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Christmas 2017

This year has been so great for us! Thank God for that. There is nothing more I could as for except that for our family to be healthy, safe and we are able to provide for our children.

It is our yearly tradition to be at home on Christmas Day for opening of the gifts. This has been going on for nine years now and I have a feeling it will continue for a very long time and maybe our children will also do this to their own family, gathering at grandparents’ (us) house in the future. I am thrilled when that day comes.

Both of the Princesses had their own Christmas wish list. There are several in there, at least over 20 each but of course Santa isn’t so rich. Despite of that, they got major presents though. Princess Jadyn wanted a chromebook, she got a laptop, a dinosaur maskimal, green sherpa lined green coat, Wings of Fire book sets and a few more.

Princess Megan on the other hand, received a toy plane, something that will last for years and can really fly with controller. She also got a unicorn maskimal, books, a sherpa lined pink coat and etc. She thinks she didn’t get much, well, hello kid? You got way more than other kids.

A few photos of these girls with smiles on their faces when they opened each gift intended for them. Seeing them happy makes us happy too.





Our Favorite Place to Go in Summer

So it’s that time of the year again when we’re out of school, temperatures rising as we get past half of the year. There is a splash pad nearby that is free of entrance. It is quite a fun place to go adjacent to a huge playground in Crowley.

We are lucky enough to live not so faraway from it and can go there anytime we wish to. My Princesses love it there, I at the same time watch them while having to have a relaxation and eating time. Being outdoors in summer is essential for all of us so we don’t get tied up to the internet, electronics/gadgets all day.

When it is boring at home, this splash pad located in a nice neighborhood is a place to go!

 photo splashpad1_zpsd48xg6ym.jpg

The Princesses’ Christmas Wish List 2016

My first born, wrote her wish list months before Christmas but her bedroom is a mess, it is buried under those rubble in her bed room so I asked her again to create another wish list which she did on that same night I asked. Here’s what she got on her list. That is a lot, man. I tell yeah! Of course, not all on the list will be granted. They are all just toys and she already got a lot of it in the back room.

 photo jadyns_zpsrjlffygf.jpg

And the one below is my hand written wish list for the little Princess since she cannot quite read and write yet other than her name and a few short-word. She dictated the items on her list to me. Doesn’t need many but hey, they cost a lot of money if I were to buy all of them which is not going to happen.

 photo megans_zpstvvhfofk.jpg

School is Two Weeks Away

Amazing we only got two weeks left before school starts again and I feel like I have not had enough rest waking up early every morning. Even though it’s summer, I still get up early because I need to water my gardens instead of doing it in the afternoon.

Anyway, two weeks and both of our Princesses will be in school. Princess M will be in kindergarten and right now, she is expressing to me that she does not want to go to school. Last night I asked her again why she would not want to go to school and she told me that she is afraid she’d get lost.

I then assured her that I will be with her during the first three days, taking her to her classroom and sit beside her for a couple of minutes. I hope that eases her worries and will be encouraged to go to school comes 22nd.

I also laid out the school supplies I bought for the two Princesses so she’ll see them and they will make her excited. Not only that, I even bought her a new pair of pink Princess shoes to match with her school backpack just to encourage her to go to school.

Today, I have bought all the supplies they need for the upcoming opening of school. Well, except for that 12×18 manila construction paper that is not available elsewhere but on Amazon. I am done and done going out in the hot sun too!

 photo supplies_zps227ywet2.jpg

A New Place to Go in Summer

Mommy has found a new place, a fun place for us to go every Summer. She actually was told last year by a friend that there’s this area not too far from where we live that is nice and last Saturday, we finally able to go there. It was a good three hours spent in the spray area with mommy’s friend and her three kids.

Yes, it is not very far from us, just 12 minutes drive and it was easy for her to find. Such a perfect place to get wet, play with friends, enjoy the heat and most of all be outdoors and simply have fun.

Here is a picture of us to show you how much we liked it there. Mommy said that she will bring us there once a week and I rely on her words. We plan of going back there again this Saturday. I am excited!

 photo crowley_zpsdn2t0p0p.jpg

Disney Store Summer Play Days

This picture was taken last Saturday at a Disney Store for their “Summer Play Days” event. There were seven kids including my two girls at the start of the event but then there were only three left that listened attentively and made it to the end.

I love how my girls were interacting with the speaker, listening/cooperating what they were told to do and most of all, I admire their patience. While most of the kids had short attention span, spare my girls. They were good and looked to me they loved being in that event.

They received a lanyard with badge and an “INSIDE OUT” bouncy ball inspired by the Disney movie called INSIDE OUT! With such a little reward, they were happy with it.

 photo disneyprogram_zpspkyfgaz8.jpg

Yummy is the Snow

March 5,2015 we had a second round of snow. A happiness brought to us by nature because we got to play, made a snowman and just enjoying the beauty it brought us especially the Princesses. They could not contain their heart of the snow so they ate it.

Such a joy watching them happy at the same time appreciating nature. Photo below I captured when they both shared a big ball of snow that the big Princess made that day. For the sake of those who haven’t touched or felt a real snow, it is cold, soft, fluffy sometimes powdery and really feels good to the tongue if you eat it.

A snow is something that brings so much fun and brings out the kids in north Texans including me even if I am 31 years old.

 photo instasnow_zpspozwgsor.jpg

Halloween 2014

Here are just a few snaps of my girls’ Halloween this year. I believe this year was more fun than last year. Firstly, because Princess J saw her “favorite” at EV City hall during the festival. Just 5 days ago she told me that she missed Albert and there they were, they saw each other. She was happy, of course.

Secondly, her close friend in school got to join us for a firetruck ride and went to trick or treating later in our neighborhood. It was the first time she’d done it with a friend and her little sister. You see, it’s always fun when there are so many of them walking around the neighborhood going houses to houses for candies.

Looking forward to next year’s Halloween. I already bought my little Princess’ her costume for next year, she will be little Dorothy while the big Princess will be the Genie. This year’s costumes are, the Witch and little squeaky mouse.

 photo halloween2014_zps357c77c6.jpg

Just a Little Bit of Snow in Winter 2014

It finally snowed for the first time since winter in North Texas has begun. What happened last November 2013 with whiteness on the ground and plenty of it that lasted for six days can’t be considered as snow for it was just pure thick ice all over.

Yesterday was a snow, it was heavenly! But it stopped pouring and did not last long. However, my little Princess took advantage of some snow and did not miss the chance to enjoy herself alone making snow angels. Photograph below. She actually looked so cute out there, enjoying alone.

I went outside real quick to check on her but as soon as she saw me coming, she said, “look!” and lay down to make a snow angel. Quickly enough I had my phone ready so I was able to capture her on the concrete.

Later that afternoon, my first Princess came home from school so upset and disappointed for there were no more snow left on the ground/concrete. She was expecting plenty of it but what can I do? I have no control over mother nature. She cried, poor girl!

 photo snow_zpsbb48e678.jpg