I Will Not Take Away their Childhood Fun

Growing up in a poor country with nothing, makes me appreciate and value the things I have now which I have not experienced or possessed when I was a child. Being born to a poor parents and 6 other siblings just seemed normal to people in the Philippines.

With that being said, my mother did not have a budget for a store-bought doll, a pretend kitchen and utensils or a play house. Instead, I made use of the things that were available around me. Like dirt/mud, beer crowns, twigs, rocks and coconut leaves. With beer crown and a twig, I could turn it into a ladle. Three small rocks to hold my improvised pot which is an empty can of sardines or a coconut shell, there I put in dirt with water and stir it. Voila! I had my fun.

My children were born in America where everything is provided to them. Nice toys to play with that make sounds or teach them basic alphabets and numbers. Scooters, roller blades, gaming station and other stuff they received from us and friends whenever there is an occasion.

You would think that give them contentment and would just play with these toys all day, no. They constantly asking for more new toys. But we moved here in the country where there is enough land to use for entertainment like riding their bike, walk on the trail, play with pets/animals.

They adjusted pretty well and in fact, they love our new place especially being outside. When it rains, there are puddles everywhere and if it’s not too cold for them, they’d go out and guess what? PLAY WITH MUD!

I know some parents wouldn’t even let their kids get a small speck of mud on their children’s hands and clothes, but my children play with it. I am not even trying to stop them from enjoying the fun of playing with mud. I could see myself with them when I was a young child.

For me, they would always remember these times and will tell a story to their kids. Each child would reminisce how fun it was to spend time having fun with sister. Having this kind of experience is far more important in a child’s life rather than being restricted from being able to do this unusual kid play.


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