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Our Favorite Place to Go in Summer

So it’s that time of the year again when we’re out of school, temperatures rising as we get past half of the year. There is a splash pad nearby that is free of entrance. It is quite a fun place to go adjacent to a huge playground in Crowley.

We are lucky enough to live not so faraway from it and can go there anytime we wish to. My Princesses love it there, I at the same time watch them while having to have a relaxation and eating time. Being outdoors in summer is essential for all of us so we don’t get tied up to the internet, electronics/gadgets all day.

When it is boring at home, this splash pad located in a nice neighborhood is a place to go!

 photo splashpad1_zpsd48xg6ym.jpg

A New Place to Go in Summer

Mommy has found a new place, a fun place for us to go every Summer. She actually was told last year by a friend that there’s this area not too far from where we live that is nice and last Saturday, we finally able to go there. It was a good three hours spent in the spray area with mommy’s friend and her three kids.

Yes, it is not very far from us, just 12 minutes drive and it was easy for her to find. Such a perfect place to get wet, play with friends, enjoy the heat and most of all be outdoors and simply have fun.

Here is a picture of us to show you how much we liked it there. Mommy said that she will bring us there once a week and I rely on her words. We plan of going back there again this Saturday. I am excited!

 photo crowley_zpsdn2t0p0p.jpg

Disney Store Summer Play Days

This picture was taken last Saturday at a Disney Store for their “Summer Play Days” event. There were seven kids including my two girls at the start of the event but then there were only three left that listened attentively and made it to the end.

I love how my girls were interacting with the speaker, listening/cooperating what they were told to do and most of all, I admire their patience. While most of the kids had short attention span, spare my girls. They were good and looked to me they loved being in that event.

They received a lanyard with badge and an “INSIDE OUT” bouncy ball inspired by the Disney movie called INSIDE OUT! With such a little reward, they were happy with it.

 photo disneyprogram_zpspkyfgaz8.jpg

The Princesses and the King

It is officially summer and yes, a larger size inflatable pool in our backyard is perfect to beat the heat of Texas. We have had smaller pools before but that were good only for the two small Princesses. We adults, want to be in the water too so here is our new pool bought by the king of the house when we were still having our vacation in the Philippines two weeks ago.

Here is a snapshot of the two Princesses and their dada enjoying the warm pool water yesterday. I couldn’t help myself but got in the water too as it was kind of hot. Looking forward to spending time with our girls this summer in our own private backyard.

How about you guys, what do you do the entire summer involving your family?

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