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My BFF Note

I love sweet little notes from our Princesses. Every now and then they give me anything that express their feelings at the moment or at a certain time during the day. They put it into writing and give it to me.

I am glad that these girls do that. I thought they were sweet and I like it. I hope they will continue to do so when they become adults. Like I always tell both of them, I hope they will still think or consider me their bff when they are fifteen or sixteen years old. Why? Because most kids get wild and experience puberty during that age and most likely see their parents as the bad guys.

I am praying for an easy transition for our two Princesses and we become closer as they grow old.

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Home Cooked Lunch

My Princesses eat breakfast at home before going to school. And they also bring home cooked meals for lunch and they have asked me for that simply because they prefer mommy’s cooking than school cafeteria food.

I feel fortunate to be able to serve my children fresh food from home, that way, I am sure what they are getting are good food and not just some junks, empty-calorie and useless food. I believe children learn better if they are fed with the right food.

I also feel glad that when they go to school, they are full with healthy breakfast, because if you would see what the school offers for the children, they just give them cereal, cinnamon roll, milk, a few slices of fruit. I would not want my children to munch on cereal, because what is in it? Just sugar and the worst food you can ever give to school children.

For lunch, they have different meals they offer each day. Most of which are Mexican food which my children are not so fond of. They are raised by a Filipino mother so you can expect, what they are eating at home are different from the outside world.

I make sure that they are getting servings of fruits, veggies, protein and carbohydrates. Yes, carbs. Many say it is bad. But hey, children are growing, they move a lot, they have fast metabolism and carbohydrates is what they need in order to sustain that energy they need throughout the day.

Here’s a sample of what I pack for lunch for them. Some rice topped with breakfast sausages, a portion of broccoli and watermelon. Some days, I give them bread with nutella or grape jam spread, slices of cucumbers, some fried chicken, olives and whatever is available in the fridge.

As a mother, it is my responsibility to feed my children with good, tummy-filling, delicious and delightful foods. Their lunch always come with bottled water, they requested water instead of juice. Ain’t that good?

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Mommy’s Little Helper

Princess M would occasionally come to the kitchen when I am cooking our meal and would ask if she can help. I don’t decline her, instead, let her be happy by giving her a job and be a part of the activity which she can learn greatly from it.

Here on this pic, I assigned her to lay down the crackers which she wholeheartedly did, for her, it was fun! Little did she know, she that she helped me a bit and created a bond that day. She is the kind of Princess that watches DIY stuff on Youtube including baking and pretend cooking. So, when she sees the opportunity in real life, she’d ask to participate. I am glad she does that because I want her to learn and eventually cook her own meal.

We were making mango float when I took this picture and explained to her how it is done and the ingredients used.

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Reading Books is One of Our Fave Time

As a mother, I juggle between household chores, caring for my children, grocery shopping, online tasks and other motherly obligation. I get very busy at times and go to bed very tired. But despite of my obligations, I somehow find time with my girls even just for a couple of minutes. I try my best to be with them, talk to them and just listen what they have to say.

One of my favorite times with them is reading a book before bedtime. I am glad that my girls love listening to me reading aloud. And if we don’t get too sleepy after bedtime stories, I try to teach them to pray by saying a couple of things we are thankful for to Jesus. It is important that they acknowledge God’s blessings at the end of the day because if they don’t start now, when?

I told them that just by getting up alone in the morning is such a big blessing that God has given us and the food, and the comfy bed we sleep on, etc.

So what do you guys do with your children to bond together?

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Pizza Helpers

Nothing beats homemade meals. That’s what we do in our house. We rarely go out to eat. Instead, we choose our own food to cook and select the ingredients that will go in our food like making pizzas at home. Although, I can’t call it “from scratch” because I buy ready made pizza dough and pizza sauce in the grocery store. But the toppings and other flavorings are from our fridge.

I guess, this what makes our pizza a bit healthier than frozen ones and way cheaper than bought at a pizza house. When I make a pizza, the number one person that loves to help me put toppings on is my Princess M. She’d volunteer to help me in the kitchen, needless to invite her for she’d come and do just that. I hope this Princess will learn to love the art of cooking.

Meanwhile, the big Princess would just help if she feels like she’s in the mood. When she does, I will not stop her or hinder her from doing it so she will have an idea how pizzas are made. So, here they. Photo below is of my girls in the kitchen one time putting the toppings for our pizza.

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Mommy’s House Rules

Imagine living life without rules to follow in the world? Would you think you can experience peace and order? Our world will be chaotic for sure.

In our household there are a couple rules to follow so that we will live an orderly and manageable home. Without these rules, I don’t think my children will become independent and better individuals if I don’t start training them while they are young. I only want them to be disciplined, pleasant and respectful children so I really feel these need to be imposed accordingly.

They are as follows:

1. No candy or sweets before meals and they are okay with it.
2. Go to the Disney store only to play with toys, no buying anything unless I want to.
3. Hang damp towels after using them.
4. Eat all food that’s in your plate and make them realize other children are crying because of starvation.
5. Bring your empty plates to the sink after finishing the food.
6. No toys on the living room floor. Pick up after yourselves when you’re done playing.
7. No shoes on the carpet.
8. No hitting back of baby sister.
9. Turn off tv and playstation when done.
10. No going out in the front yard if mommy is not watching them and no opening the front door when there’s someone ringing the door bell.
11. Always bring sippy cups to the sink when done with milk (this one seems the toughest job to do for they always leave their sippy cups wherever they feel like.”

These might be too much but they are not hard to do anyway. I just have to be persistent and continue nagging at them if they don’t do what I say. LOL.

Words You Say to Your Kids Will Bounce Back at You

“I love you. I always love you because you are pretty and gorgeous.” That’s what Princess M told me a couple of minutes ago while we were in the kitchen. I praised her for drinking water and when she was done, she said those sweet and soul flattering words to me. She was such in a good mood after having an hour and a half nap earlier this evening.

She does tells me those “I love yous” and compliments from time to time and I think I am the luckiest mommy in the whole wide world. You see, the words you say to your kids will bounce back at you. If you say nice things to them, rest assured, good/nice things will come out from their little and innocent mouths too.

It just makes me feel so good inside knowing that my children are sweet and loving. They always remind me that life is beautiful and being a parent to them is indeed wonderful. When I feel so homesick and ask myself the same question over the years, “why am I here? It’s so lonely in America.” I just have to remember, I am here because of my husband and my children. Had I known how lonely it gets  at times here in America, would I come and live here away from my family? Well, I guess yes. I’ve achieved my dream, I am living my dream!

Anyway, I thought of posting these pretty words from my Megan tonight for I know, the older she grows, the lesser she will tell me sweet nothings just like her big sister. She used to be so sweet too, she is still sweet but not as sweet as when she was little. Do I feel lucky and blessed? Of course!

I’m Raising Good Princesses

I am raising good Princess, there is no doubt about that. Many times in the past they proved to us how good these girls of ours. For instances, we take them for a 22-hour flight to the other side of the world and they did not give me any problem. We’ve taken them to grocery stores, schools or in other public places including the church, they remained quiet and behaving good like what they want them to. Also, when mommy is sick and wants to rest, I will just tell them to not fight, be quiet and be good because mommy is going to sleep in the bedroom, not once they bother me for something when I tell them that.

One most significant situation when we brought our 3-year old girl to the court and attended a trial of an ongoing lawsuit, she stayed quiet and behaved for the entire 3 hours we were in the court room that the lady who works for the judge was amazed and truly admired our girl for behaving like she supposed to behave that day.

There were so many situations that they had proved to us how good girls they can be but I will not bore with those in here. One thing I can say for certain, I am very proud they are my children and they came from me flesh and blood.

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Princess J Joined the Gifted/Talented Pool Program

Yesterday I attended a meeting right after school, this was to let us know what our kids do during their 90-minute class with Mr. Slater every Thursday. This program is dedicated to allow selected students to participate in lessons and activities that are designed to nurture and build potential they have demonstrated. Gifted/Talented Pool Program is not an accelerated program. It is is an enrichment/thinking skills program.

I can’t help but be proud of my daughter, we know she is smart and ahead with most of the students in her class and I am glad the teacher sees that, she nominated our girl to join this program. Take note, there are only two of them from her class that get pulled out every Thursday to attend this class.

J has been telling us about how this specific class is so fun and that his favorite teacher is Mr. Slater, the teacher in charge. I was curious and am glad I finally got to meet him yesterday at the meeting and made known to the teacher how my girl likes the program.

At the meeting we were informed what they have done so far, what are they gonna be doing for the rest of the year and showed us a bit of their project. It was nice to have attended the meeting.

Volunteering to Help Wash the Dishes

The best training you can give to your children is let them work light house chores in their early age so when they grow up, they will know how to clean up after themselves. I honestly have problem with people who don’t know how to pick up their mess or dump damp towels on the carpet or anywhere. Luckily, there is none like that in our household.

My firstborn learned how to hang her towel now after every shower although there are times she forgets to put it where it should be. I understand that and just have to keep reminding her to put/hang her towel on a chair back to my bathroom.

When one of my girls asks to help me with whatever I am doing around here, I won’t stop them for I know, it is the start of their training. I want them to learn how to do simple things in the house, I want them to be responsible and become better individuals someday for I cannot be around them all the time and take care of them. They need to know how to take care of themselves too so that it won’t be a shock for them when they leave home and start a life on their own.

Photographed below is of my firstborn washing our drinking cup. In this shot, she only got one left to wash. I was too slow to take a snap of her. She already washed a few dishes which she set aside and was finishing up this one. Whenever she asks me to help wash something in the sink, I let her and I make sure I compliment her when she is done so that she’ll know I recognize her effort in helping me.

Yup, I was proud of her but then I was like scratching my head when I saw that she used too much dish soap!

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