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Christmas 2017

This year has been so great for us! Thank God for that. There is nothing more I could as for except that for our family to be healthy, safe and we are able to provide for our children.

It is our yearly tradition to be at home on Christmas Day for opening of the gifts. This has been going on for nine years now and I have a feeling it will continue for a very long time and maybe our children will also do this to their own family, gathering at grandparents’ (us) house in the future. I am thrilled when that day comes.

Both of the Princesses had their own Christmas wish list. There are several in there, at least over 20 each but of course Santa isn’t so rich. Despite of that, they got major presents though. Princess Jadyn wanted a chromebook, she got a laptop, a dinosaur maskimal, green sherpa lined green coat, Wings of Fire book sets and a few more.

Princess Megan on the other hand, received a toy plane, something that will last for years and can really fly with controller. She also got a unicorn maskimal, books, a sherpa lined pink coat and etc. She thinks she didn’t get much, well, hello kid? You got way more than other kids.

A few photos of these girls with smiles on their faces when they opened each gift intended for them. Seeing them happy makes us happy too.





Christmas Day 2016

The most anticipated day of the year around the world is Christmas Day, it is celebrated because of the birth of the son of God, Jesus. Undeniably, Christmas is often associated with gift-giving to the ones that matter to us most, our family, friends, could it be strangers, co-workers and just random people who you feel like donating stuff to.

Here’s what usually happens in our household each Christmas and praying it will continue to be like this until our children have their own. Me and my husband try to be present on this day to see the joyful expressions our Princesses make when they open the gifts they wished for.

Pictures of them and how surprised, happy and glad of what they got. According to Princess 1 said that she got more than ten presents this year. Not bad huh, I think. On her wishlist she listed like 26!


 photo Christmas16_zpscdw6tqvu.jpg

 photo Christmas16.jpg1_zps7pxzoxjp.jpg

Christmas Day 2015

Very late upload, I apologize for it. I have been lazy updating my blogs and besides, I have been busy attending parties, doing my motherly obligations, running a house and assisting our neighbor. Anyway, here are a few wonderful pictures of our Princesses on Christmas Day.

Like what we usually do on Jesus’ birthday, we all stay at home, even the dada made an effort to be with his family rather than go out working even if it means giving up his double pay in the past Christmases. Christmas morning, as soon as our children wake up, or whoever wakes up first would wait for the whole family to be up before the most-anticipated opening of gifts could take place. And here they are, the amazing and priceless facial expressions when they opened a present they really like ecstatic every time they like what they see… it is something I cannot forget and will treasure for the rest of our lives.

Although we did not give them everything in their wishlist but they are happy what they opened on Christmas day.  There are a few more toys and lots of clothing but not included in the picture.  I hope they realize that they are blessed and that they will learn to be happy and satisfied of what Santa gave them.

Princess M got a microphone disco ball because she likes to sing.
 photo P1012244_zpsbjtgtwvo.jpg

and a pink tablet from dada…

 photo P1012290_zpsoudzkfqs.jpg

and she received a Holiday doll from tita Claire, Kaegan’s mommy in Midland, TX
 photo P1012260_zps3to5mixb.jpg

big Princess got a new purple tablet too, it is a replacement of the broken one she had in the past. Dada completed it with a purple carrying case and a typepad and a protective case.
 photo P1012301_zpsquqe21lx.jpg

she also got an inline skates
 photo P1012329_zps3z4ibl61.jpg

Princess M’s Christmas Presents from Her Godmother

Christmas presents Princess M that she got from her Godmother Sheryl are too cute and girly. Thanks to her for not forgetting my little Princess this year. She gave her a pair of Princess pink sleepwear, a set of nail polishes and a little Princess play-doh.

They are so cute that the Princess love them so much and are now enjoying painting her nails and wearing the sleepwear. Not only Sheryl remembers her Godchild but J as well. As always we are appreciative of the blessings that come our way.

 photo meganmuzy_zps52c1d501.jpg

Pink Christmas Presents

Thanks to the two closest friends I got in Texas for remembering my little Princess last Christmas. I just found these two sets of outfits so adorable and stinking cute! The first photo below was sent by Cla-Cla of Midland for Princess M. The entire outfit is just argggssss gorgeous especially the faux coat. I am pretty sure once the little one wears it, she’d look like a little “donya” with it, lol.

The second outfit was given to her by her ninang Shewi. This one is also very cute, a hello kitty outfit is what most girls love. But she got the wrong size, she thought Megan was still two but she is already 29 months old so apparently, the clothes are too tight. I may have to bring the entire outfit to the mall for an exchange and get the right size for her. I hope I’ll be able to do that since I don’t have a gift receipt for it.

I am glad to know two of my friends care and thought about my little Princess for I don’t often buy her clothing. It is the big Princess that gets most of the new clothing since she is growing up so fast and the little one always receive the hand-me-downs from her sister.

 photo outfit_zpsc1d86357.jpg

 photo hk_zps22870f7c.jpg

Disney Store Exclusive 11″ Classic Doll Brave Princess Merida Savings

It is never too early when it comes to hunting for Christmas gifts for our girls. In fact, I started shopping for items which I believe are useful for them months ago. I gathered quite a few stuff now that need to be wrapped and be ready for Christmas.

One of the recent buys I made is of Disney Store Exclusive 11″ Classic Doll Brave Princess Merida for only $10.99 on Amazon. List price is $29.95 so I made 63% savings there. I bought two of this so they don’t fight as to whoever gets it. It is fair to buy them the same toys nowadays since they do fight over toys a lot.

I really believe I got the best deal on this beautiful doll. It is still available on Amazon, you can head on their now and search for the name of this doll in the title. I am pretty sure, your girl would love to receive it from you, thinking that it is from Santa, hehe! At least that is what my first born thinks.

 photo ac0a8d97-c5b1-44ca-8360-a528b7e9ab8c_zps9a9c4d0a.jpg

Princess #1 Fitting on the Dress from Her Godmother

Megan celebrated her 2nd birthday last July 19 and received an awesome gift card from her Godmother, Sheryl – artista. I have kept that gift card for a while thinking what can I get for Megan. Toys? Definitely, not. We are so tired of stepping on to hard toys all over the floor. Besides, they don’t run out of toys yet, so buying one is a big NO NO in this house!

Last weekend, I had the time to browse around the mall and I found this dress she is wearing in the picture below to be so cute, love the big dot, flower and animal prints on it so I bought it.

While Jadyn was with me, I couldn’t just buy a dress for the other girl while the big sister watched me so I bought her a new dress too. I still got some balance left in the gift card which I would use next time I will go to the mall and buy more stuff for Princess #2.

Ninang Shewi, here’s your beautiful Godchild wearing the dress, this photo is for you! How does she look?

 photo 1080928_10152105278619517_2079556065_n_zps5450038f.jpg

Show Off Princess #1

Here is a video of our Princess number showing off her new Cinderella outfit. This has been going on since she opened her gift last night, she keeps switching from this outfit to a hello kitty one which will be posted next. While she does that, she also puts on her make up from time to time and come to me asking if she looks beautiful with matching pa blink blink sa iya eyes.

She didn’t receive a lot from us yet she is still very happy of what she got. That’s my girl, she is easy to please with and appreciate every little thing she got.