use as a personal music player.

Recent Shots of the Princesses

Curious what the Princesses have been up to? Well, the same old usual routine, the big Princess is going to school everyday, mommy and the little one take and pick her up there. But before we go home every afternoon, we make sure we drop by the school playground and play for ten minutes. That somehow make them exercise and content.

At night, it’s either they play some more or sit down eat dinner, watch t.v, take a nightly shower, play a bit more and go to bed. Same goes the next day after that.

On weekends, they have all the time to play indoor and outdoors. Or get to let their imagination wander by doing some painting. We have not gotten out to have fun lately except doing grocery shopping, huh… how fun is that? Anyway, we are still pretty much alive and kicking…

 photo girlsoct_zpsca36b79d.jpg

Me and My Dollie

I feel blessed and the luckiest on earth for having two girls instead of two boys. No offense to those who have boys though. It is because, with girls, I can dress them up with matching attire and buy them the cutest trendy and most fashionable stuff available.

Aside from that, I will have girls that will share the same interests as me, shopping for clothes, beauty products and perfumes. Also, in some occasions, we can wear the same outfit together like the one pictured below. This isn’t the first time I dressed like my girls.

I garnered at least 77 photo likes on Facebook for this one. Maybe a lot of them finds this shot cute. This was taken during my dual citizenship last weekend and it just happened I found a dress just like mine that fits for my little Princess. With no hesitations I picked it up and paid for I knew I can find an occasion or event where we can dress up the same together.

 photo samedress_zps14f88074.jpg

Princess M Wants to take a Dance Lesson

Princess M is now over 3 years old and the older she grows the more enthusiastic she wants to become a dancer, a ballerina dancer to be exact. She is only that young yet she already knows what she wants. I told my husband that I am sending her to a dance school but have to bug him again about that. Hopefully, I’ll be able to send our little Princess before Fall ends. From being a ballerina to a ballroom dancer is what I hope for her to be.

If you have an aspiring ballroom dancer, you may check out ballroom dance lessons from here and hope you find this site to be helpful.

Something is Going On

If you are a parent/s, you would know that when your child/ren get very quiet, something is going on. You better check right away what they are up to before anything bad or messy can happen. True enough when I was in the study one day doing the paper works for my dual citizenship when my 3-year old Princess left the room where I was and suddenly the world got so peaceful and quiet.

When I checked on her, she was already entertaining herself with the tiny toys I put up in her sister’s drawer. Look at the photo below. That’s the position I found her one day. Ain’t that scary? Children are free spirit and are not thinking that they could get hurt doing things like that.

This wasn’t the first time I caught her in the drawer, playing comfortably… she attempted three times climbing up to the same spot during that day.

For them, life is easy! Ah kids!

 photo drawer_zps80c08712.jpg

Time Out and Officially Potty Trained

What prompted Princess M to suddenly decide not to wear diapers anymore is probably because of the two time outs I have done to her 2 days ago. I was just so upset and disappointed with her kept peeing and pooping in diaper which is not fun to do anymore. In order for her to know that I am not willing to change dirty diapers, I put her to time out which is shown below. This was the second time in one day she sat in that little congested corner there.

Aside from time outs, she was challenged by her big sister who of course just wears undies! If she goes to bed tonight and not wearing a diaper, it will be her third night completely off diaper. What amazes me is that, two nights no bedwetting, wew! That’s a record-breaking milestone she has done! I hope I am not speaking too soon, otherwise masuhong, haha!

Anyway, I am just happy and proud of her achievement. Potty training a child is one of the biggest jobs parents will ever go through because, if the child don’t cooperate and not willing to do it, then there’s little parents can do with it, just my opinion.

At exactly 3 years and 17 days, our little Princess is OFFICIALLY POTTY TRAINED! At three days, she’s been wearing undies and does her business in the toilet!

 photo timeout_zps7e3daeeb.jpg