The Ferber Method: Basics of Infant Sleep Training

Spending hours of your valuable sleep time pacing and rocking your baby at night can leave you dog-tired and edgy in the morning, which is what the majority of first-time parents go through with their little ones. The average baby is known for sleeping restlessly because babies need constant comfort and care.

Dr Ferber’s child sleep resolution is aimed at teaching babies how to go to sleep on their own especially after some crying. They literally soothe themselves to sleep seeing as crying is an exhausting business. The basics of the Ferberization Method include:

  • Creating a schedule: There should be an official sleep time which would involve a night feeding and maybe a lullaby or a chain of keywords, which would act as a sleep trigger for the baby.
  • Check-In Time: Contrary to what some parents think, the Ferber Method does not encourage infant abandonment. Parents are required to check in on their baby every 5 minutes or so to ensure the baby is not distressed in anyway.
  • Training  Duration: The entire duration of the training is dependent on the disposition of the infant. Some babies would assimilate totally in a few days while others might need weeks or even repeat sessions after breaks.

To know about Dr.Ferber’s method for sleeping training infants, here’s a good infographic from Baby In A Stroller.


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