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Buckle Your Seat Belts Girls

Sponsored post. Everything written here is by me.

When it comes to car safety, I always remind my girls to buckle their seat belts whenever they are seated because their safety lies in their seat belts. Of course careful driving is required which I always do but I am at ease when they are in their car seat and buckled up.

No matter where we go, no matter how short or long the distance is, I impose buckling up rule when they come riding with me.

There is nothing more important than obeying the law and thinking of their safety than anything in this world.

Anyway, for those mommies looking for new cars, head on and may you find that vehicle suited for your needs. Once you found it, always remember that when bringing your babies with you to observe property safety especially when you are driving on a highway. Also, we are in the mid summer, I have seen or heard stories about children died being left inside the car in over a 100 degrees. Those poor little children did not deserve to die it is because their parent/s forgot about hem being in the car.

Think twice and to look back before leaving your car.

Princess M can Read

Princess M can now read. She is only 5 and a half years old. In America, children her age who read are normal while there are others who are advanced started reading as early as 2 or 3 years old. I am so proud of my little one because of the fact that she can read sight words like the one in the picture below. This was sent by her teacher for us to see how many words she can read now.

Each day after school, she brings a book that she needs to read every night and write down the title of the book. So far she is keeping up with her reading. Thanks to my husband for doing this to me while I am working.

Anyway, I am at ease that my Princess M will be a good reader when she reaches first grade.

 photo sightwords_zpsu5vy6oii.jpg

She Wrote Her Name for the First Time

I couldn’t be more prouder of my second born for she finally able to write her full name for the first time in her life. This is following to a few nights of practice writing activity I engaged her in. This is one of those great milestones that my once newborn has achieved. Hopefully, I can practice her to write her last name too so she will be ready by next year.

When she did this, I made sure I applauded and cheered her up so she will be encouraged to write more. We have been letting her write her initials on the calendar every time she does her number 2. I even spell out the letters that’s in her name and get familiarized with it, until one day… she finally write her name down on a paper, of course I dictate the letters to her. Good job little girl! Mommy is so proud of you!

 photo megan_zpsayz27iaf.jpg

I’m not just a Mom, I’m a Superwoman

Any woman who have never tried giving birth to a baby or having kids of her own could not relate how it is to be juggling between house chores, career and taking care of the children. Women would say, YOU’RE JUST A MOM should think twice before they utter those words. It is like they are undermining a woman who is a mom.

For me, I am not just a mom for I have the capability to do a lot of things all at the same time. Sometimes I even laugh at myself for doing things I thought I could not do yet I remained strong and are able to do I what am supposed to do. Unlike women who only work for money, they do get paid on vacation, staying home when sick or receive a bonus for doing a great job at work, whereas, we moms don’t rest, don’t have a bonus, no financial compensation except PURE LOVE from our little ones as a payback.

Now, how is that for being JUST moms?

 photo mom_zps1a4f3d35.jpg

A Teacher’s Helper Today

Every afternoon after school, we ask our student Princess the same question, how’s school today? For almost three weeks of being in kindergarten, we could only hear the same comment from Princess J, school is boring! Maybe because she already know the things the teacher have given to her students or she expected too much play in school and that she doesn’t get it as much as in the previous year, she probably compare it to pre-k where there were plenty of play back in those days.

Anyway, today she had a different answer that makes me proud of her. She told me as soon as she got out of school that she was a teacher’s helper today. I then asked her, what did you do? She answered me about helping her classmates some letters and words. I am one proud mama here, can you tell?

That only means one thing, the teacher recognized her that she is ahead of some of the students in her class. Way to go Princess J! Not to be braggart, we truly believe Princess J is a smart kid, the only problem we have is she has a short attention span and kind of lazy.

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Wedding Bands For Him

There are so many different wedding bands out there. The most up and coming are tungsten wedding bands. These are taking up almost one fifth of the marker nowadays. The reason they are so great is they are scratch resistant. Men love a ring that can hold up to a hard day at work or play. There recently have been introduced cobalt chrome rings. These rings are great because they are very close in look to platinum rings. So there are many different options for a wedding band. It is a hard decision and one you need to take seriously so you don’t have any buyers remorse. If you don’t like tungsten or cobalt chrome you could always go with classic yellow gold rings.

Pink Friday #: 15 Modeling The Diaper Cloth

My baby at 5 weeks old modeling Michell Breyer’s diaper cloth that she sent me long before baby girl number two was born. I’ve waited for her to be born in this world before I could take a picture of the cloths obviously because they are in her size. She received 2 diaper cloths from her, a pink checkered and polka dot in pink and brown color but I think she looks good the one in pink checkered. The other one is still kinda big for her.

my little adorable kid

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