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Dragon and Lady Bug Face Painting

There is a big event coming up in our new small little town on Saturday. We are excited and are really looking forward to it. Meanwhile, they started their Oktoberfest last Saturday and we went. Plenty of games they held and one of the must-try they had was the face painting. It is mine and my sister’s favorite activity. We love animals and we love art, combined that into one on to our face means it is awesome goodness wrapped into one.

This time it is a bit expensive, it cost mommy $10 for both of us. We had our face painted last July 4th, and it only cost her $2 for both of us. Anyway, here is our faces with beautiful paintings. We loved it but did not get to wear them longer since we had to take a shower right after arriving home, it was a beautiful day at the park but we were sweaty because we ran and played a lot. It was so much fun to be out there.


Princess Megan’s Drawings

Since two years old, Princess M started with just simple smiley drawings that expressed her feelings on that particular moment of day or time. When she is bored, she just grabs pencil and paper and start entertaining herself by drawing mostly facial expressions through smileys.

As she gets older, her drawing developed into different faces with expressive eyes and smiles. She had drawn quite a lot of faces already and there are some drawings that really caught our attention. Two of which are pictured below.

This girl amazes me for she practically knows how to draw compare to me. I can only do stick figures, while she, on the other hand are into faces. The drawing on the right is like she drew herself. Same hair length and color, long eyelashes, almond-shaped eyes and all. I am but a proud mommy of my girl who are into drawing!

 photo meganart_zpseicx19pc.jpg

Princess M’s Drawing Progression

Princess M at age 5 years and a half have done a lot of interesting drawings these past few days. She would draw something, color it and tell us the story behind it. It is amazing how her creative mind works because I, myself would not be able to come up with an interesting story each time nor can I draw.

There is this favorite youtube video or game called Five Nights at Freddy’s that she loves watching a lot and eventually, she could not contain herself from drawing some of the characters which turned out pretty, in my eyes.

First Photo below are FNAF characters; Freddy, Chicha and Bonnie.

 photo drawing1_zpso7ibntnu.jpg

Second photo below is a story about a burglar stealing money from the bank- with band aid. The black character in the blue sky is the PD helicopter facing the burglar with band aid from crow bar with money bag. 
 photo drawing_zps4objl1q8.jpg

She Loves to Draw

This girl just grabs her pencil and paper and draw! When she gets tired watching tv, she would just come to the couch where the center table is and draw. So I let the table to be messy and cluttered of paper and other stuff.

I can tell in her drawings, it progresses so much. Before she’d just draw a simple girl with long hair and a face with just lines in it. But now, she can draw more expressive eyes and mouths in her drawings!

When this kid gets bored, she does not whine nor get grumpy, she just find a way to entertain herself and I am glad she is that good! Well, actually, both of my Princesses are good!

 photo drawer_zpskbvdub43.jpg

My Children’s Interesting Play-doh Creations

My Princesses are 7 and 4 years old yet they think and talk like mature people, it is because we did not baby talk them when they were babies. We talk them like we normally would to older people and that’s why, at their tender ages, they can carry a conversation with you!

Not only that, they also have really creative thinking. When they are bored, like the firstborn, she would just leave the tv room and go to the study to draw or create something interesting like forming a figure out of play-doh. Below photos are creations of our Princesses.

The first one is of the big sister, it looks like a giant to me with big popping hair or head. She had made a lot of figures in the past and I for me, they were all cool to me for I myself, could not do it nor think of any figure to create.

The second one, the pink play-doh is of the little one. She created it the other day and she called me to the tv room to look at something cool and beautiful. And when I did, that is what she showed me.

I was amazed because I find it beautiful, one-of-a-kind, super creative thinking of hers that she got to make this “chain-hair play-doh”. Where did she got that idea from? I don’t even know. All I know is that it amazes me!

Play-dohs truly are a must have in every child’s life, it helps to invigorate their mind, enhances their creativity and most of all, helps develop their motor skill in the hand.

 photo greenplaydoh_zpsiiddhcjn.jpg

… Princess M’s chain-hair play-doh and it’s pink because pink is her fave color
 photo pinkplaydoh_zpspt2nyzd0.jpg

Drawing Progression

This is Princess M entertaining herself by drawing face figures on the notebook. When she is bored, she grabs a pencil/pen and a paper. She doesn’t grab the camera and take a selfie. Unlike most adults, when they are bored, they take several selfie shots of themselves and post them all on Facebook which will then flood my wall which I REALLY HATE!

Anyway, Princess M is two months away from turning four and I can see her drawing has progressed dramatically than in the previous months. She now draws face figures complete with eyes, face, nose, ears and most of all, if she draws a girl, you would know it is a girl due to a long braided hair drawing.

She uses a lot of papers but we are saving all her artwork so she can have something to look back in the future when she is older. We believe, it is such a treasure keeping all our children’s work and be able to compare the progress they have made as years go by.

 photo drawing_zpsf1ex1ivq.jpg

Play-Doh Sweets

Here, take a look at our sweets we created out of play-doh last night. It was something me and my girls enjoyed doing together. It was a late night activity for us so we didn’t play longer. Anyway, I am glad I got to spend precious time with my two Princesses last night. We don’t do this often just because we tend to be busy with our electronics during the day.

I am happy to see my girls’ creations. They look almost believable, aren’t they? The right side cupcakes is of J and the center is of M’s. The ice cream with spoon is mine. And we helped together doing the Princess’ dress at the back of the sweets. I should say, it was a short time well spent with my girls. Looking forward to making many more sweets in the future and more play-doh creations!

 photo playdoh_zps8dpooog9.jpg

Princess M’s Doggie Paws Drawing

Princess M drew this cute “doggie paws” two days ago. This is what she came up with in her mind after draing just simple smileys on papers and on her easel. I really think these are stinking cute of paws.

She is two shy months away from turning 4 years old and this is what she can draw. She also thinks more mature than her age nowadays that it always amaze me and makes me laugh whenever she utters words that a typical almost four years olds say. Ah my Megan is growing so fast.

Good thing though that she still claims she is still a baby, “a big baby” she said. If you could hear her speak and not looking at her face, you wouldn’t think she is only that young because she speaks clearly and sometimes uses big words like “defeat, fragile and interesting”.

There were times when we are not looking at both of our girls, we wouldn’t know who made the noise or speak for thy both sounded the same to think they are three years apart.

 photo pawdrawings_zpswjujz0mm.jpg

I Received My First Mother’s Day Card from My Child

Tuesday, May 6,2014… the very day I received my “first” handmade Mother’s Day card from my firstborn. I came to pick her up in school and as soon as she got out the school she hurriedly ran to me like she always does but that day, she handed me her card, she made it especially for me.

It was the most amazing feeling I ever experienced. I felt special, I felt loved and important. It sure does pay off to have a loving, sweet and thoughtful child like my firstborn.

I cannot forget that day, she made me feel like she values me as her mother. Thank you so much, anak. You touched my soul and my heart.

 photo md_zpseef9262a.jpg
…. seeing this card makes me the most special person on Earth. I love the beautiful and colorful graphics she drew in it. All solely come from her mind.
 photo md1_zps2ab7e20e.jpg

Our Little Artist


Meet Princess number 1 named Jadyn who loves painting, coloring and drawing. I love that she shows her artistic side of her even at such a young age. One of her recent hobbies is painting pine cones which from time to time she patiently does and ask me if she is in the mood for it.

I got this idea from a friend on Facebook. I saw her daughter painting cones and in my mind, why not let my girl do this too. It is an ¬†inexpensive hobby and pine cones are free. We just went to the neighbor’s yard and picked up some fallen cones with Jadyn’s friend Isabella then voila! Had to buy those acrylic paints though it cost me almost $4 each.