Vacation Bible School 2016

A week-fun of Vacation Bible School is over. It has ended yesterday. It started June 13,2016 at Edge Park Methodist Church. It was the Princesses’ second time in the same church attending VBS. For the whole year, they were really looking forward attending the program and could not stop asking me when it was going to start. Time flew by quickly for it is over now.

Vacation Bible School is offered in some churches elsewhere but we chose this specific church mentioned above because aside from theirs is free, the people are so warm, very welcoming, very nice and they make us feel like we are their family. Everybody is just smiling and they love our Princesses attending their activities.

It is with great appreciation for Pastor Bill and the rest of his church members for a successful VBS this summer. Looking forward to seeing them again next year! Vacation Bible School is such an awesome summer program for children to learn the Bible stories, learn how to do meaningful crafts, singing and praising God, Science activities and just having to do something worthwhile and educational when they are out of school. They ended the program on the fifth day with free dinner for kids and the parents and a bounce house afterwards.

We are very grateful for programs like this and for spending their time with us. Special mention Ms. Tawana and Ms. Pam for being the girls’ friends while being there. God Bless You All!


 photo vbs16_zpswvwmfmym.jpg
…photo below taken during the first day of VBS, June 13,2016.
 photo vbs1_zpse0dvcdm4.jpg

… family night, fun night it was!
 photo vbs2_zps0wmyt6bh.jpg

Highly Streamlined Operating System

Everything nowadays are made easy through the use of electronics and high tech gadgets. One of the world’s renowned and popular operating system is IOS, the company has made a lot of ios devices that can be paired and or connected through usb cable or wirelessly with the use of a bluetooth. Even musical devices and instrument can now be communicated with your other device. How cool technology can be?

Gymboree Sleeping Pair of Pajamas on Clearance with Additional Discount

Although Gymboree is an expensive children’s brand of clothing yet I love to shop their for my Princesses’ clothes. Not only they are of good quality, gorgeous prints and designs of their dresses but they also offer additional promo on their clearance items.

I scored these two pairs of sleeping pajamas for only $6.72 each. I had a 20% off coupon on hand to top of their additional 40% off clearance prices. So, that’s a total of 60% off!

You see, the prints on these jammies are hearts, they were displayed for Valentine’s Day but I did not mind buying them. Children don’t really care about the occasions, instead, they will view it as beautiful because of heart prints on their jammies. In return, I still get the appreciation of my girls aside from getting them in deep discount.

 photo P1013149_zpseg7owqus.jpg

Easter Egg Hunting in our Backyard 2016

This year’s Easter egg hunting is a bit different than we usually do. I did not take the Princesses to a Baptist church because it was dark, cloudy and windy that day. It would be inconvenient for all of us to be out in the open and being cold. Our neighbor told me I am a sissy for not going out and taking the girls out but hey, I’d rather be comfortable and do the egg hunting in our time instead of doing the thing that I don’t really feel like doing.

Anyway, here are a few snaps of our girls doing their own egg hunting in our clean and green backyard. I hid some of the eggs and candies real good to give them a job. Besides, it wouldn’t be an egg hunting if they are just placed right in front of them, would it?

Doing it in our backyard is easy and they do not have to dress fancy to show off. I do it because it’s a tradition no matter where they are or what they wear.

 photo P1013052_zpsvgxslvcb.jpg
 photo P1013053_zpsnegfm7be.jpg

 photo P1013058_zpsnm4btjfo.jpg

Fishing with Uncle Mike

So here’s the very first activities we did the day after we arrived at Mike’s ranch. First, we had to go into the wooded part of his property to get some bamboos to make them into our fishing poles. Going into the woods was quite a challenge for us especially for the girls for there lots of thorny vines all over the place, dead twigs, muddy paddles and a chance of stepping into a snake!

But with Mike’s guidance and navigation, we were able to get what we wanted to get that day. Then, we headed back to his house and cleaned the bamboos, smooth it and get it ready for fishing by tying a line on the tip and used paperclips for the moment.

After setting up the fishing poles, we head out back to the bigger creek and began what had to be the longest wait for the fish to eat the bait, we used cheese at that time for Mike couldn’t find any earth worms at all.

Of course, the second day, he had to make it right and bought us the proper line which is the nylon, a crappie bait and a fishing hook.

Nothing beats the country life, it takes us outdoors and made us admire the beauty of nature all the more.


 photo P1012874_zpspvldjhzk.jpg

 photo P1012875_zpslu8zulmd.jpg

 photo P1012879_zpsywwucozh.jpg

The Two Princesses’ First Country Life Experience

We spent 4 nights and 4 days at a ranch owned by our friend, Mike in Avery, east of Texas. I am glad we were able to get away from the house for a short period of time and took advantage of the Spring break. Also, I did not have to attend to the old lady across the street so everything fell into places and we were able to have a good time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The two Princesses had their first country life experience and they did not just like it there, they LOVED it. In fact, during those days we stayed at the ranch, none of them or any of my family talked about going home too soon. If I did not tell my husband to go home after 4 days, I don’t think he would go back any moment but we have obligations at home so we must.

The last moment of our stay at Mike’s, the girls did not or were not ready to leave and wanted to stay a couple more days. Even after we got home, they seemed to have not overcome the country experience. They were having a blast, truly. Because there are so many things to do out there that kept them occupied and be active. Two creeks that we can go fishing, an open and wide field to run, chase/play with dogs, early morning dirt road hike and so many other things.

There will be many country life postings next time. So keep coming back!

 photo P1012816_zpsvfvy4qpt.jpg
 photo P1012815_zpsrq67xcl3.jpg

Byrdland Guitar

Anyone who plays the guitar knows or sees a true beauty of the guitar when they see one like the byrdland. It is released in 1955 after consultation with first-call Nashville session musicians Billy Byrd and Hank Garland. If you can just take a minute and click on the link, you would see two featured products of this type of guitar and their corresponding whooping price of a little less than 10K USD.

Little M Got a Haircut for the First Time since Birth

2/28/2016 I cut the little Princess’ hair! I had to do the decision of chopping it off because she has a fine hair which gets tangled pretty easy and difficult to brush or comb. It was her first time to have a haircut since she was born. Well, admittedly, she has had a trim a few months ago but I did not chop off much of her hair so I did not consider that a hair cut.

My little girl agreed to me when I asked her if I could cut her hair, she said yes she wanted a shorter hair so the job must be done to give myself a break from doing the tangled hair all the time. The hair that I paid for 800 pesos to have it curled is gone. Photo below is how it looks now. Neat, short and easy to manage. I do not regret, it’s for the sake for both of us. She still looks very pretty though!

I did the cutting myself for I don’t my husband to be spending $30 plus tip to cut her thin hair, it’s a pretty easy thing to do and it would be such a waste of money if he’d bring her to the shop. There, I saved my husband 30 bucks!

 photo P1012625_zpsktjncopf.jpg

The Princesses’ First Day of Dance Lesson

Feb. 6 which was yesterday was the very first day my Princesses had their dance lesson. Princess M have been telling me how she wanted to go to a dance school and she said that with excitement and enthusiasm. Her wish was granted and I could tell she loved it. She followed the teacher gracefully with all smiles from ear to ear.

The big Princess told me that she does not want to dance yet I registered her anyway. I would not take no for an answer, it’s because this is to keep her active and away from the tablet even just for two hours every Saturday. After the little one’s session, bigger girls in her age group followed so sending them their both is a convenience for us.

I am just glad we found this lesson nearby at a fraction of the cost compared to The Little Gym. I inquired before and each child costs a whooping over $200 for one semester. Whereas at Greenbriar recreation center, I only paid $90 for both including their membership for one year. Ain’t that a deal? It is a government funded program that is why it is so affordable! Hopefully, they will continue to attend their dance lessons and learn to love dancing especially Princess M.

Here’s a snap of the little Princess in their first lesson. I wasn’t able to take picture of the big Princess for I had to go home and take care of some matters.

 photo firstdaydance_zpsy1xt3vqi.jpg

Premier Drums

I love the idea that people are have an option to buy used premier drums on a trusted website. Not all drummers especially those that just started forming a band can afford to buy a brand new set of drums so by searching online for used drums, they will get a heap of discounts for it.

If you happen to stumble upon this blog today and are looking for premier drums, you check out this awesome music store by simply clicking on the link provided above. You can also browse for tons of other musical instruments, accessories, used and new gear and a whole lot more!