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Matching Dresses

It has been a while now since I did not buy my Princesses clothes and shoes. They still have a lot of nice dresses sitting in their closet. But then when we went to the outlet mall last weekend, Princess M got enticed with this pretty pink shoes, my Filipina co-worker gifted her a dress and picked yellow for her, I told her that purplish pink would go best with the shoes so we chose the latter.

Later on, as we kept on walking I realized that the big Princess does not have anything for her so we went back to Gymboree and bought her a matching dress as the little one, only with no shoes. At the end of the day, they were both happy and like the dress color very much. I am glad, I bought them something new for it makes them happy.


Shoes only cost $12.99, same goes with the dress, $12.99 each! Not so bad and yes, I believe it is a good deal.

 photo dress_zpsabbjndhi.jpg

 photo pink_zpsx8kxg2d0.jpg

School is Two Weeks Away

Amazing we only got two weeks left before school starts again and I feel like I have not had enough rest waking up early every morning. Even though it’s summer, I still get up early because I need to water my gardens instead of doing it in the afternoon.

Anyway, two weeks and both of our Princesses will be in school. Princess M will be in kindergarten and right now, she is expressing to me that she does not want to go to school. Last night I asked her again why she would not want to go to school and she told me that she is afraid she’d get lost.

I then assured her that I will be with her during the first three days, taking her to her classroom and sit beside her for a couple of minutes. I hope that eases her worries and will be encouraged to go to school comes 22nd.

I also laid out the school supplies I bought for the two Princesses so she’ll see them and they will make her excited. Not only that, I even bought her a new pair of pink Princess shoes to match with her school backpack just to encourage her to go to school.

Today, I have bought all the supplies they need for the upcoming opening of school. Well, except for that 12×18 manila construction paper that is not available elsewhere but on Amazon. I am done and done going out in the hot sun too!

 photo supplies_zps227ywet2.jpg

Girl’s Summer Flip Flops Under $1

If you are heading to the mall today, don’t forget to stop by at The Children’s Place and grab your girls a pair or two of these attractive printed summer flip flops for under $1. They are on sale for $1.99, the solid colors for $1 but with the use of a code: 138, you can get it down to $1.69 for printed and just 89 cents for solids. Solid flops while supplies last, so you must hurry!

There is also another thing that I did not plan of buying but when my 6-year old Princess saw it at the store, she couldn’t stop bugging me to buy it for her, the sunglasses case with handle that makes it a little purse to carry everywhere. It is 50% off store price plus the 15% off which makes it down to $2.95. Such a little thing that gives big joy to her heart that she showered me with “I love yous” until now.

 photo melonflops_zpsd0801456.jpg

Sears Sent Me The Wrong Item

Shopping online lately is not so good for me although I am scoring plenty of good deals but I feel like online stores love messing up with me these days. I ordered a pair of shoes for my first born that don’t use shoelaces at an affordable price, checked it out. When the item arrived, the shoes aren’t the one I originally ordered instead sent me the ones with shoelaces pictured below in the first photo. What the heck?

I decided not to return the pair for exchange or bother to go to their physical store in the mall for I don’t have time to do it, fortunately though my first born loves the shoes, they are the correct size and nice colors. In fact she thinks they are a “fast-running shoes” minus the shoelace.

You see the problem with shoelaces is that they often come loose and kids don’t bother tying them up again and step on them. If they do that, there is a possibility that they trip and fall down, then what happens? Hurt or injure themselves.

 photo shoes_zps367dc636.jpg
… photo embedded below was the original item and was in my receipt but how come the person who shipped the item to me was so careless? Original order was this Athletech Girl’s Jogger Willow 2 – Black/Multi … looking pretty, right?
 photo shoe1_zpsd71f538e.png

Tommy Hilfiger Shoes for $10

I had no plan of buying our Princess number two a pair of shoes since she got a couple of pairs that are still in good condition that are outgrown by her big sister but when I saw this very cute pair of red new Tommy Hilfiger shoes, I couldn’t say no to it. It is just so cute that I couldn’t put them down. Mind you, if the pair wasn’t sold at a consignment event, it would have been priced $30 or more if I would guess. I bought these shoes for how much? For only $10, can you believe that?

I believe I scored a great deal on this one, as you can see, they are new (without tag) and my Princess number 2’s feet look gorgeous in them. I am happy, I found this pair and the fact that it is a popular brand name at a fraction of a price. Awesome, isn’t it?

 photo r2g74tlfgp3745hxwpicof5u5eez91mr_zps8fa11936.jpg

Cold Season Outfits

Our big Princess is growing up so fast and that only means she constantly needs to shop for clothing that fit for her age. As a mother, I am the one who sees to it that she is comfortable when cold season is here. One of the many things she needs are pajama sets, going out long sleeves and most of all a pair of boots that would keep her feet cozy and comfortable.

Since “Just Between Friends” consignment event is going on, might as well take advantage of the great deals they offer. Saturday was the last day of the event and I am glad we were able to go there. Here are a few sets of fleece velour jacket/pajamas, more uniforms, a pair of maroon boots and two red fleece long sleeves for a normal day out.

I guess she has everything she needs for the entire season, I didn’t buy some coats as she still have some that fit on her and still be good until end of Winter. What a great day to shop today. Both Princesses cooperated with us, they were happy and not a single whine from them while we were picking stuff to buy at JBF.

 photo rnjviflqo4kacxkdmk3co7souh3mxcsg_zps99a93527.jpg