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One of my recommended sites

I have known this music website called musicians friends for a while now. Although I have not bought anything from this site but I still browse around and recommended it to my readers because I believe they have good stuff there for musicians to see and buy. Not just beautiful pieces of instruments but also discounts of accessories as well as coupons to use and rewards for members. This is one of my recommended sites when it comes to shopping anything music-related.

Join Today and Get $5

Most websites offer a reward program for customers for them to enjoy and to retain their business. They come in points accumulation, gift cards and coupons for discounts. Same thing with guitar center, when you join today, you’ll get $5 on your first guitar center order. This website has amazingly tons of awesome products you can browse and search for, aside from that, they also offer repairs, rentals, lessons and sell used gears. I urge you to check them out now if you are looking for a guitar to buy.

Informative Site

We all have our own favorite websites to go to everytime we open our smartphones or computers. For musicians or people who play the piano, they got theirs too. I find this website an interesting site to be for piano players especially because they got every information one can have plus they also have a keyboard piano for sale. Not only they that, tips and buying guide for your piano are on that website.

Early Shopping

We are getting really close to the busiest shopping time of the year. Now is never too early to start thinking of what could be the best gift you can give to your love especially those who love music and play the guitar. With ibanez gio bass, you can’t go wrong with it as it is an incredibly affordable 5-string bass and with its sleek body, it’s perfect for players on a budget who desire the same features as the SR. Ibanez GSR basses offer the famous Soundgear sleekness, comfort, tone, and playability at

Ableton Push 2

Whatever we do, we all need that proper equipment, instrument or tool in order to make things done fast and accurately. Like in the world of music, one must use or must have an ableton push 2 in order for him to put everything you need to make music in one place—at your fingertips. That is what push does.

It’s a powerful, expressive instrument that gives you hands-on control of an unlimited palette of sounds, without needing to look at a computer.

Find yours on the link above, prices vary.

Lava Cable

When you are looking for something, you would always go on the internet to search for it for prices, its features or capabilities, accessories and parts. Everything nowadays is searchable and available on the internet, same goes with lava cable for your instrument or speaker. I would recommend you search for Musician Friend’s lava cable because they have tons of products listed in that category there starting from under $18. Or for faster searches, you can narrow your search by prices, condition, customer rating and or by best sellers. Enjoy browsing.

Byrdland Guitar

Anyone who plays the guitar knows or sees a true beauty of the guitar when they see one like the byrdland. It is released in 1955 after consultation with first-call Nashville session musicians Billy Byrd and Hank Garland. If you can just take a minute and click on the link, you would see two featured products of this type of guitar and their corresponding whooping price of a little less than 10K USD.

Premier Drums

I love the idea that people are have an option to buy used premier drums on a trusted website. Not all drummers especially those that just started forming a band can afford to buy a brand new set of drums so by searching online for used drums, they will get a heap of discounts for it.

If you happen to stumble upon this blog today and are looking for premier drums, you check out this awesome music store by simply clicking on the link provided above. You can also browse for tons of other musical instruments, accessories, used and new gear and a whole lot more!

Drums Can Make Great Gifts

Drums starting at $140 can make a great gift for someone you love this Christmas, find Meinl’s Friend on this link and you sure are delighted with the deals you see on this site. Find the perfect gift for musicians like you or for the family and they thank you for granting their wish! Also, you got options when shopping for musical instruments, parts and accessories. You can either browse by price, by rating, customer reviews or by condition – new or used. Check them out now!

Eminence Drivers

Just in case you are looking for eminence drivers, you can find them on the link provided here. Currently out of stock but then you can keep checking back when these items are back on stock. Or you may contact their experts so they can help you find or recommend great alternatives. If you are looking for crystal clear highs that cut through the mix, this is the one you want.

The Eminence PSD:3006 is a replacement high frequency compression driver with a 2″ throat. It features a titanium diaphragm with a geodesic design, has a power rating of 80W and will handle an 8 ohm load.