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Purple Dress for Princess M Under $3

When I saw this cute little purple dress hanging in the rack along with thousand other clothes, I got excited and grabbed it right away so that no one could get it but me. It is so stinking cute that it lit my eyes upon seeing it. Can you believe how much this had cost me? Only $2.75 after availing a 50% discount offer at Goodwill yesterday.

I didn’t know they were having a March Madness 50% promo yesterday, it just happened that I passed by the store and saw the sign so I thought of stopping by and roam around. Although this dress is not from a very popular brand it still has a tag on it from the store where the donor brought it from, orig tag price is $12.75.

Princess M was so happy and willingly tried the dress on, in fact, she wore it for three hours before she finally took it off. Once she had it on, she kept saying wow I’m a princess then spin around! She is so cute and so happy of her new dress. Oh, before I forget, I have a similar dress as this one with a skinny belt, plum in color but with no sleeves. I would love both of us to have our photograph taken wearing our dresses!

 photo purpledress_zps442efefa.jpg

Princesses’ Matching Sleep Outfit

I chose to buy the same sleep outfit for both of my Princesses because it is so fun to watch them. I bought this outfit for Princess number one’s birthday gift but I don’t want for the little one to be jealous, I also bought another pair for her which they both opened on J’s birthday.

At first the birthday celebrant did not appreciate the clothes for she expected/wanted toys and we didn’t buy her any. After two days, I let them wear this outfit and I could tell she loved her new sleeping clothes, so does the little one. Good thing Disney store had it on sale and was able to buy two sets. If they weren’t on sale, I would buy or pay a full price for each simply because it is not practical while I know full well that I can buy them for at least 50% off the orig. price.

 photo 1600195_10152551699114517_1082245075_n_zps4f184dab.jpg

Pink Christmas Presents

Thanks to the two closest friends I got in Texas for remembering my little Princess last Christmas. I just found these two sets of outfits so adorable and stinking cute! The first photo below was sent by Cla-Cla of Midland for Princess M. The entire outfit is just argggssss gorgeous especially the faux coat. I am pretty sure once the little one wears it, she’d look like a little “donya” with it, lol.

The second outfit was given to her by her ninang Shewi. This one is also very cute, a hello kitty outfit is what most girls love. But she got the wrong size, she thought Megan was still two but she is already 29 months old so apparently, the clothes are too tight. I may have to bring the entire outfit to the mall for an exchange and get the right size for her. I hope I’ll be able to do that since I don’t have a gift receipt for it.

I am glad to know two of my friends care and thought about my little Princess for I don’t often buy her clothing. It is the big Princess that gets most of the new clothing since she is growing up so fast and the little one always receive the hand-me-downs from her sister.

 photo outfit_zpsc1d86357.jpg

 photo hk_zps22870f7c.jpg

The Two Princesses in their Beautiful Dresses

Here’s for you all! Merry Christmas from the two Princesses! I love how my two girls looked in this photo taken from my phone. This was at Hulen mall about to see Santa. I love that they cooperated with me when I asked them to be still and sit down so mommy can take a photo of them.

The two Princesses truly are beautiful in their dress courtesy by tita Lerio of Colorado. She sent them to us last year and waited for the Holiday to come so they could wear it. It is nice to know that someone from other state thought of my girls so much and give them presents occasionally. I haven’t met her in person yet but I’d love to meet her someday… God has a way and I believe that.

 photo 2_zps2b479364.jpg

Halloween Print Boys’ Long Sleeves for $1.99 at The Children’s Place

I love it when I see real good deals especially in clothing. I found these Halloween long sleeves shirts today at The Children’s Place for only $1.99 each and an additional 20% off entire purchase. I got wide-eyed when I saw the tag right in front of me because this is the kind of deals I want when I go to the stores.

Although they are for Halloween, my little brother in the Philippines and two nephews will be delighted to wear them at any occasion since it doesn’t matter to them whether it’s for Halloween or not. As long as they receive new shirt, they will be happy to know that.

Anyway, I am not gonna send these shirts anytime soon, probably next year just in time for Halloween, haha. See they can still wear them intended for the occasion. Lol!

 photo cp_zpsfb623632.jpg

Sears Sent Me The Wrong Item

Shopping online lately is not so good for me although I am scoring plenty of good deals but I feel like online stores love messing up with me these days. I ordered a pair of shoes for my first born that don’t use shoelaces at an affordable price, checked it out. When the item arrived, the shoes aren’t the one I originally ordered instead sent me the ones with shoelaces pictured below in the first photo. What the heck?

I decided not to return the pair for exchange or bother to go to their physical store in the mall for I don’t have time to do it, fortunately though my first born loves the shoes, they are the correct size and nice colors. In fact she thinks they are a “fast-running shoes” minus the shoelace.

You see the problem with shoelaces is that they often come loose and kids don’t bother tying them up again and step on them. If they do that, there is a possibility that they trip and fall down, then what happens? Hurt or injure themselves.

 photo shoes_zps367dc636.jpg
… photo embedded below was the original item and was in my receipt but how come the person who shipped the item to me was so careless? Original order was this Athletech Girl’s Jogger Willow 2 – Black/Multi … looking pretty, right?
 photo shoe1_zpsd71f538e.png

I Got a 50% Off Savings at Gymboree

I did not expect to shop today, if it wasn’t because of the free trial size hand and body lotion from Bath and Body Works, I wouldn’t get out and go to the mall. Besides, I was bored this morning so I decided to just go ahead and claim my free item.

While in the mall, I walked passed Gymboree, looked at their sign and it says 30% off entire store today. I went inside and went through all their clothing in clearance racks. You know Gymboree, they are a bit expensive but with the sale promos and rewards going on, they could get customers to shop at their store. I, for one, I did have my 20% off coupon with me with no restrictions that they sent me in the mail.

I did not expect that I could save 50% off today out of shopping at Gymboree. As I mention above, the entire store is 30% off whether you buy sale or original priced items. I combined that with my coupon in hand, so that was a good deal. I bought 4 pairs of tights for my first born and two pairs of stripes and polka dots pants which fit me. Each tights has a different price but even so, I got a good deal on each of my item.

I paid a total of $23.28 for all six items at Gymboree. I feel lucky and satisfied of my purchase today.

 photo 1378932_10152293554109517_680524043_n_zpsb183d025.jpg

Girls Fashion for Less

I am thankful to have two girls because I can dress them up the way I want them to look. There are just too many styles of clothing and accessories that you can buy for them to look fabulous. For that, to be fashionable, mommies don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothing either as kids outgrow them fast.

One of the best ways to save money in clothing is to buy used in excellent condition clothing that are in season and in style. Here are two of the many sweet deals I scored during the biggest consignment sale event called Just Between Friends that took place in Fort Worth last month, the pink plaid poncho and a set of Nike pink/purple 2-piece wind suit for Fall for my first born. These should keep Princess #1 warm when chilly days are here.

They look cute, aren’t they plus in great condition, you can’t even tell they are used. I don’t mind sorting and going through hundreds of children’s clothing in a rack as long as I am finding the best deals for my kids. Yes, it takes time and a bit tiring but hey, by doing it, gives me an excitement, I can best compare it to digging treasures among nickels.

 photo P9076303_zps20f3f796.jpg
… pink fleece plaid poncho tagged as $10 but it was 50% off so we only paid $5 for it.
 photo P9076304_zps0c8abf07.jpg
… my girl would sure love to walk around with this matching 2-piece hooded wind suit, no one can tell that it is used due to its very good appearance and its brand, bought it for only $7

A Truly Gorgeous Prom Dress for the Princess

My Princesses are growing up too fast like weeds. Before I know it, they will be old enough to take care of themselves and do not need mommy’s help anymore. But before that happens, I make sure that I will be there for them, assisting their needs and take care of them as long as I can for I know they will only be little children once.

My first born is in Kindergarten. How times fly fast? A couple of years from now, she will be anticipating one of the biggest events that will happen during her high school years, a junior-senior promenade that every teenager looks forward to joining. My first born will be one of them. If that time comes, all I would do is support her and as much as possible, I would help her choose that truly gorgeous dress for her that is elegant, sexy yet gives her the look of a Princess once she wears the prom dress.

As I was browsing for random dress websites this morning, I stumbled upon DressFirst for the firs time. I am impressed at how beautiful all their dresses are especially the prom and wedding dresses. Right now, the website offers free shipping on prom and wedding dresses. So if you are looking for any dresses, I would recommend you visit the website right away and start browsing for that very dress you have been wanting to buy.

Two of my choices that I think my Princess would look really beautiful are below.

The first dress below is an A-Line/Princess Scoop Neck Floor-Length Satin Tulle Prom Dress With Lace Beading Sequins . Even if she’d be a teenager, for me she will always be my Princess and that she deserves to wear a pretty dress like this. What I love about this dress is the style and cut of the upper part, it doesn’t show too much skin plus it has a lace beading sequins that would spark once hit by a light. It would somehow give her a Princess-feel.

 photo 1847afe5528b7d8b836273b0e44b867f_zps65b1a6e6.jpg
The second photo that I like is this Ball-Gown Sweetheart Floor-Length Organza Tulle Prom Dress With Beading Sequins. Both dresses can be bought in different colors according to a teen’s preference. Color available at are silver tulle, green tulle, royal and light sky blue tulle, daffodil, silver tulle, pearl pink tulle and a whole lot more.
 photo f43a7ffc34f54a847778bb97c898d2f5_zps69ee71b2.jpg

Tommy Hilfiger Shoes for $10

I had no plan of buying our Princess number two a pair of shoes since she got a couple of pairs that are still in good condition that are outgrown by her big sister but when I saw this very cute pair of red new Tommy Hilfiger shoes, I couldn’t say no to it. It is just so cute that I couldn’t put them down. Mind you, if the pair wasn’t sold at a consignment event, it would have been priced $30 or more if I would guess. I bought these shoes for how much? For only $10, can you believe that?

I believe I scored a great deal on this one, as you can see, they are new (without tag) and my Princess number 2′s feet look gorgeous in them. I am happy, I found this pair and the fact that it is a popular brand name at a fraction of a price. Awesome, isn’t it?

 photo r2g74tlfgp3745hxwpicof5u5eez91mr_zps8fa11936.jpg