Latest Stuff I Shopped for my Princess

So its true what they say that when you become a mother, you no longer think of yourself alone but your priorities have changed as well as your daily routine. Your focus is mainly on the kids, their daily needs, taking care of them and most of all, you find yourself shopping a lot of their stuff more than yours.

Any mother out there can relate to this, that is for sure. When it comes to shopping, not only I am frugal but also I am pretty good at finding great deals online. I subscribed to quite a few online stores for kids and for adults and most of the time I receive notifications of their sales in my personal email. When I see one and I know I get a good deal on something, rest assured I would grab it.

For example, this pretty pink checkered Summer dress which I bought at Totsy’s. It was only $7.99 on sale plus I got a free shipping deal with it along with other items. Second photo is a hello kitty watch which I bought for only $10.65 including shipping. Regular price of the watch is $25 but I had a coupon I could use that made me that amount.

 photo pink_zps1b46c5da.png

 photo z4klo3l9zdszd512cz84979dy1jo1mwj_zpsf8af26d9.jpg

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