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Dragon and Lady Bug Face Painting

There is a big event coming up in our new small little town on Saturday. We are excited and are really looking forward to it. Meanwhile, they started their Oktoberfest last Saturday and we went. Plenty of games they held and one of the must-try they had was the face painting. It is mine and my sister’s favorite activity. We love animals and we love art, combined that into one on to our face means it is awesome goodness wrapped into one.

This time it is a bit expensive, it cost mommy $10 for both of us. We had our face painted last July 4th, and it only cost her $2 for both of us. Anyway, here is our faces with beautiful paintings. We loved it but did not get to wear them longer since we had to take a shower right after arriving home, it was a beautiful day at the park but we were sweaty because we ran and played a lot. It was so much fun to be out there.


Mommy and Dollies

I love dresses and so are my girls. When I buy them clothes, I make sure they match so both of them can wear the same dress and for them to know that they are equal. If there is a mommy size dress that I can find, I buy it. Luckily for me at one time, Gymboree had this blue/white stripes available for mommies and their smallest size fits me!

Sure I did not want for it to go unavailable last year, I secured one for myself though it is still a little big for me, I kept it and now enjoying wearing the same dress as my Princesses.

Yesterday we went to Premium Outlet Mall in Grand Prairie and quite called for attention from a few shoppers. They noticed our matching dresses with admiration, telling us we looked cute!

 photo mathdresses_zpse3iesnyt.jpg

 photo mathdress_zpsv7rwtpws.jpg

Halloween 2015

Here are three photos of the trick or treaters last night on their Cinderella and witch costumes. We make it a yearly tradition during Halloween, to go out in the neighborhood or wherever it is that offers fun, excitement and offer lots of candies!

Unfortunately, we don’t have pictures of the EV cityhall Halloween carnival this year because it was cancelled due to bad weather the other night. Anyway, mother nature allowed us to go out there and walk around the neighborhood for free candies and for us to be able to see some nice Halloween decorations around here.

I appreciate those homeowners really took the time and effort to decorate outside their house to make it look and make it feel like Halloween. The girls had fun and so was I. Not only, I got to enjoy the decorations but I had my walking exercise as well. How about that?

 photo P1011945_zps3wogpuvx.jpg

 photo P1011968_zpslh0hptuj.jpg

 photo P1011959_zpsh12vbypn.jpg

 photo P1011983_zps9drkg975.jpg

Movie-Inspired Cinderella Costume for Princess M

There’s nothing better than receiving this FREE beautiful Movie-Inspired Cinderella costume from costume discounters website in exchange of my honest opinion.

Firstly, Princess M feels like she is a princess and for that, when I told her a couple of weeks ago that I ordered a Cinderella costume just for her, she got really excited and happy. I can only imagine the child’s feelings when she found that out and couldn’t wait for it to arrive and try it on but I tried to stop her because I know for sure once she takes it out of the package, she wouldn’t want to take it off.

So, my review for this dress took so long for I have waited for Halloween trick or treat night to take pictures of her. Here’s one of those that I really like with a great pose with the dress about to go start trick or treating in the neighborhood last night.

My Princess M really adored the sparkling dress. It came with a petticoat that makes the dress to look full! It is of great quality and it really sparkles making her feel gorgeous last night for the Halloween. Thank you Costume Discounters for this awesome dress you sent to our Princess.

Costume discounters by the way is a great website to be shopping for costumes of any event. They got tons to choose from. For male, female, boys. girls, or even 0-toddlers. Please check them out guys, promise you will love the selection they have for your little ones or for yourself.

 photo P1011936_zpstlzc1com.jpg

Pizza Helpers

Nothing beats homemade meals. That’s what we do in our house. We rarely go out to eat. Instead, we choose our own food to cook and select the ingredients that will go in our food like making pizzas at home. Although, I can’t call it “from scratch” because I buy ready made pizza dough and pizza sauce in the grocery store. But the toppings and other flavorings are from our fridge.

I guess, this what makes our pizza a bit healthier than frozen ones and way cheaper than bought at a pizza house. When I make a pizza, the number one person that loves to help me put toppings on is my Princess M. She’d volunteer to help me in the kitchen, needless to invite her for she’d come and do just that. I hope this Princess will learn to love the art of cooking.

Meanwhile, the big Princess would just help if she feels like she’s in the mood. When she does, I will not stop her or hinder her from doing it so she will have an idea how pizzas are made. So, here they. Photo below is of my girls in the kitchen one time putting the toppings for our pizza.

 photo makingpizza_zpsslrxd05c.jpg

Princess M Likes to Dress Up

This is one of those days when my Princess M likes to look beautiful and dressing up good. She chose to wear that little rainbow dress of hers going to Goodwill. And then, she saw this very cute pink and black tutu skirt there for just $1.99, I did not hesitate buying it for her since it fits very well on her and the price is reasonable. As soon as we got home that day, she wore the tutu skirt right away and did not take it off.

So here she is in the picture, looking cute and feeling like a fairy with her outfit. I asked her to wear tights though because I did not want her panties to show. Gladly, the white tights complimented with her dress and skirt. I don’t mind dressing up my two Princesses for I want them to look good, wear good clothes as long as we can afford to buy them for our girls.

Growing up poor, I did not have nice clothes. I could not have everything I want due to the lack of budget. But now, there are plenty of ways to save on clothing and a husband who works hard for his family, I make sure I buy things for our girls that I didn’t have as a young child.

 photo tutu_zpsoup9didj.jpg

Mommy and the Princesses by the Pool

We had an unlimited dip in the pool at the condo we stayed in while in the Philippines. It was our first time to stay at a condo out of 9 trips we’ve made to the Philippines. Although, it cost us $300 for the entire month, but the peace, privacy, quiet and comfort we had was worth the money, plus the girls got to have fun in the pool anytime they wanted.

The space we occupied was a decent unit with its own kitchen, a private bathroom and a good view to the street and adult heart-shaped pool by the balcony. Whenever we stand at the balcony my girls would ask me if they could swim, depending on my schedule and free time, I’d let them. Of course, it wouldn’t be fun with out their little auntie and uncle to play with in the water.

We didn’t care too much of our skin getting darker, all we could care about is the bond and memory we created together while we were there. Took a lot of pictures of them for keeps for I know it will be a while before our next trip to the Philippines.

 photo bucket20of20shrimp20059_zps5wnfhmrr.jpg

Princesses When Asleep at Dawn

It’s summer and the girls choose to sleep on the carpeted floor in the bedroom. The bunk bed is just too hot to sleep at night especially the bottom part. We got this little oscillating fan that serves its purpose right, gives us enough air during warm summer nights, we use it every night and timed for an hour earlier in the evening.

Anyway, I woke up at 4 this morning only to see this crazy and weird position my girls did while asleep and so I captured it in order for them to see, so they did. The big Princess could not believe what she did to her little sister.

Poor little girl for enduring the heavy leg on her head. Many times I find them in different sleeping positions but never have I thought about getting my cellphone to snap a photo of them. This time, I got them and it’s funny!

 photo girlsleep_zpsq49gvdis.jpg

Big Sister the Teacher

My three-year old little Princess M has intelligence that is not typical for three year olds, kudos to her big sister for teaching her everything she knows. At age three, Princess M is already using big words like “defeat, fragile, interesting” and many others. She is also more mature when it comes to doing things that are good for her. She is also able to identify the things that can harm her or make her bleed. Like, she doesn’t want to mess with knives for she knows it will hurt her.

Anyway, I am proud I am raising good and kind of responsible children. Thanks to all my nagging for they are able to learn things by themselves now without me helping them although occasionally I remind them how to do certain things well, in order to achieve good results like brushing teeth. My firstborn brushes her teeth before going to bed every night but I have to check her mouth to ensure all old food is gone.

One night, big sister invited her little sister to the bathroom and both I found were brushing their teeth. She demonstrated to her little sister how to do it and so she followed. I thought it was so cute of them doing the same thing together.

I like it when they get along well, it is such a joy to see our girls are happy and just being sisters. Someday, they will miss each other’s company when they are grown and that’s for sure!

 photo girlsbrush_zpsoml30lto.jpg

Filipino-American Girl 2014

Meet our FIL-AM delight 2014, her name is Lady Morgana and is mommy, dada and big sister’s little baby. This was taken last November 16,2014 posing for mommy after she had touched and felt the snow outside. I asked her to smile for me to show her happy face and this is what she did for me.

I love my FIL-AM baby and her sister, they are a perfect combination of Filipino and American offsprings. Just the right mixture of two people from different races combined into one. She looks like a model in this shot, isn’t she? It’s mommy’s wish that she’d get into modeling or acting someday in the Philippines.

How about you? Do you have a child/ren from different mixes? You are welcome to share your photos in the comment section below.

 photo Americanbaby_zpsa51a45a4.jpg