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Healthy Nutrition – How to Cut Down on Simple Sugars

Sugar, the sweetest poison there ever was. This white substance is everywhere, in our sauces, cooking condiments, energy bars and even in our canned fruits. Don’t get this wrong, this post is actually referring to the simple sugars that are often used to preserve foods or improve their taste; not the complex natural occurring sugars that can be found in vegetables, fruits, whole grains or nuts. Those are what we call the “good sugars” because unlike simple sugars, they contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals – nutrients that actually do add value to our bodies.

Why should you care about sugar this much?

You should because simple sugars are bad for you; they affect your liver by causing it to overload, they cause your tooth to decay, they give you a momentary boost of energy but make you feel fatigued later on and in extreme cases, they give you diabetes.

Ideally, the WHO recommends we keep our added sugar consumption to less than 6 teaspoons a day. A lot of folks seem to think they are adhering, whereas they aren’t. Consuming an energy drink here, a snack bar there and a canned fruit alongside your dinner can easily see you exceeding over 10 teaspoons of sugar daily. This is possible because, on these products, sugar isn’t listed as sugar; instead, you see them as listed Brown rice syrup, lactose, maltose, fruit juice concentrate, galactose, and caramel. Sugar alcohols are another way in which sugar is hidden on product information. Next time you take a trip to the grocery store while reading the product information, lookout for words that end in “-ose” or “ol”.

For more information, check out this very helpful infographic we came across.


 photo foods-containing-hidden-sugar_zpsgpffasuf.png

Should You Consider Sedation Dentistry?

When it comes to your oral health, it is important to find the right dentist. You need a person that will care for your oral health needs and will help you to feel comfortable during treatment. Many people are using sedation dentistry in Fishers because it helps them to relax during dental treatments. There are many benefits one can experience from using sedation. Here are just a few of the things you can expect.


One of the greatest benefits to sedation is how relaxed it will make you feel. If you struggle with anxiety, visiting the dentist can be a tough challenge. Sedation will allow you to receive the treatment and care you need. It helps to calm your nerves so you will not have the same apprehension to dental treatments.

Treatment Time

Patients that need to stand up and calm their nerves frequently can make a simple cleaning last for a long time. Thanks to sedation, your body and your nerves will finally relax. This will reduce how frequently the dentist will need to stop so you can calm down. It can speed up the overall treatment time.


Since sedation allows a person to feel comfortable and relaxed, you can easily have additional dental work performed during one procedure. You are less likely to need multiple visits to the dentist to complete the treatments needed. This can help to save you a lot of time and stress.

Sedation Options

Many patients will prefer using the nitrous oxide that you breathe in. This sedation is called laughing gas by most people because it can reduce your anxiety, making you feel relaxed and happy. If you are unable to use nitrous oxide, there are other sedation methods to consider. Your dentist will evaluate your health to determine if you are a candidate for oral medication or IV sedation. The top priority of the dentist and their staff is to help their patients feel relaxed and comfortable during treatment.

Contacting a Dentist

To learn more about sedation dentistry in Fishers, contact your local dentist. They can bring you in for a health evaluation to discuss the sedation treatment options available. They will also discuss your dental treatment plan.

Why You Need a Routine Teeth Cleaning

How often do you visit your dentist for a routine teeth cleaning in Birmingham? Cleaning allows a dentist to check for signs of decay, bad breath, and other issues. This can help you to reduce cavities and gum disease. There are many other reasons to have your teeth cleaned by a dentist; here are a few:

Preventing Gum Disease

When you go in for a cleaning, the dentist or the dental hygienist will clean around each tooth. They will clean away plaque, which is often known for causing cavities and leading to gum disease. When the plaque infects the gums, it will cause pain. The gums will begin to swell and will look red and can be painful to touch. Without proper treatment, gum disease can cause serious problems. The gums will not be able to hold the teeth in place, causing them to become loose. Gum disease will eventually infect the teeth and jaw bone.

Preventing Bad Breath

Plaque that forms around the teeth and under the gums will cause bad breath problems. Proper cleaning rids the mouth of plaque that forms infections and bad breath. If you do not frequently floss, a professional cleaning will remove food stuck between teeth. Some patients deal with bad breath due to throat infections. A dentist can determine the root cause of the infection and can provide treatment options to improve it.

Brighter Smile

When you go in for a regular cleaning, your smile will become brighter. Proper cleaning will remove the external stains on the teeth that are caused from your daily eating habits. Certain foods will strip the teeth of their enamel, and color. Routine cleanings give a dentist a good insight into your eating habits, and they may recommend whitening options and dietary changes to reduce stains.

Maintaining Proper Oral Health

Vising the dentist yearly for a routine teeth cleaning in Birmingham will allow a dentist to inspect the teeth and gums for serious problems. Individuals with certain health conditions are often at risk for additional oral health problems. Several studies are being conducted to determine if proper dental cleanings can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Allergic Reaction to Cheap Eye Make Up

“Oh, this is pretty!” Exclaimed of my 23-year old Princess M when I handed her sister’s little eye make-up kit this morning. She has been bugging me to give it to her for days so I finally gave up and let her be happy. Not long after she got hold of the eye shadow thingy, she was just in cloud 9 enjoying herself putting on different colors on her face to her heart’s content. One minute later, that’s how she looked in photo collage below.

Once she was all done, I took away the kit and she did not even cry, meaning she was really done with it and brought her to the bathroom so she could see her face, she was sincerely HAPPY! Then who would have thought she could get an allergic reaction to the eye shadow she’d put on 8 hours later?

My assumption is, her swollen lip as shown in the second picture below was an ant bite. She fell asleep on the rug in the t.v room, the place where the love eating and making crumbs and it is Summer, a season for ants to come out and get in the house.

But then, it is not the case as I thought it was. A friend of mine told me an incident about a baby years ago had an allergic reaction similar to that of my Princess M after she put on some cheap no or not popular make up brands on to the little girl’s face. Argggsss! My bad, I did not know it could happen. I feel guilty right now. I hope that it won’t become serious and that she will not get anymore of the big blisters or swelling around the eye area.

 photo isztbxkvkcaiqwtxrh7mly3fr0srt4nu_zps98b6cc51.jpg

 photo 1060070_10152030333864517_1191909874_n_zps07aa9b50.jpg
… this is how bad it looks right now. I wonder if it hurts her tomorrow once it bursts?

SofSole Insoles

I am going to turn 30 years old this year but so far I am not feeling any signs of me becoming 30. Not a single body, foot or back pain and I am just lucky for I know there are people out there who are a lot younger than me and have suffered a lot in their years, suffering from a lot of body pains and other uncomfortable feeling that a person feels. One of the many complaints I hear from them is having foot pain. Aside from going through an expensive foot and ankle sessions just to relieve the pains, one must also invest in soft pads for their soles like this sof sole from in order to be comfortable when walking wearing their favorite shoes all day. SofSole insoles provide a personalized fit so that your foot can feel its best. You can find SofSole insoles for everyday wear, athletic wear, arch support, Orthitics, stability support, and more. Gel technologies helps SofSole insoles to mold to your foot, giving you added support and comfort.

Life Insurance Is As Important As Health Insurance

Of all insurances you should have , life insurance should be a priority of all. It might be too much of a burden for some people and are struggling to pay for theirs but there are companies out there that offer insurance policy that could meet your budget. Having a life insurance is as important as having health insurance for we will never know when our time on earth is going to expire. Unless you have life insurance purchased, you can be sure that the family you left behind wouldn’t be burdened of the expenses at the event of  death.

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Inexpensive Health Insurance

While a lot of people have been unemployed for months or worse for over a year now, some are feared to lose their job. A lot of things will be put at risk when one loses a job. One example will be the health insurance for his or her family. As we all know, it cost us a fortune getting sick, paying for medical bills is overwhelming especially if you don’t have good health insurance coverage. Also more and more people are having a hard time keeping their insurance just for the reason it is getting so expensive for them to pay. Bad news is, healthcare insurance costs continue to rise. This resulting to both individuals and companies are having difficulty keeping up with the costs.

But with, there is hope for you. Please visit this site company information click here. You can use their quote form to the right in order to get started.

Chili Burn Really?

It is my first time to hear such words as chili burn. I know you might be wondering also how this going to help lose weight? This weight loss product n relies mostly on one ingredient: chili powder, claiming that this one ingredient can significantly increase fat burning. Chili Burn describes its formula as being completely stimulant-free. This is created by a Danish company, no wonder I have not heard it here before.

Best Of My Ability

A mother’s love to her children is pure and unconditional. If there is anything in this world that I would do to the best of my ability is to protect my children from all evils and keep them safe from harm. With this being said, I am always looking up to their welfare and praying that they have good health always. If some sickness comes in, it worries me. Too many what ifs circling in my mind. The worst that could ever happen to my kids that I cannot allow to happen is getting food poison or food allergy. With that, I’d love
austin food allergy testing do the honor to do the testing to my entire family.

Food allergy testing relieve migraines, chronic headaches, arthritic pain, chronic fatigue, digestion problems, ADHD and more than 50 other chronic symptoms by discovering your personal food toxicities.

Rotten Teeth

This is not good. Jadyn’s upper teeth have cavities. Two side teeth are rotten and have been like that for a long time and now looks like two center teeth are developing some cavities too. She is only three years old and I guess she is not losing any teeth anytime soon. Kids normally lose their teeth at age 5 or 6 normally, I believe so that is like 2  or 3 more years before she can have her permanent teeth. God forbid, I hope her teeth can survive until she reaches the age of five. BY that time, she should be ready to have her permanent teeth grow.

We try our best to make her brush her teeth every night. When she was younger, we used to fight a lot for she was just lazy taking care of her mouth at night time. I had to hold her down just so I can get her mouth open and brush her teeth. It took the right kind of brush before she realized that brushing ones teeth is fun.