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Matching Dresses

It has been a while now since I did not buy my Princesses clothes and shoes. They still have a lot of nice dresses sitting in their closet. But then when we went to the outlet mall last weekend, Princess M got enticed with this pretty pink shoes, my Filipina co-worker gifted her a dress and picked yellow for her, I told her that purplish pink would go best with the shoes so we chose the latter.

Later on, as we kept on walking I realized that the big Princess does not have anything for her so we went back to Gymboree and bought her a matching dress as the little one, only with no shoes. At the end of the day, they were both happy and like the dress color very much. I am glad, I bought them something new for it makes them happy.


Shoes only cost $12.99, same goes with the dress, $12.99 each! Not so bad and yes, I believe it is a good deal.

 photo dress_zpsabbjndhi.jpg

 photo pink_zpsx8kxg2d0.jpg

The Princesses’ Christmas Wish List 2016

My first born, wrote her wish list months before Christmas but her bedroom is a mess, it is buried under those rubble in her bed room so I asked her again to create another wish list which she did on that same night I asked. Here’s what she got on her list. That is a lot, man. I tell yeah! Of course, not all on the list will be granted. They are all just toys and she already got a lot of it in the back room.

 photo jadyns_zpsrjlffygf.jpg

And the one below is my hand written wish list for the little Princess since she cannot quite read and write yet other than her name and a few short-word. She dictated the items on her list to me. Doesn’t need many but hey, they cost a lot of money if I were to buy all of them which is not going to happen.

 photo megans_zpstvvhfofk.jpg

Go to Groupon Website for Coupons and Deals

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are written solely by me and 100% mine.

When it comes to a shopping website wherein I can find almost all kinds of stuff for the home, getaway, self-pampering like going to a spa, travel deals, coupons, local services, clearance and goods, all I can think of is the Groupon website.

Trust me, there is always something for you there especially if you are into shopping for your beautiful homes. I spotted this interesting slipper mops on Groupon Goods for only $7.99. I think by wearing this slipper mops, they will make cleaning the floor effortless and easy.

There are three colors to choose from and 1 or 2-pack choices. On Goods section, not only you can find products for the home but pages after pages of essential products for everyday use. You can even buy RayBan sunglasses there for under a $100, how cool is that?

Groupon is your ultimate shopping website wherein you can score deep discounts through their clearance or with the use of coupons. If you hurry right now, you can avail their major markdown sales up to 80% off. Even my friends locally are talking about Groupon. They love going to a local spa and they recommended me to always look for deals on Groupon before purchasing certificates or anything else in order to save some money.

 photo grouponpng_zpscng90npm.png

Gymboree Sleeping Pair of Pajamas on Clearance with Additional Discount

Although Gymboree is an expensive children’s brand of clothing yet I love to shop their for my Princesses’ clothes. Not only they are of good quality, gorgeous prints and designs of their dresses but they also offer additional promo on their clearance items.

I scored these two pairs of sleeping pajamas for only $6.72 each. I had a 20% off coupon on hand to top of their additional 40% off clearance prices. So, that’s a total of 60% off!

You see, the prints on these jammies are hearts, they were displayed for Valentine’s Day but I did not mind buying them. Children don’t really care about the occasions, instead, they will view it as beautiful because of heart prints on their jammies. In return, I still get the appreciation of my girls aside from getting them in deep discount.

 photo P1013149_zpseg7owqus.jpg

We Rely on Reviews

Most Americans including me, when shopping online would rely on the company’s product honest description and previous customers’ reviews. Without their reviews, I don’t think buying online would be best since we cannot touch nor feel the item we are buying.

We can buy almost anything on the internet with the help greatly of product reviews like musicians friend reviews when buying for musical instruments or parts that we need. When major items are at stake, we should be able to find the best products we wish to buy, right? So reviews from customers play an important role when purchasing online.

Buying Winter Clothes from Any Season

There is no such specific time as to when you can buy warm and cozy clothing or outfit for the entire family because, deals can be found at any stores for these kind of clothing. When shopping for winter outfits, buy them out of season in order to get deep discounts and save tons of money, not only you hare helping your budget with it but also you buy more and spend less. This is just my way to keep warm!. That’s what I usually do not just for winter clothes but for other special occasions or seasons. I never stop searching for best prices clothing, shoes, home accessories and other stuff to save a lot!

Gymboree Hi-Low Stripes Dress for $12.99

Okay, so I told myself that there will be no buying of new girls’ dresses for a while for they still got plenty of new dresses with tags hanging in the closet especially the big Princesses but seeing these beautiful dresses seemed like it was hard to say no because they were affordable the time I went to Gymboree in the mall two days ago.

Store promo is everything is $12.99 and under, for a such a pretty dress like that with good quality material, why would I let it slip through my hands? To think that I also had a 20% off entire purchase coupon on hand that day? I got these dresses for $10 plus tax each. Hats were on sale for $6.99 and down to a dollar each but I can probably find something cheaper than that in Old Navy or other stores so I might have to return them if I do.

Too bad though they are out of size ten of this dress, I could have bought one for myself so we will be matching three together. I would be cool!

 photo stripes_zpsieoo1ddw.jpg

Beautiful Fuchsia Dress for her 4th Birthday

I bought this dress yesterday at Macy’s in the mall but she was the one who picked it. I did not argue her judgment because the dress is truly beautiful in actual, its fuchsia and it looks perfect for her complexion. The price is reasonable so I bought it along with her sister’s clothes.

This morning as soon as she got back home from taking her big sister to school, she asked me to put it on her which I wholeheartedly did. She then was so amused of herself, feeling like a Princess, spinning, turning and whatever fun things she did just to make the most of the beautiful dress. She even asked me several times, “mommy, do you like my dress? Do I look pretty, mommy?”

Of course my girl, you are so pretty and undeniably gorgeous! Whether you wear a dressy dress or in your house clothes, messy or clean… my girls are the most beautiful and the cutest in my eyes.

 photo 4thbirthdaydress.jpg1_zps8pqov92f.jpg

That Pretty Red Coat I so Wanted to Buy at Macy’s is in My Hands Now!

I know a pretty coat that will look good for my girls when I see one. Last Black Friday sale at Macy’s I saw this classy fleece red hooded coat for my first born. I fell in love with it but couldn’t buy it at that time for I thought it was too much to be paying for. I spent quite sometime in children’s coat department and couldn’t take my eyes off it. In that end, I walked away from there empty-handed. I went home and couldn’t get over how beautiful that red coat is.

Days have passed, I moved on and bought a trench hooded coat at Gymboree online. It was half off plus free shipping, I loved it but it pained me I wasn’t able to use my 20% off coupon and $5 certificate I earned, I paid $25 plus tax for that coat but had returned it. I was thinking, it wouldn’t worth keeping if I am feeling dissatisfied with it. So anyway, I returned it to the store yesterday.

I went to Macy’s afterwards and visited the children’s department area again where that red coat is. Voila! There are still plenty of coats are still available including the one I fell in love with last Black Friday. I scanned the item and rang up $30, last time I scanned it, it was $36 more. I thought $30 was still high for a coat but I had a store coupon of $20 on $50 worth of items. I used it and bought two other items for my first born.

Guess what? I made the coat to come down to $18! I am the happiest shopper ever. Total of three items after $20 off is $32.89 including tax. That isn’t bad knowing that I took home three items with that price.

I am glad I waited for Macy’s ONE DAY SALE instead of buying the coat last Black Friday. Otherwise, I might have returned it.

That red coat that I so wanted to buy is in my hands now. Photo doesn’t look pretty but it is in actual. It is deep red with hoodie. It feels warm, soft and comfortable on the skin. My first born prefers wearing long coats rather than those puffers for it keeps her warm down to her mid thighs.

 photo redcoat_zpse154efa0.jpg

Black Friday Shopping at Gymboree

I wasn’t planning of going to the mall today because I didn’t want to go through the hassle of bumping into the crowd, as expected, the parking lot was packed and yes, people were flooding in the mall. We finished early from a store just outside our village and I still had time to maybe take advantage of Black Friday deals before 2 pm ended so I went there anyway and brought with me that MK watch I bought online that didn’t like to return it. In tow with me were my girls of course.

Anyway, at the mall, although sales were left and right, I only spent maybe $20 including our food at the food court. I believe I got deals at Gymboree. 4 pieces of merchandise that only total at $14.26 including tax. They had 50% entire store promo and an additional 20% off coupon on hand that made it down to that amount. I was looking for that Khaki trench coat at their store but it isn’t available there so when I got home, I got to their online store and purchase a beautiful Large size hoodied trench coat for Princess J. Got it for 50% off at $25 tax included  plus free shipping and 1% cash back on ebates.

You might wonder why these clothes are all for the big Princess. I know it is a bit unfair for the little Princess for I don’t normally buy her new clothes since she can wear all her big sister’s outgrown clothes. In my mind, it wouldn’t be practical buying the little new clothes so often and nobody would wear them once they get too small for her.

 photo gymboree_zps2643d5bb.jpg
… I learned my lesson to just buy a trench coat for her so she won’t feel too cold compared to buying her just the usual puffer coat that won’t cover much of her body. Trench coats not only they are practical but also stylish and fashionable, do you agree?

 photo trench_zpsa2e2a085.png