Chapter Book Reading

I am jealous of people and or children who lives with books. Because, I can’t do it. I read when I really need it but if I do it out of hobby or passion, that’s questionable. Reading puts me to sleep!

I had this fear that my children would be like me, get bored when reading a book but fortunately, they have changed over the years. I remember earlier in Jadyn’s life I asked her to read a book. Not just asked but forced her to hoping she would develop the love of reading and she resisted especially reading chapter books. We fought for a short while and then one day, she just got herself into reading and so is Megan!

I am relieved and thankful that these Princesses has morphed from being a disliking reading to loving it. Maybe the schools have encouraged and lifted their spirit about reading. Now, Jadyn is hooked. But it has to be a good book for her to read it. She likes fantasy books and horror.

Megan, on the other hand, has just started her chapter book about puppies. These books she got from Christmas. Hopefully, she’ll be able to read them all and ask for more. Here’s Princess M sitting on our bed one night and reading her book about a Homesick Puppy.


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