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They Love Mico

Mico, a friend’s pet bird for a long time. Princesses J and M love Mico. Every time we come visit Mike in his place, they get excited of the thought being in the country, seeing Mico and Sissy the female dog he has.

Anyway, these girls have been wanting and bugging me to buy them a pet bird. I told them unless they know how to take care of their pets, they won’t get any. I bought them fish on Megan’s birthday last year, me and my husband ended up cleaning the fish water every time it gets dirty. You see, it is just a simple fish but it adds my chores to do when on day off.

Back to Mico, it’s a male bird who is tamed and is not aloof to humans as you can see in the picture below, it stayed where my girls are and he actually allowed humans to pet him. He is nice and would be great to have a bird like Mico, but no for now.

 photo bird_zps4hee6chv.jpg

Because Our Dog Is A Part Of Our Family

We do have at least three big dog beds that are in the backroom. They are kind of smelly and old, our dog is not using them for some reason I don’t know. She got one though in the back porch but she is not an outside dog so she is not really using it. She prefers to lay down on our chairs where there are traces of human smell in there instead of sleeping in her dog bed. Her dada is fine with the dog sleeping on the chairs because our dog is a part of our family, that is why!