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Princess M’s Christmas Presents from Her Godmother

Christmas presents Princess M that she got from her Godmother Sheryl are too cute and girly. Thanks to her for not forgetting my little Princess this year. She gave her a pair of Princess pink sleepwear, a set of nail polishes and a little Princess play-doh.

They are so cute that the Princess love them so much and are now enjoying painting her nails and wearing the sleepwear. Not only Sheryl remembers her Godchild but J as well. As always we are appreciative of the blessings that come our way.

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That Pretty Red Coat I so Wanted to Buy at Macy’s is in My Hands Now!

I know a pretty coat that will look good for my girls when I see one. Last Black Friday sale at Macy’s I saw this classy fleece red hooded coat for my first born. I fell in love with it but couldn’t buy it at that time for I thought it was too much to be paying for. I spent quite sometime in children’s coat department and couldn’t take my eyes off it. In that end, I walked away from there empty-handed. I went home and couldn’t get over how beautiful that red coat is.

Days have passed, I moved on and bought a trench hooded coat at Gymboree online. It was half off plus free shipping, I loved it but it pained me I wasn’t able to use my 20% off coupon and $5 certificate I earned, I paid $25 plus tax for that coat but had returned it. I was thinking, it wouldn’t worth keeping if I am feeling dissatisfied with it. So anyway, I returned it to the store yesterday.

I went to Macy’s afterwards and visited the children’s department area again where that red coat is. Voila! There are still plenty of coats are still available including the one I fell in love with last Black Friday. I scanned the item and rang up $30, last time I scanned it, it was $36 more. I thought $30 was still high for a coat but I had a store coupon of $20 on $50 worth of items. I used it and bought two other items for my first born.

Guess what? I made the coat to come down to $18! I am the happiest shopper ever. Total of three items after $20 off is $32.89 including tax. That isn’t bad knowing that I took home three items with that price.

I am glad I waited for Macy’s ONE DAY SALE instead of buying the coat last Black Friday. Otherwise, I might have returned it.

That red coat that I so wanted to buy is in my hands now. Photo doesn’t look pretty but it is in actual. It is deep red with hoodie. It feels warm, soft and comfortable on the skin. My first born prefers wearing long coats rather than those puffers for it keeps her warm down to her mid thighs.

 photo redcoat_zpse154efa0.jpg

Black Friday Shopping at Gymboree

I wasn’t planning of going to the mall today because I didn’t want to go through the hassle of bumping into the crowd, as expected, the parking lot was packed and yes, people were flooding in the mall. We finished early from a store just outside our village and I still had time to maybe take advantage of Black Friday deals before 2 pm ended so I went there anyway and brought with me that MK watch I bought online that didn’t like to return it. In tow with me were my girls of course.

Anyway, at the mall, although sales were left and right, I only spent maybe $20 including our food at the food court. I believe I got deals at Gymboree. 4 pieces of merchandise that only total at $14.26 including tax. They had 50% entire store promo and an additional 20% off coupon on hand that made it down to that amount. I was looking for that Khaki trench coat at their store but it isn’t available there so when I got home, I got to their online store and purchase a beautiful Large size hoodied trench coat for Princess J. Got it for 50% off at $25 tax included  plus free shipping and 1% cash back on ebates.

You might wonder why these clothes are all for the big Princess. I know it is a bit unfair for the little Princess for I don’t normally buy her new clothes since she can wear all her big sister’s outgrown clothes. In my mind, it wouldn’t be practical buying the little new clothes so often and nobody would wear them once they get too small for her.

 photo gymboree_zps2643d5bb.jpg
… I learned my lesson to just buy a trench coat for her so she won’t feel too cold compared to buying her just the usual puffer coat that won’t cover much of her body. Trench coats not only they are practical but also stylish and fashionable, do you agree?

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Me and My Dollie

I feel blessed and the luckiest on earth for having two girls instead of two boys. No offense to those who have boys though. It is because, with girls, I can dress them up with matching attire and buy them the cutest trendy and most fashionable stuff available.

Aside from that, I will have girls that will share the same interests as me, shopping for clothes, beauty products and perfumes. Also, in some occasions, we can wear the same outfit together like the one pictured below. This isn’t the first time I dressed like my girls.

I garnered at least 77 photo likes on Facebook for this one. Maybe a lot of them finds this shot cute. This was taken during my dual citizenship last weekend and it just happened I found a dress just like mine that fits for my little Princess. With no hesitations I picked it up and paid for I knew I can find an occasion or event where we can dress up the same together.

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Cute Finds at the Thriftstore

Four days after not being able to go out the house, I found myself and the girls at McCart Thrift store today. I was able to find really cute and new clothing and curtains today at a fraction of a price. I bought 4 panels of curtains, 2 table cloths which miraculously fit for our 5-seater table and 4 clothing for my first born.

All 4 pieces of clothing pictured below totalled $21.79, two of which had their original tag in them, I love the Hello Kitty denim dress the most, it is slightly used I think but still looking new, no rips, tears or stains. She will be looking cute wearing it in Fall which I cannot wait.

Will be going back to the store on Sunday because my purchase today over $50 qualifies me for a 50% off entire purchase. It would be nice if I can find another cute stuff there, who knows.

 photo dresses_zps4790010c.jpg

Girl’s Summer Flip Flops Under $1

If you are heading to the mall today, don’t forget to stop by at The Children’s Place and grab your girls a pair or two of these attractive printed summer flip flops for under $1. They are on sale for $1.99, the solid colors for $1 but with the use of a code: 138, you can get it down to $1.69 for printed and just 89 cents for solids. Solid flops while supplies last, so you must hurry!

There is also another thing that I did not plan of buying but when my 6-year old Princess saw it at the store, she couldn’t stop bugging me to buy it for her, the sunglasses case with handle that makes it a little purse to carry everywhere. It is 50% off store price plus the 15% off which makes it down to $2.95. Such a little thing that gives big joy to her heart that she showered me with “I love yous” until now.

 photo melonflops_zpsd0801456.jpg

Princess Belle Disney Costume for Her Third Birthday

I am so happy to have been given a second opportunity to receive a free Disney costume in exchange for a review by CostumeSuperCenter. The first one was two years ago which is a Rainbow Princess costume and until now, it still in good condition.

As usual, it is with pleasure to give my honest review of the costume I received from them. Firstly, as soon as I opened the box after it arrived, Princess M happily took out the costume straight from the box and she was joyful. She loved the dress in an instant and wore it. She thinks she is a Princess and that she deserves a beautiful Princess dress.

I love how Girl’s Belle Sparkle Deluxe Costume look on her. I ordered XSmall size to give her more time to wear this dress before she could outgrow it. I trust the quality of the costume to be made with quality materials and that it should last forever, just like the other one mentioned above.

Now that I have this dress, I don’t have to think about buying a costume dress for my soon to be 3-year old toddler. She already got the most beautiful dress she could wear on her natal day, I must say, the dress arrived just in time for her birthday which will be in July.

Photos below are of my little Princess Belle taken this morning. As you can see, she is proud being a Princess wearing a fancy dress in such a beautiful Texas temperature.

 photo bellejpg1_zps7ef4badd.jpg

 photo belle_zpsee9519f3.jpg

I love that the costume came with character cameo, matching headband and a petticoat for it makes the dress look poofy. Without it, the costume would look like any other ordinary dress and won’t be appreciated by my little girl. The petticoat itself is made with tulle and organdy.
 photo ds_zps995416e7.jpg

Pretty Easter Dresses for my Gorgeous Princesses

I wasn’t planning of buying new dresses for my Princesses but deals on are hard to say no especially if you see dresses that are so cute and colorful. For $15 each, you can’t go wrong with that price plus they sent me $10 worth of surprise points to use for clothing over $25 online or in-store.

I saved my time from driving to the store and picking dresses, instead, I shopped online and chose the free pick up in store once they are delivered to my nearest store. Not only that, I get 3% e-bate from shopping online. The deal was very good so I went ahead and bought three dresses, two of which are of my first born and one for the baby. Total for three is $30 something including tax after combined points, store sale and coupon code upon checkout.

There are tons of Easter dresses to choose from online and I was kind of confused what to choose, if only I had all the money in the world, I could have bought them all for they are really really cute and pretty. Embedded below are the three dresses I picked for my girls, the halter top sundress, Duchess girl’s sundress floral print for the little Princess and plaid halter floral dress again for the big Princess.

I am pretty sure they will be giggling and happy once they get to wear these dresses that mommy specially picked for them.

 photo 7e05793f-4ff3-4ec7-93db-ffdff407a6a9_zpsc0f06ddc.png

Purple Dress for Princess M Under $3

When I saw this cute little purple dress hanging in the rack along with thousand other clothes, I got excited and grabbed it right away so that no one could get it but me. It is so stinking cute that it lit my eyes upon seeing it. Can you believe how much this had cost me? Only $2.75 after availing a 50% discount offer at Goodwill yesterday.

I didn’t know they were having a March Madness 50% promo yesterday, it just happened that I passed by the store and saw the sign so I thought of stopping by and roam around. Although this dress is not from a very popular brand it still has a tag on it from the store where the donor brought it from, orig tag price is $12.75.

Princess M was so happy and willingly tried the dress on, in fact, she wore it for three hours before she finally took it off. Once she had it on, she kept saying wow I’m a princess then spin around! She is so cute and so happy of her new dress. Oh, before I forget, I have a similar dress as this one with a skinny belt, plum in color but with no sleeves. I would love both of us to have our photograph taken wearing our dresses!

 photo purpledress_zps442efefa.jpg

Princesses’ Matching Sleep Outfit

I chose to buy the same sleep outfit for both of my Princesses because it is so fun to watch them. I bought this outfit for Princess number one’s birthday gift but I don’t want for the little one to be jealous, I also bought another pair for her which they both opened on J’s birthday.

At first the birthday celebrant did not appreciate the clothes for she expected/wanted toys and we didn’t buy her any. After two days, I let them wear this outfit and I could tell she loved her new sleeping clothes, so does the little one. Good thing Disney store had it on sale and was able to buy two sets. If they weren’t on sale, I would buy or pay a full price for each simply because it is not practical while I know full well that I can buy them for at least 50% off the orig. price.

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