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Princess M Caught a Fish for the First Time

I am so proud of my Princess M for her successful fishing last weekend in Avery. Fishing is not easy, it is testing your patience as to how long you can wait for the fish to take your bait. Much more a 5-year old girl whose patience is limited.

Just when she gave up and uttered the words, “I’m tired, I give up” and voila! Something took her bait and yes, she caught her very first fish in her life. A blue gill fish in a bigger pond at a friend’s property. I will write it down here so someday she can look back and remember the date, February 19,2017 she officially became a “fisher girl”, lol.

First photo below was the very spot she got her fish. The men came to the rescue and unhooked the fish and release it to the water.

 photo fishing_zps72meeq6o.jpg

 photo meganfish_zpskn5zxh3p.jpg

First Day of School Year 2016-2017

June 22- was the opening of classes here in Texas. The big Princess could not wait to go back to school, she probably got bored at home during summer and she missed her classmates. While the little one, did not want to go to school at first.

Big Princess is now in third grade, the little Princess in kindergarten. I can’t quite believe that I no longer have a baby that stays with me at home. The house is so quiet when they leave to school, it is all new to me and I guess, I just have to get used to it until I can get me a job.

I tried convincing her that school is actually fun, lots of coloring to do, playing, making new friends and a whole lot more. I was a bit worried on that first day that she wouldn’t come with us to school. And fortunately, as good girl as she is, she managed to survive the first day.

When they came home that day, I asked both of them how their first day went. The big one said she had a nice day. And to my surprise, the small Princess, she said “YES, she liked school!” with tongue sticking out, “yungit” in our native language. That was so nice to hear and that somehow eased my worry.

Today is the fourth day since school has started and so far so good. They wake up early, eat breakfast, wash their face, brush teeth, put on their school uniform, tidy up the hair and off to school they go!

This is going to be our daily routine every morning for the entire year until June 2. I love being a momma, although it is tiring to get up early everyday, yet my children are so worth it especially when they take home report cards with high grades in it.

 photo P1014247_zpswohr3fzl.jpg

Nowhere Else to Go But the Park

August is always the hardest for me. I suffer so much loneliness, boredom and summer blues. All kinds of negative feelings trapped inside my body. For some reason, my soul wants to be somewhere else but I couldn’t go where it dictates me to go, the Philippines. Well, at least not this year.

The past few weeks me and my children were struggling to fight our boredom. It’s just that, there is not much to do in the house. They stay home all day doing their tablets, I do my online chores and you know when you do the same thing everyday, you get tired with it.

Gladly though, we are surrounded with several nice parks where we live. This photo below just taken two days ago, even if it was raining, the world was gloomy yet we insisted on going out, otherwise, we go crazy.

A good one and a half hours stay at Greenbriar Park was really good. I let the Princesses play at the playground, fed the ducks and just let them be kids. I guess, they loved feeding the ducks with bread. They giggled and amazed at how baby ducks waddle as they walk. Seeing my kids happy gives me joy that even though we live simply, I raise happy and well-behaved girls.

They are my greatest gifts! They give me reasons to live. Thankfully, I have them for when I am lonely in the house, I can just bring them to the mall play area, fast food play area or anywhere else just to kill the time. They give me company on days that I need them.

 photo ducks_zpsockola97.jpg

The Two Princesses’ First Country Life Experience

We spent 4 nights and 4 days at a ranch owned by our friend, Mike in Avery, east of Texas. I am glad we were able to get away from the house for a short period of time and took advantage of the Spring break. Also, I did not have to attend to the old lady across the street so everything fell into places and we were able to have a good time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The two Princesses had their first country life experience and they did not just like it there, they LOVED it. In fact, during those days we stayed at the ranch, none of them or any of my family talked about going home too soon. If I did not tell my husband to go home after 4 days, I don’t think he would go back any moment but we have obligations at home so we must.

The last moment of our stay at Mike’s, the girls did not or were not ready to leave and wanted to stay a couple more days. Even after we got home, they seemed to have not overcome the country experience. They were having a blast, truly. Because there are so many things to do out there that kept them occupied and be active. Two creeks that we can go fishing, an open and wide field to run, chase/play with dogs, early morning dirt road hike and so many other things.

There will be many country life postings next time. So keep coming back!

 photo P1012816_zpsvfvy4qpt.jpg
 photo P1012815_zpsrq67xcl3.jpg

Christmas Day 2015

Very late upload, I apologize for it. I have been lazy updating my blogs and besides, I have been busy attending parties, doing my motherly obligations, running a house and assisting our neighbor. Anyway, here are a few wonderful pictures of our Princesses on Christmas Day.

Like what we usually do on Jesus’ birthday, we all stay at home, even the dada made an effort to be with his family rather than go out working even if it means giving up his double pay in the past Christmases. Christmas morning, as soon as our children wake up, or whoever wakes up first would wait for the whole family to be up before the most-anticipated opening of gifts could take place. And here they are, the amazing and priceless facial expressions when they opened a present they really like ecstatic every time they like what they see… it is something I cannot forget and will treasure for the rest of our lives.

Although we did not give them everything in their wishlist but they are happy what they opened on Christmas day.  There are a few more toys and lots of clothing but not included in the picture.  I hope they realize that they are blessed and that they will learn to be happy and satisfied of what Santa gave them.

Princess M got a microphone disco ball because she likes to sing.
 photo P1012244_zpsbjtgtwvo.jpg

and a pink tablet from dada…

 photo P1012290_zpsoudzkfqs.jpg

and she received a Holiday doll from tita Claire, Kaegan’s mommy in Midland, TX
 photo P1012260_zps3to5mixb.jpg

big Princess got a new purple tablet too, it is a replacement of the broken one she had in the past. Dada completed it with a purple carrying case and a typepad and a protective case.
 photo P1012301_zpsquqe21lx.jpg

she also got an inline skates
 photo P1012329_zps3z4ibl61.jpg

Story Time Night With Santa

December 4,2015 was one of the best nights my Princesses ever experienced in their life, according to them. We attended a Pajama Party that night and we did not expect that Santa would be joining us later that night. Princess M was the first one to see Santa appeared in the door and oh man, she was just mesmerized by him and stayed with Santa’s side and on his lap the entire time he was there.

Both adults and children had a really great time. Of course, it’s so fun to be around with other Filipinas and some whites and share the feast together that the host was serving. The party wasn’t only for adults. I admired how the hosts came up with an idea of crafts for the kids as well.

At first Princess J felt bored and she literally expressed that to me but then as the night went on, she learned to appreciate and joined the kids’ activities they had for the children. I will not forget our first Pajama Party ever! It was the best party for the entire family. Everybody had fun and enjoyed the night!

… Kids were attentive and listening to the story closely which was heaven for me… it’s not everyday we gather like this, be quiet and just listen.
 photo story telling_zpsvqytiirj.jpg

… the kids in the craft room making a “scentsy” made with orange and cloves. They do it by poking holes into the orange and insert the cloves into it, the orange then slowly releases its juice mixed with the smell of the cloves that makes an amazing natural room freshener.

 photo kidcraft_zpsmpmjyqd3.jpg

Reading Books is One of Our Fave Time

As a mother, I juggle between household chores, caring for my children, grocery shopping, online tasks and other motherly obligation. I get very busy at times and go to bed very tired. But despite of my obligations, I somehow find time with my girls even just for a couple of minutes. I try my best to be with them, talk to them and just listen what they have to say.

One of my favorite times with them is reading a book before bedtime. I am glad that my girls love listening to me reading aloud. And if we don’t get too sleepy after bedtime stories, I try to teach them to pray by saying a couple of things we are thankful for to Jesus. It is important that they acknowledge God’s blessings at the end of the day because if they don’t start now, when?

I told them that just by getting up alone in the morning is such a big blessing that God has given us and the food, and the comfy bed we sleep on, etc.

So what do you guys do with your children to bond together?

 photo basa_zpsvholqiqx.jpg

Fun Times in Cebu

This picture was taken in Cebu, Philippines. We have just been there. We stayed there for 33 days, the weather was nicer than it is here in Texas. Plenty of sunshine and rains occasionally at night which is awesome for we don’t get a lot of dust during the day, the wind is cooler too.

It’s of my Princesses and my little brother and sister. We just had lunch in this picture at Bucket of Shrimps in Cebu Yacht Club, Pusok. So long I have not been to that place and visiting there is one of the places I should see in my list. The food was delicious, nice ambiance, good people and most of all, it was a well-spent day with my siblings and a long time friend.

One of my girls’ favorite about the place is they got to soak their feet in a seawater right where the restaurant is. We also got a pretty good view of beautiful yachts docked in the place that made our visit fun and interesting. The place with all the yachts and mountains on the opposite side reminded me so well of Benecia, California. Although Benecia was a lot cleaner and nicer but if I would just consider the view we had at Cebu Yacht Club, I would say, it was almost like Benecia.

 photo bucket20of20shrimp20031_zps632hjvqs.jpg

Drawing Progression

This is Princess M entertaining herself by drawing face figures on the notebook. When she is bored, she grabs a pencil/pen and a paper. She doesn’t grab the camera and take a selfie. Unlike most adults, when they are bored, they take several selfie shots of themselves and post them all on Facebook which will then flood my wall which I REALLY HATE!

Anyway, Princess M is two months away from turning four and I can see her drawing has progressed dramatically than in the previous months. She now draws face figures complete with eyes, face, nose, ears and most of all, if she draws a girl, you would know it is a girl due to a long braided hair drawing.

She uses a lot of papers but we are saving all her artwork so she can have something to look back in the future when she is older. We believe, it is such a treasure keeping all our children’s work and be able to compare the progress they have made as years go by.

 photo drawing_zpsf1ex1ivq.jpg

Mommy’s House Rules

Imagine living life without rules to follow in the world? Would you think you can experience peace and order? Our world will be chaotic for sure.

In our household there are a couple rules to follow so that we will live an orderly and manageable home. Without these rules, I don’t think my children will become independent and better individuals if I don’t start training them while they are young. I only want them to be disciplined, pleasant and respectful children so I really feel these need to be imposed accordingly.

They are as follows:

1. No candy or sweets before meals and they are okay with it.
2. Go to the Disney store only to play with toys, no buying anything unless I want to.
3. Hang damp towels after using them.
4. Eat all food that’s in your plate and make them realize other children are crying because of starvation.
5. Bring your empty plates to the sink after finishing the food.
6. No toys on the living room floor. Pick up after yourselves when you’re done playing.
7. No shoes on the carpet.
8. No hitting back of baby sister.
9. Turn off tv and playstation when done.
10. No going out in the front yard if mommy is not watching them and no opening the front door when there’s someone ringing the door bell.
11. Always bring sippy cups to the sink when done with milk (this one seems the toughest job to do for they always leave their sippy cups wherever they feel like.”

These might be too much but they are not hard to do anyway. I just have to be persistent and continue nagging at them if they don’t do what I say. LOL.